Normal with New Adjustments

"Dende Pan, You just had to go out drinking, didn't you?" Trunks cursed at her. Pan was sitting on his couch with a bag of ice on top of her head. "Geez, Dende just got done making the potion, and it was ready, and what do you do? You hurl it back up!"

Pan was not feeling good, she was having her first ever hangover. "Hey, I didn't know he made it already!"

"It doesn't matter, Pan!" Trunks pointed a finger at her, "You're underage!"

"Not in this body, Trunks! You should be glad I didn't go to a strip joint and done the stripping. How would you like that to appear in Entertainment Weekly?" Pan yelled at him.

"Don't get me started today, Pan! I'm in a bad mood!"

"You're in a bad mood? I'm more hung over than a rock star after a tour!"

"It doesn't matter," Trunks sighed as plopped down in the armchair in front of the couch, "You need to feel better soon. We're having the Spring Convention at CC tonight."


Trunks glared at her, "Don't tell me you forgot!"

"How can I forget about it when I didn't know about it in the first place?"

"It was on the bulletin!"

"…..There's a bulletin?"



Whoo! Another breeze swept under Trunks legs. He was definitely not used to dresses and hoped he never would be. The dress was long and silver. Videl had picked it out, and Trunks had to practice walking in high heels; he had no more dignity left.

He and his "parents" walked up the stairs to the Capsule Corp. Hall. Trunks balanced himself in the thin heels; his feet were aching. The doors opened and his mother greeted them. "I'm so glad you came. Welcome." She moved aside and allowed them to enter.

It looked just like all the other dances, balls, and other occasions that were held in the hall. There were streamers, balloons, posters, a large snack table, waiters, and a dj. People in tuxedos and dresses dancing to the music. Trunks looked around for Pan and was thankful she wore a tuxedo and put it on good, too.

"Hey there," Trunks said. "You look good."

Pan smiled, "So do you, for wearing a dress, anyway."

Trunks laughed, "Well, I guess I know how hard it is to walk in high heels now."

"Wanna dance?" Pan asked.

"Think you can lead?" Trunks asked.

Pan took his hand, "Sure I can." She led him to the dance floor where they waltzed to the classical music.

They danced pretty well for Pan never knowing how to properly lead, but she did all right. People circled around them to watch. They swept the floor in a fluid motion and everyone clapped

"Don't take such wide steps, Pan."

"Shut up and dance."

They danced until the song was over and they bowed as everyone clapped. Pan took Trunks over to the crowd as more people seeped into the middle to dance the next song. They split apart and Trunks stood next to the snack table and waited for Pan to come back.

It was then he saw one of his colleagues flirting with his baby sister. Being the big brother that he was, Trunks marched right over. "Um excuse me, Travis, but what might you being doing with Bra?"

The man looked down at him and raised an eyebrow, "Uh, can't you see I'm with a lady here? I know you're jealous but you have to wait in line." He turned back to Bra, "Now, where was I?"

"I SAID MOVE!" Trunks yelled and made the man jump up and run.

Bra placed her hands on her hips. "You sounded exactly like my brother. Who are you tell guys off for me?"

Trunks glared at her, "You're br-" crap. "-est friend."

Bra raised an eyebrow, "Did you just say…brest?"

"I had something in my teeth," Trunks said as he marched off. Damn his sister. Then he noticed a group of girls acting like squawking geese near the corner and saw Pan squeeze herself out.

"Ah, now ladies, I can't really talk much," Pan said nervously, "I've gotta do some…uh…things." It was then she rushed past Trunks and toward the stairs. Trunks followed her and saw her catching her breath next to the stairs. "Argh! I couldn't breathe back there!"

Trunks chuckled, "I know that feeling."

Pan looked back and smiled at him, "I heard you yelling. Let me guess, Bra?"

"Does she always lead guys on like that?"

"Hey, she's got the beauty."

They both sat down on the stairs. Pan sighed, "Trunks, do you ever think that we'll ever get our bodies back to normal?"

Trunks looked over to her, "Don't think so negatively, I'm sure the answer is somewhere around here and pretty soon we'll be able to continue with our lives."

"Well well well," they looked to see Bulma with her arms crossed and a smirk on her face standing next to Videl, "Look who's caught under the mistletoe?"

"What?" Trunks asked. Bulma pointed up and there was an old piece of wilting mistletoe nailed to the railing. "That's from last Christmas."

"Doesn't matter," said Videl, "It still counts. Now kiss and make-up"

Both of them blushed. "Mom!" Pan shouted embarrassed. She meant it at Videl, but Bulma answered.

"Don't give me that, Trunks. It's just a small peck on the lips."

Trunks sighed, "Let's just get this over with."


Back on Dende's tower ((A/N): don't you just hate these little interruptions?), Mr. Popo came running towards the green guardian with a book in his hands. "Dende, come look at this!"

Dende looked back at him, "What is it, Mr. Popo?"

"It concerns the potion with Pan and Trunks."


He opened the book to a page where there were pictures of ancient drawings, but Dende wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to be seeing. "You know how Pan wasn't able to keep the potion down?"

"Yes, I'm still not able to get the smell out of my robes."

"Well, it says that as long as it touched her lips it's okay," he pointed to some of the scriptions, "All they have to do is kiss and it'll work, but it has to be within twenty four hours of when the potion was drunk."


Pan and Trunks inclined their heads together, almost touching. Videl and Bulma were in giggling fits.


Dende frowned, "Looks like those two will never return to normal then." He sighed and faced back towards the Earth. As if anyone would be able to make Pan and Trunks kiss each other.



Pan and Trunks flew back in different directions, both unconscious. Bulma and Videl both gasped, seeing what happened to their kids. Suddenly from their bodies, a red ki rose up from the body of Trunks, and a blue ki rose from the body of Pan and switched in mid-air. Both mothers watched in horror.

Pan moaned and shifted a little. Trunks did the same and they both slowly sat up. Pan rubbed her eyes, "Oww, that hurt." She blinked at the sound of her voice. "My voice! It's girly!"

Trunks blinked his eyes into focus, "My hair! It's short!"

"I have curves!"

"I don't!"

"We're normal again!" They both shouted with glee and hugged each other, both too happy to contain themselves.

Bulma and Videl stepped up, both looking disgruntle and utterly confused. Bulma shifted her eyes between the two. "What the heck is going on?"


"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Everyone screamed out in laughter, the loudest being Goten, even Vegeta was chuckling. Pan and Trunks were sitting on the couch at Trunks' house with their heads bowed in shame and embarrassment.

"I told you we should've gone ahead and told Mom. Now they have more stories to taunt us with," Trunks hissed at Pan.

Pan glared at him, "Shut it, Trunks."

Goten wiped the tears from his eyes, "So let me get this straight. For the last month, you guys have been in each other's bodies?" They nodded. Another roar of laughter.

"That explains how flamboyant you've been acting lately," Vegeta said in the corner with his arms crossed.

"Flamboyant!" Trunks cried out. Pan suddenly became interested in the ceiling.

"And that's why you were so weird at the bar," Goten said.

"Hey, I never drank before!" Pan defended.

Bra snickered, "Does that mean you've seen each other naked?" Pan and Trunks looked away, blushing. Gohan did a spit take with his drink.

"Ha! Trunks started his period then!" Marron yelled as she pointed at them both. "And Pan kissed a girl!" Uub laughed, "And Trunks kissed a man!"

"Hey the only man I kissed was Gohan!" Okay, that didn't help. Trunks blushed and Gohan gagged.

The two of them wanted to crawl under a rock to escape the taunting laughter.


Pan was sitting down on the balcony with her legs hanging out the railing. It was finally over. All they had to do now was go through a few more weeks of torture and everything would be back to normal. She sighed.

"Mind if I join you?"

She looked up and saw Trunks leaning against the doorway. She nodded and patted the seat next to her. "Go ahead."

He sat down next to her and let his legs hang out just like hers. "Well, at least everything's almost normal."

She rolled her eyes, "Yeah, but we're going to be taunted with this for….the rest of our lives."

He sighed too, "Yeah, no way we can beat that, huh? Well, we'll be able to laugh about this someday."

"Who's laughing?"

He smiled at her, "Funny, all we had to do was kiss."

"We should've done that a long time ago." Like he said, the answer was right in front of him. She looked at him when she felt his arm wrap around her.

"You know," he said with his eyes glistening, "We never did have a proper kiss"

Pan's cheeks tinged with pink as they both inclined their heads and caught each other's lips. Pan leaned into the kiss and Trunks wrapped his arms around her. It seemed like it was all a dream. Her heart was fluttering and she felt like she was flying. Her lips were bruised and tingling.


Trunks and Pan pulled apart and saw Goten with a camera and Bra with a victory sign.

"Won't this look good for the year book, huh Pan?" Bra giggled.

Trunks and Pan immediately stood up, "You jerks!" Trunks yelled before they ran after them. Goten and Bra took to the skies with Pan and Trunks right behind them.

Goten tossed the camera to Bra, who waved it in front of her brother. "Want it, Trunksetta?"

"Get back here!"

Pan stopped in midair and smiled. Yes, life was back to normal, with only a few new adjustments.


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