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Story Past love

Summery: Kagome loved him, but she thought he loved someone else. She disappeared with a secret she never wanted him to know, he never stopped looking for her, but what happens when he finds out her secret about their past, and finds her.

Chapter title: reality's nightmare.

"I love you so much Kagome! I can't wait till you finish school, then you and I can finally be married." A tall man, strong man whispered into her ears.

"I love you too, I hope things never change" She whispered back to him.

Kagome stood with the man behind her, his arms wrapped around her waist, as if he wouldn't ever let her go, his face was nuzzled into her neck.

Suddenly the scene changed, the ground broke and started to fly around the pair, only to reveal the man walking away from her. His love for her seemingly gone. Kagome stood alone, with no one left to help her. He didn't love her anymore, but she would never stop loving him. Her face was streaked with tears.

"I have to let you go my love; it's what's best for you." She cried to herself.

Kagome woke up in a cold sweat. She was only dreaming, but once she looked at her surroundings she remembered that it wasn't a bad dream, but a bad memory. Kagome rose form her bed and went to the bathroom and took a long shower, washing the nightmare away, or so she hoped. Quickly changing she made her was down wearing a pink tank top and a pair of tight blue jeans, she had her hair down, as always and it flowed to her waist, its dark chocolate brown color shining in the light spilling through the window.

Kagome lived with her family in their small home, in the United States, not wanting to move out in the situation she was in. she came downstairs to find that her mother and brother were eating breakfast.

"Morning sweetie," Korari said to her daughter lightly placing a kiss on her forehead.

"Morning Nee-san," souta, Kagomes little brother tried to say, with a mouthful of corn flakes.

"Nice one Souta," Kagome stiffed a laugh.

I'm going to school early ok. I need to talk to one of my professors before classes start.

"Ok sweetie have a good day, and don't forget it's almost Inume's birthday, you have to buy her something before you fly down to Japan to see her," Korari shouted as Kagome left.

Kagome was in her third year of university, she was studying to become a lawyer. After she had finished High school, she was the only one out of her friends who didn't hesitate about what it was she wanted to do in her life. But none of her friends knew why, none of them had ever known how she had spent her before senior year. None of them knew of her past. And they all had thought that she had been living with an aunt the year before that, they were all clueless.

Kagome drove into the parking lot of her university and made her way to the class belonging to her favorite professor; he had wished to speak with her about something.

Entering the class she immediately saw him sitting at his desk, "Sir? You wanted to speak to me?" Kagome spoke out.

"Kagome, yes, yes I'm glad you came. I was extremely impressed with your last paper. I wanted to know though, would you be interested in moving through the remaining year here, and just become a lawyer?" he asked

"Why yes of course, but who would want someone who didn't have their university degree sir?" Kagome said, not taking him serious.

"No one my dear, but I know a lot of people who would want someone who advanced in their university and finished early. Kagome you were continually asking me and your other professors for extra work. It seems that you have now finished everything you need to get your masters degree. You have finished a little bit early. You're done." He said, smiling like a proud father.

"Wha-What?" Kagome grabbed the desk to keep herself form falling over.

"I took this opportunity to call an old friend of mine; he works with a large firm in Japan. He spoke with his boss, who was very impressed to hear about such a student, he has flown in to come meet you, and if he likes everything he finds, he is planning on offering you a position in his firm,"

"He………I-I………. But this………. Oh my." Was all Kagome was able to manage.

"Haha, well don't go getting speechless yet, the man who owns and runs the firm in a Hanyou," at that Kagome tensed up, "and I am well aware of you being a Miko, but trust me when I say, he is not like other hanyous' you have crossed paths with. I know that you have not always had good crossings with hanyous', although I am unsure of what happened, kagome, but this hanyou is much different I know for a fact that he fell in love with a Miko, a very powerful one in fact, much like your self, but she disappeared, and he continues to search for her, whilst everyone else has given up."

To say Kagome was speechless was a bit of an understatement. Kagome shared classes with many Hanyous, and Youkais as well as all sorts of other demons, they didn't always get along, but there were rarely ever big fights. Everyone made their friends and stuck to it, that included Kagome she had many friends, she had Sango, a demon huntress, Kohakku Sango's little brother, Kouga who was a wolf demon and his cousins Ginta and Hakkaku, there was also Miroku, whom was a monk. Kagome had plenty of other friends, friends that were normal humans, but she noticeable stayed away form Hanyou's, some thought it was because she thought that species was disgusting, others thought it was because she was afraid, but no one, excluding her family knew the real reason why she stayed away form them. Only Hanyou's could hurt her, and not physically, but mentally, any Hanyou she met brought back memories of her past.

"He still looks for her………." Kagome said more to herself than anyone.

"Yes, I don't think he'll ever give up," the professor said nodding, "so anyways, would you like to meet with this man, or would you prefer something here in the U.S?"

"No, no I want to meet with this man, I don't mind that its in Japan."

"You will have to learn Japanese and their customs and everything of course."

"Oh, I never mentioned it, I spent a year in Japan, I am very fluent in the language and customs."

"My, you just continue to surprise me Kagome! You are an amazing student, and I will miss you when you're gone,"

Kagome and her professor spent a little while longer discussing the details and then he sent Kagome home saying that she had officially finished University, and she will formally graduate with other students at the end of the term, but she is no longer needed at the school, since she is done.

When she got home she told her mom everything, who was extremely proud of her. But she was also worried, "Japan? Are you sure sweetheart? Do you really want to go back there, I mean I know you'll see Inume and all, but what about…………" Korari trailed off.

"Mom, I know what I'm doing, I can't spend my whole life worrying if I'll bump into him one day, or that he might find out about everything."

"Alright honey, but if you want to meet your friends for lunch like you always do you better get going, they don't know that your not at school anymore." Kagomes mother planted a kiss on her head and left to go to the mall.

Kagome ran upstairs and changed into jean mini skirt, and white tank to, with a short sleeve dress shirt tied up just under her chest, with a pair of black flip-flops. Then hopping into her car she headed to the café she usually met her friends at between their classes. Once she got there she saw that everyone was already there.

She ran up to the usual table, "hi guys sorry I'm late. But you won't believe what happened!"

"Before she got a chance to say anything more she was tackled form behind by something, something that turned out to be a someone, Sango, "Kagome!"

"Haha, yes Sango my dear?"

"Nothing, I just felt like scaring you," Sango and everyone else laughed as Sango released Kagome.

"niice, but anyways it was so cool I was told to go see my professor early today right and he told me—" Kagomes words were cut short.

"MOMMY!" came a little voice that belonged to a cute little girl with black hair and a face much like Kagomes, Kagome instinctively turned to the voice, only to drop to her knee's when she saw who the little person was.

Kagome, Sango and Miroku were the only ones to know had been said, because the little shout was spoken in Japanese, and Sango and Miroku had been taking Japanese for a few years although they weren't that good. No one knew Kagome even spoke Japanese. Everyone else was clueless.

The little girl shot into Kagomes Arms like a bullet. Sango and Miroku didn't understand why the child had called Kagome 'Mommy'.

"I-Inume?" Kagome looked up at the blank stares of her friends and shot them all and apologetic look before turning to the girl once more and began speaking to her in Japanese, "Inume, Where is your grandfather? What are you doing down here?"

"Father wasn't able to make it," came a deep masculine voice.

Kagome went ridged, looked up in horror, immediately recognizing the voice. She found herself staring into the honey colored orbs of her past, "Inu-Inuyasha." She breathed out.

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