Title: Broken

Author: Sivan Shemesh


Rate: K+

Warning: Tissues in need, but nothing more, I think.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Spoiler: AU.

Summary: Sequel to "Queen's Confession". You probably need to read that first.

Note: Written for Prompt # 4: Broken – More or Less 500 words.

Elessar POV

I was speechless. I stared at her, I felt my body shaking, and I could feel the tears in my eyes.

I moved my hand over my eyes to wipe it off before I let the tears escape.

"Elessar…" I heard her voice, it was cracked and with pain.

I wiped the tears away once again as I felt them leaving my eyes. Then I moved my hands over her face, as I cupped her face and kissed her cheeks.

"Saes… Uuma dela…" I heard her. Her voice, even what she said to me as it seemed she was afraid that I might leave her, a thing that I could never do. Please… don't worry.

I stayed by her side until she finally drifted into sleep with her head upon my shoulder. Her hands covered my hands, afraid that I might leave her because of what had happened to us.

The End