11/07/2006 20:01:00

Five Years Later

Harry Potter sighed and wiped the sweat from his brow. He'd put in a full day of work even by goblin standards. After completing his apprenticeship he was now a fully qualified Curse Breaker. It had turned out to be the perfect job for him. It was challenging, physical, and he was able to travel. Most importantly he set his own schedule, which allowed him to be there for his partner on the days following the full moon.

Remus had also found this to be a good situation for the both of them. He traveled with Harry on all but the most extreme assignments and was making a rather good living writing muggle travel/adventure novels under the name John Moon.

When they were away from home they often received owls from Sirius and Hermione. In the last few months they had been delighted to receive short letters in crayon from Elisabeth as well. The little girl was quite advanced for her age, to nobody's surprise.

Though his parents were overjoyed when little Charles James Black joined the family just after Elisabeth's second birthday he nonetheless entered the world to the sounds of his mother threatening to 'take Padfoot to the vet' if Sirius didn't have a lasting contraceptus charm performed.

Everyone who knew the Blacks said that you wouldn't believe that anyone could talk about those children more than their daddy, until you met their godfathers. Harry and Remus brought both of them gifts from around the world and enough candy for Elisabeth to make her grandparent's threaten to send them the dental bills.

After securing his work site for the day Harry apparated home and joined Remus in the small kitchen of their wizarding tent where the older man was preparing dinner. "Hello, love. How was your day?"

Remus smiled, "Excellent. I finished the outline for the one about the giant underground snake."

"Gee, however did you think of that." Harry said with a chuckle, "What's for dinner?"

"I thought a light stew and an early bedtime was perfect." Said the werewolf while tossing an exaggerated leer at his mate.

"You always know exactly what I need," said Harry taking the older man into his arms and waving his wand at the stew. It would keep. They had pressing matters to attend to.