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He kissed like there was no tomorrow because there was no tomorrow only today.

The kiss is broken and she is met with guilty, pleading eyes. She wants to laugh hysterically and run. Run far far away until her legs are bruised and broken and those pleading eyes are gone, swept away with the wind. She realizes she has gone mad. No, she has been mad ever since she fell in love with him. For the price of love is sanity and she has paid the price over and over again.

The words fate and destiny keep ringing over and over in her mind. More than anything, she wished they were destined to be together. But they weren't because tomorrow the caged bird would marry for the good of the clan and she will watch with desperate eyes. Guilty eyes will bore into hers as he walks down the aisle with his new wife on his arm. She refuses to cry because she has always been strong around him yet so very weak and that won't change not even now.

But that is tomorrow, not today. Today is their day but it's fading fast. So she leans in for the final kiss that fate willgrant them.

I want to write a drabble story like Poppycock by Goldberry and Stardust by Absolut Angel but I don't know how to do chapter stories so can someone please tell me.