Artemis sighs as he peers into the full length mirror, adjusting his tie and brushing a piece of dust from his usual Armani suit. "It will have to do." he murmurs to himself, barely audible over the sound of birds chirping outside his window. What could father wish to speak to me about?

As he walks down an ornate stairway he can hear the sounds of his mother and Juliet arguing. A brief smile appears on his face, his expression altering ever so slightly. Only a very observant person would note the change.

Luckily Butler is very observant…

He leaves his post by the doorway and walks alongside his young charge, always keeping an eye out for any threats. You never know what will happen around Artemis, anything was possible. He just hoped that things would settle down for a while, as he was getting far too old to be doing some of the things he had done in his youth. It would be especially difficult to do his job properly with the Kevlar in his chest restricting his breathing.

Of course these days Artemis could take care of himself. Artemis had started training in the use of a few small easily concealed weapons such as a 'borrowed' Neutrino. So if worst came to worst, Artemis could not only use some of his gadgets, but could actually get away fairly fast. It had proven useless to train Artemis for strength, especially after he refused to ever attempt that again after the first workout. But after many exercises designed to improve flexibility and speed, Artemis could dodge and run away from danger fairly well. Artemis also had taken a liking to riding horses, likely because the horse does most of the work. However at least his balance was improved by it.

Butler glances down at Artemis, glad that his charge is finally beginning to show emotions again, finding happiness in simple things like family. The last few years had been hard on them all and now that they had their memories back, Artemis was trying to figure out what to do with his life and where he fit in. Hopefully now that no-one was trying to kill them, it would be easy.

Artemis notices Butler looking at him with a thoughtful expression. I wonder what brought that on? Sigh, So many questions these days, with very few answers. Next thing you know, I shall be making jokes and wearing a T-shirt…

Artemis comes to a stop in the kitchen entrance-way, where his mother is currently trying to decide how to redecorate with not so helpful suggestions from Juliet. "Hmmm, how about light blue walls, ivory fixtures, and wooden cabinets with gold inlays?" Artemis Sr. says, leaning against the opposite doorway.

"Oh honey, that's a wonderful suggestion, but must there be gold? Oh don't bother answering, I already know the answer. But simply because something is traditional, it does not mean that we must always do it. Why if I let you have your way, the whole Manor would be solid gold by now." Angeline says lovingly at him, looking up.

"Well not everything…" Artemis Sr. chuckles, "I'm sure that the windows would have to have a bit of glass in them." He then walks across the room, to stand beside Artemis.

"I see you have fortified yourself for our little discussion," He mentions softly. "Well let's proceed to my office. Butler, your presence will not be needed." He walks down the hall with that odd gait he uses only when in the presence of family, due to the prosthetic leg. In public he would walk as if normal, despite the pain it likely caused him.
This will likely not be good for my plans, I do hope he is not going to attempt to hinder me. I have far too much to do, and doing it behind his back would be... difficult. Artemis thinks, as he follows his father to the well appointed office.

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