A Glimpse into the Future

By Major Dork

Summary: He went to bed in his own room alone, he woke up with a wife, three kids… and a screwed up future.

A/N: I've posted a story at another website, but this is my first time writing a story for this one, hope you guys like it! I'm pretty new here so be gentle:D

Part One "The Morning After The Night Before"

"We've been here for over what… two years and still we're finding new stuff that we don't understand," John muttered as he looked around the lab. So many labs, so little time, Sheppard thought. How many labs had they found so far now? He'd lost count after thirty-three. "These people and their labs…."

"The Ancients were scientists! The builders! Of course there'd be a lot of labs! Before the Wraith came their wish to further themselves, to create amazing things and learn about the universe is what makes them so advanced compared to us," Zelenka explained as he fiddled with whatever it was he was looking at. To John it looked much like a toaster… but that was just him.

That was when he saw it. It was just sitting to the side, ASKING to be touched. The swirl of colors and the shape of the strange contraption made it look much like a lava lamp, only on the inside of the glass instead of wax, there was a strange ink that didn't seem to be mixing in with the water inside. Weird. Sheppard walked over to it and touched the strange lava lamp.


Sheppard just glared at the man. "Will you settle down! I was just looking at it!"

"No you were TOUCHING it! Now go sit down or something! Just because Elizabeth felt I needed a baby sitter does NOT mean you get to play with sensitive 10,000 year old equipment and artifacts!"

Sheppard rolled his eyes, looking over at Ronan and Teyla as they stood to the side. They both gave him an amused look. Finally he walked over to them and sighed. "I hate baby sitting scientists."

Ronan snorted. "I don't know how you deal with him without taping his mouth closed."

"LOTS AND LOTS of patience," he whispered, making Ronan smile.

Teyla just shook her head. "That is not a word I would usually associate you with," she teased him.

Sheppard just grinned at her. "Hey, we can't all be perfect now can we? Some of us most rely on good looks and good hair to get by."

"And what do you rely on?" Teyla shot back.

"Ouch," mumbled Ronan with a smirk.

Sheppard frowned at that, folding his arms. "You know you've been spending way too much time with Doctor Weir."

"Oh she has, has she?"

Sheppard froze, surprised by the voice he heard from behind him. Slowly he turned around to see Elizabeth standing there, arms folded, eyes narrowed, and a smile on her lovely lips. "In a good way!" he fought.

Elizabeth just shook her head. "Nice save. Progress report."

"Rodney and Zelenka are gathering some things together to bring up to their labs. Then we'll be finished for the day. What are you doing down here?"

"Lorne took me down. I couldn't get any of you on the radio, so I thought I'd come down to check on you guys. Doctor Fuller detected some interference a few seconds ago."

"Ah… well we're all fine down here. Tired, but fine."

"Well then, why don't we debrief in the morning? After this, you guys deserve a little rest. I'll be in my quarters if any of you need something."

John nodded and gave her his best boyish smile, watching her turn and leave, her hips swaying slightly as she left. Strange how since their shared kiss months ago he'd begun to notice those things. She really was a damn good kisser… that was for sure. Hmmm… now there's a good image for bed time, he thought to himself as he turned back to look at Ronan and Teyla, suddenly not quite as bored as before.

"Amazing," Rodney whispered shaking his head. Zelenka looked up from his own work to see Rodney staring at the strange item Sheppard had been playing with.


"I found some information on this… thing mentioned in the Ancient database. Apparently it was meant as a way of setting wrong things right."

"And that is amazing how?"

Rodney rolled his eyes. "It's amazing because it's not talking about stupid mistakes… it's talking about a mistake that could literally ruin a person's life. I think it works in the same way the time machine SG-1 found worked. Could you imagine what we could do with this? One of the Ancients… a man named Janus was working on it, this was his lab. He was hoping it would help them all in their fight against the Wraith, avoiding the mistakes that would cost them the battle. The only problem is it would only allow you to try another way of doing something… it doesn't help you correct the mistake. Things could become worse by using this thing…" he explained, with a sigh.

"Which explains why the Ancients never used it," Zelenka added.

McKay just shrugged. "Perhaps, but if it works… who knows what good we could do… the mistakes we could change. I'm gonna work on translating the rest of this, see if we can activate it-"

"In the morning," Zelenka interrupted. "Doctor Weir's orders. She doesn't want you passing out of exhaustion."

"Who says that's gonna happen!" Rodney fought.

Zelenka folded his arms. "History… if you'll remember five days ago?"

McKay frowned. "If I get tired I'll take a quick nap here in the lab, I want to finish this!"

Zelenka rolled his eyes. "Fine, but don't blame me in the morning when your neck is sore!" he muttered, walking out of the room.

Rodney glared at Zelenka's back then turned back to his work. Who needed sleep when something that could change the world was right in front of him!

Ah… bed time. The best time of the day. Sheppard walked into his quarters and began to shed his clothes, walking slowly into the bathroom. He was in great need of a shower. When he was finally finished, he turned on the shower, making sure it was warm before going in. Oh yeah… this was definitely what he needed! After about a half an hour of cleaning away the dirt and grim of the day, he threw some boxers and his Air Force T- shirt on, then walked out of the bathroom and climbed on the bed, getting under the covers. The lights turned off after he moved his hand to the wall, telling the computer that sensed his thoughts to darken the room. Finally he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

The room was silent except for the light snoring sound coming from Doctor McKay as he slept in his lab, arms folded on his desk with his head buried in his arms. Only the lamp shined its light in the darkness until finally yet another showed its light, growing brighter by each passing second until finally it cut off.

It was really the moan that awoke him from his slumber as the bed shifted. Sheppard frowned, not moving as he felt the pressure on his left side. If there was one thing John knew, it was when he was not alone in bed. It was pretty hard NOT to notice as the person beside him moaned once more. "Morning John," the female voice mumbled.

When the hell! He distinctly remembered going to sleep alone last night, what the hell happened? John opened his eyes slowly, squinting at first as the light from the windows hit his face. Finally he turned his head to see blonde hair. Oh crap! What the hell! Before he could react, the woman lying in bed next to him moved once more and he finally saw her face. He was out of bed a second later, grabbing the comforter with him. "Whoa! Who the hell are you!"

John moved the comforter around his waste, trying to make sure she didn't see the lower half of his naked body, leaving only one white sheet on the bed. The woman moved on her side, one arm bent and keeping her head up while the other lied on her side. "You okay?"

"Uh… I uh… who are you and what are you doing in my bed? And why am I naked?" he asked. Millions of questions floated around in his bed, but he'd have to ask them later.

The strange woman gave him a smug smile as she moved back, stretching. "Oh John… no more games. I'm too tired, let's just get back to sleep, we still have about an hour before Elizabeth drops off the kids… unless of course she comes early as she likes to."


The lady in bed shook her head, rolling her eyes. "Stop playing around, John… stop it! You play entirely too much, now I didn't mind it last night, but not this early in the morning." Finally she sat up, not even bothering with the sheet as it fell, exposing her chest. John's mouth hung open in shock at the stranger as she got out of bed… in ALL her glory. Not that it was all that glorious, which was a rather weird thing to think considering he'd just woken up with a rather beautiful woman in bed. A few months ago, and he'd be enjoying himself right now… strange.

The blonde grinned at him, walking over to him and moving her arms around his neck. "Yes kids… the three you've been raising all these years… you know, Jason, Anika, and Noah… ring any bells?" she teased, kissing him.

John was too shocked to move, he had kids? Obviously something was seriously going on here, something he wasn't getting. Maybe he was dreaming. He finally pulled away from her kiss. "Wait… wait a second! Who ARE you!" he finally asked.

The woman raised an eyebrow at him, confused. "Carrie… your girlfriend… John what in the world is up with you?"

He could tell she thought he was joking around, Sheppard sighed, running a hand through his hair as he tried to remember… think of how in the world this all could have happened. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Sheppard turned, looking at the door.

"Shit, that must be Elizabeth…" the woman muttered before she grabbed clothing and began to dress.

John looked around and finally found his boxers and some jeans. Elizabeth? Could it be Elizabeth Weir? He found the idea of her seeing him with the strange blonde… Carrie a bit unsettling… he wondered what she'd think. Suddenly the door opened. Elizabeth, looking slightly older than she had last night considering the small hairs of grey, folded her arms and walked in, two kids looking in their teens and one who looked about eleven or ten following behind her. "Hello, John," she greeted, not at all looking pleased. She then turned to Carrie. "Ah and look over here… if it isn't your favorite blonde bimbo… Carrie… looking great as always, but you may want to put on a shirt… I don't really like the idea of my children seeing you in such a state of undress."

Carrie quickly put on the shirt and gave a nervous smile. "I think I'll be in the bathroom, excuse me…" she muttered and hurried off.

"Guys, why don't you all go into the other room while your father and I have a talk, hm?"

The oldest glared at John before walking into the room, the girl and boy following him, also looking rather annoyed. John frowned as he watched the children leave… were those three his? He REALLY needed to find out what was going on here!

Suddenly Elizabeth took a few steps forward. "Look, we separated months ago, so technically what you do on your own time is none of my business, but I will NOT have our kids exposed to this!"

"What are you talking about?" he asked confused, surprised by the venom in Weir's voice. "Separated? Our kids?"

"Dammit John this is not one of your stupid jokes!" Elizabeth shouted. "As it is you've already lost Jason's respect! He didn't even want to come today! Now I agreed to joint custody because you're a good father, but if I have to I will ask for full custody! Those children and your abilities are the ONLY reason why you're still on Atlantis after we separated, you keep pushing me like this and that WILL change!"

John was shell shocked by the anger and… hate he saw in her eyes. Dear god… did she really hate him? John stood. "Elizabeth… I seriously have NO CLUE what you're talking about! Honest! I don't even know who that woman is! The last thing I remember is going to sleep after the exploration we did in the lower parts of Atlantis!"

Elizabeth looked at him, confused for a second. "John, what are you talking about… we've already explored all of Atlantis… after we found the extra ZPMs…."

John closed his eyes for a second; this made no sense at all! Suddenly it came to him. "What year is this?"

"2023… why?"

Sheppard's eyes opened at that, feeling his whole body go numb. "When I went to bed it was the year 2006… now its seventeen years later?"

Elizabeth looked at him in surprise before activated her comm.. unit. "Doctor Beckett, this is Elizabeth… I need you in John Sheppard quarter's immediately."

"Don't tell me you knocked him out again, Elizabeth," Carson teased.

John frowned at the joke, hearing what he'd said.

Weir smiled slightly. "Not yet… just get over here."

Sheppard folded his arms. "Knocked me out again? When did you hit me?"

Elizabeth just looked at him nervously. "This is not good…" she whispered, worry in her eyes. So she didn't hate him… well that was something. Now if only he could figure out what the hell was happening to him.

"We were married!" John asked, not completely surprised considering what had been said before, but it just now sunk it what that meant.

Carson smiled. "Aye, for almost fifteen years."

"Wow… I haven't even had a relationship with a woman for over three months!" he muttered, surprised at how long they'd lasted.

Carson just shook his head, amused at John's wonder.

John frowned, looking up at Carson. "So how after fifteen years did Elizabeth start to hate me, and my children no longer respect me?"

Carson hesitated, sighing sadly at the memories. "It's a long story lad. You were always very loyal to Elizabeth, cared more for her than you had with any other woman. There wasn't a soul on Atlantis who couldn't see the love you had for her, but many things can change in a very short period of time… when a relationship is strained enough… well, perhaps that is a question Elizabeth should answer."

John nodded. "I'm not sure Elizabeth is very fond of me at the moment… considering she found me with some strange woman named Carrie."

"She's your girlfriend," Carson told him, looking a little uncomfortable.

"She isn't even my type! How did I go from someone as smart and beautiful as Elizabeth to… CARRIE?" he asked, frustrated.

Carson just shrugged. "Let's just say… you lost a lot when you lost Elizabeth," he told John sadly.

John glanced down at the ring on his left hand. "He still loves her," he whispered.


"I… I still love her."

"What makes you say that?" Carson asked.

John touched the ring still on his hand. "The ring still on my finger tells me everything I need to know, Carson. There's still love between us, the question is… why they haven't tried to fix things?"

Carson gave John a sad smile. "That's a good question, Colonel. A good question indeed. Maybe it's time you got your answer."

John frowned, knowing the Doctor was right, he only wished he knew how to do just that.


Carson and John looked up to see Elizabeth standing in front of them, a strange look on her face as she looked at the two, obviously unsure when it came to Sheppard. Carson cleared his throat. "Well he's physically and mentally fine from what I can tell. I'm starting to wonder if more is involved than we know about. This can't just be mere memory loss… there's nothing to account for it."

Elizabeth nodded. "I'm starting to agree with you," she muttered, frowning.

"Like what? Time travel?"

"I'd certainly put that on the list… you may physically look like the John Sheppard from this timeline, but… as I said there's nothing that explains why you have suddenly forgotten so much."

John's confused look transformed in a second. "I was with Rodney and a few others exploring labs in Atlantis! I touched a few things… maybe one of them did this to me! We need to speak with Rodney!"

Elizabeth frowned. "Come with me. I think it's time we give Rodney a little visit."

John nodded and got off the bed. "Amen to that!" he mumbled, following her out of sickbay.

To Be Continued….

A/N: Originally he was gonna wake up in bed with Elizabeth… but I thought I'd spice things up a big… mean Elizabeth kinda works for me. Just tell me what you think! Please:(