"Will you lot just SHUT UP!"

Hermione had just snapped. She was holidaying with the Weasleys and Harry for the summer…and it was raining. In fact it hadn't stopped raining since the beginning of the holidays. They had been cooped inside for a month and it was starting to show.

"Dude! How much rain do you think the sky can actually hold?" Ron had said. This sparked off a huge discussion involving everyone, except Hermione.

She had spent her days trapped inside reading. At the moment she was finding it difficult. Very difficult.

"What's that you're reading, anyway?" Harry said. He was the only one who wasn't shocked by her outburst; he had been on the receiving end of them for a while now.

"Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It's a romance and I thank you to keep the noise down so I can actually read it."

"Give it here." Fred snatched the book and tossed it to Ron. He caught it badly and as Harry bent to pick it up Hermione slammed her hand on it to claim it back. All three had a hand on it and then the world went black.

"Okay, what did you do?" Ron asked the darkness.

"Shut up, I didn't do anything. Lumos!" Hermione's wand tip lit up and they saw that they were outside a town. Suddenly it was day time and they were standing on a muddy road that led into the town. The boys were suddenly dressed in period costumes. She now stood there in a brown dress with a high waistline. Her hair was in a knot on the top of her head with some curls loose in front of her face.

As they stood there they heard the rattle of hooves and the clatter of wheels and they had to jump off the road to avoid collision.

"A horse drawn carriage? Where are we? What year are we in?"

"Judging by the carriage and the styles of the people inside it and the clothes we are in, we're in Regency England."

"And that would be when? What year?"

"About 1805."


"Shit is right. We're stuck in Regency England and we have no way of getting back."

"This is you're fault Ron! If you weren't such a bad catcher then we wouldn't be in this mess!"

"I'm not the one who asked her what book she was reading in the first place."

"That's it! The book! Where is it?"

"I don't know. Why do you wanna know?"

"How did we get into this mess? We all touched the book at the same time, right? Well, I'm firing a shot in the dark here, but maybe if we all touch it at the same time we might get back."

"Nice idea, Mione. But there's a problem. Where is it? Where's the book?"

"Didn't it arrive with us?"

"We can't find it. We're stuck here Hermione."

"Well, I think that we have to blend in with the crowd if we're to survive here."

"Right, attire's sorted out, somhow, but there's more. This is a society where the class system is high and courtesy is everything. From now on we have to refer to each other as Mr Potter and Mr Weasley and their friend Miss Granger. No, they won't buy that. I'm going to have to play the part of someone's sister. No, I'll be your cousin."

"Why won't it work?"

"How are we going to explain why I, a woman, is always around you guys. In this society it won't wash. We have no money that will work in this era and no where to live until we sort this out."

"Can't you magic some money?"

"If that was possible my family would be rich, mate." Ron said sadly, sitting on the grass next to where Hermione had collapsed in desperation.

"Transfiguration's got to be useful somehow."

"It's not Harry. We need to get to Hogwarts."

"How do you suggest we get there? None of us can apperate and we don't even know which part of the country it's in."

"Lets go into town, maybe someone can shed some light on the subject."