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Part 12: Final Realization

This is my Destiny only child
Come on and rescue me 'cos I'm wild
This is my selection when I'm sure
Not looking for deception like before

Her lips tasted like candy this time. They did a lot of the time, but this time it was special. This time they weren't rushing for fear of being caught. Her lips were moving slowly and intimately across Alex's, and she didn't care who was staring. Paige just loved to taste those lips.

It was a month into the case against Chad and Jay, on their attempted rape of Alex. The brunette didn't seem to have a worry. In fact, it appeared that she was dealing with it far better than Paige did with her rape. Okay, maybe she wasn't dealing with it better, but she was dealing with it differently.

Beautiful creation I adore
This sensation never…felt before

Alex wasn't having as much of a trust issue as Paige did. Sure, there were times when she was quite on the edge. But instead of pushing away love, she embraced it. You never know what can happen, so ya better indulge in what you have while there's still time. This is definitely worth the risk…

Those were the thoughts running through her subconscious as she and Paige sat on a desk in Mr. Simpson's classroom, making out like…well, making out like teenagers. Alex trusted Paige and boy was she happy with that. It was as if nothing could go wrong amidst the whispers flittering around the room. That was of course until Mr. Simpson walked in.

"Now, girls, I heard rumors that my boring class needed some spicing up," he laughed at his own joke before it was done. "But don't you think this is pushing it a little?" A ripple of laughter filled the four-walled room, but quickly subsided. There were still some cold faces that were disgusted by the public displays.

How can I change the path that I'm on?
This is my Destiny
This is my life my own right or wrong
Bring it on back to me

"Well, Mr. Simpson," Paige began as she discreetly locked ankles with Alex underneath the desk. "I wasn't aware that this scintillating class needed spicing up. Being here each day is a highlight of my teenage drama-filled life." More laughter went around and the blonde gave Alex a peck on the cheek. "If this is too much, though, what do you suggest?"

"Hmm, I don't know. Maybe a little more effort on your next assignment wouldn't hurt," Snake smirked and put his sack upon his desk. "In all seriousness, though, these desks weren't made to withstand such…usage. Perhaps the class will be more interesting if you take your seats and log onto the web. Now would be good, ladies. And don't think I don't know what you're doing under the desks when I'm not looking. There are other times for such things when I'm not giving a lesson."

Paige gave Alex a sly look as she slid off of the desk. Alex followed suit and they stole a few more quick kisses before sitting down. Their hands were clasped between them, and everything felt perfect. It wasn't like there were no whispers of cruel slurs or rumors. Of course the whole class was sending d-mails all around concerning the couple reunited.

How can I say what it is that I want?
Wisdom speak to me
Life your sweet then the moment is gone

Now they were both getting taunting messages. Those who knew of Alex's breakdown in the girl's bathroom, practically the whole school, were slipping business cards for various psychiatrists into her locker. People were sending her information on local insane asylums and psychiatric treatment. Pretty much, Alex was a punching bag again. This time, however, a significant part of Paige's Spirit Squad friends were in support.

This is my Destiny

Lunch time came and the three of them, Paige, Alex, and Hazel, sat at a table. They were poking at their cafeteria food: as usual it wasn't the most appetizing. "I think there's something metal in my salad," Hazel commented. She scrunched up her face and with her plastic fork scooped out a quarter. "Oh, that's just wrong. Who knows where that thing has been?"

"That's nothing," Alex laughed and nibbled warily at her pizza slice. "The other day, in my cheeseburger, there was a clump of hair. No, not a clump; it was like those poofy wispy balls of hair you get when you pull the hair off of your brush. I nearly gagged and puked right there."

She continued to laugh as the other girls looked at her aghast. "Honey, what day was this? I don't remember…" Paige trailed off and appeared to be in deep thought. She couldn't remember when the last time she ate without Alex was. In fact, the three of them had made it into a habit to take lunch together. Alex and Hazel were still having small issues, but over all they were getting along.

This is my intention hear me now
Don't need correction: please me how
Breaking out the institution crazy law
Aint no complication live for more

Alex lifted her legs up over Paige's lap, wrapped her arms around her, and softly kissed her cheek. "It was…I think Monday. Yes, remember, you had to meet with Ms. Hatzilakos about that secret thing you won't tell us about," Alex gazed lovingly at her girlfriend and kissed her cheek once more.

"Oh, right. Well, you know, the best way to keep a secret is to forget you have a secret…you know how tempted I am to blurt everything out to you?" Paige chuckled warmly and rested her head on Alex's shoulder. "I just forgot I didn't eat with you that day because I was trying to push the secret to the…back of my mind?" Of course she was pushing it. She knew Alex was only teasing her, but she couldn't help but play along and explain herself.

"You two are so sappy, you know that?" Hazel tossed her leftover salad into the nearest garbage can and wiped her hands on a paper napkin. "Really, Nunez, I don't understand how you could ever have gotten a rep for being a bully. You're such a softie," she smirked as Alex gave her shoulder a playful swat. "Hey, I'm just being honest. It's cute, though."

This is my Destiny only child
Come on and rescue me 'cos I'm wild

It was nearly time for dinner at the Michalchuk's house, but Paige and Alex didn't have a single worry about time. They lay above the bedding of Paige's bed, hands clasped, looking into each other's eyes. Soft kisses led to gentle caresses, and hands came apart as arms pulled waists closer and bodies met. It was pure bliss, for the girls, to be carefree and feeling safe because they were; they kept each other safe.

After several minutes of constant contact, they broke free and one sought the other's eyes once more. "Paige, you're a goddess…you're so beautiful," Alex nuzzled her nose against Paige's and closed her eyes. "No matter what happens with this case…thank you for being with me all the way through."

"Alex, sweetie, you don't have to keep thanking me…it comes with being a girlfriend, love." Despite her words, Paige still blushed at her girlfriend's thanksgiving. She rewarded the brunette with yet another kiss. It was meant to be quick yet meaningful, but Alex took the opportunity to deepen it. Paige whimpered softly and nearly melted as Alex's tongue lightly brushed her lower lip. "I'm yours always, you know that. Besides, about the case, Jay at least has DNA evidence against him. They got his skin from under your fingernails. It's a good thing you scratched him…rawr, you have talented claws," she giggled as Alex replied with tickles.

How can I change the path that I'm on?
This is my Destiny
This is my life my own right or wrong
Bring it on back to me

"Well, I can show you what else these 'claws' can do, if you want," Alex raised an eyebrow suggestively as she continued to tickle Paige. This only succeeded in eliciting more childish giggles and laughs. "They come attached to multi-talented fingers. One of these talents, you see right now: I can tickle you senseless. Don't you love the power sensitive nerve bundles have? Just a little tickle and you lose control."

Without warning, Paige flipped Alex onto her back and moved her fingers across her ribcage. "Eek! Meanie!" Alex let out and uncharacteristic squeal and laughed. I have to laugh when I'm around you…And I have to be better when I'm around you…she remembered that day well over a month and a half before perfectly. Right now she was making Paige laugh, and Paige was making her feel better: a perfect match.

How can I say what it is that I want?
Wisdom speak to me
Life your sweet then the moment is gone

Right now: Did it matter if Jay and Chad got let off? Five years from now: Did it matter if they held a grudge and attempted to make her life miserable once more? Every moment of every day: Did it make a difference if she had a tough background? No, the answer for each is 'no.' As long as they had each other; the difference was met with an even number: an equal and better counter attack. Nothing could get between them.

This is my Destiny...

Only child, only child

Come on and rescue me

'Cos I'm wild...

And I'm wild


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