I OWN NOTHING I SAY NOTHING! Well anywho I have fallen in love with a movie! I've seen Stay Alive about four times now and I will probably watch it again later today! So I watched it and now I have a plot so there. I might take a few things from the movie but bare with me. MUST WRITE! Well now this is just getting off so on with it.

OC: Is ME! I made myself up! I will be the paranoid crazy chick that thinks the Russians are out to get her. Bwhahahaha

P.S I really did make up the version of Hickory Dickory Dock in here.

Plot: Video games are just pretend right? They don't just come out and start to kill you. It's all fake nothing to be afraid of, but what if? Death fic! Lots and lots of gore!

Chapter 1: Wanna Play?

"Ooo game over." Kairi jumped off the DDR game with a pout. Sora laughed at his best friend as she kicked the game.

"It cheated! I swear it did." Wakka laughed at her as well. Kairi growled and punched the two boys in the head. "You two need to get a life! Stop laughing! I said stop laughing dammit!" Sora hit Wakka and covered his mouth.

"Yes your highness. We would never go against your wishes for you are our God and we are but your hummble slaves." The two looked at each other before falling over laughing. Kairi kicked Sora's side and stompped off. "Kairi, it was just a joke. Geez she doesn't have to take things so literally. I mean it's just a game. What's there to worry about?"

"You guys are so immature." Wakka looked up at the girl standing above him.

"We were joking Selphie. Just messing around." Selphie glared at him and walked towards Kairi.

"Their dumbasses don't worry about them." Kairi nodded and hugged Selphie. "You know I love you right?" Kairi nodded.

"Eww you two get a room!" Kairi glared at the brown haired boy and gave him the one finger salute. "No thanks Kairi. I don't think your girlfriend would appreciate that plus I'm gay!" Sora laughed out as the girl ran over and jumped on him.

"Gahh I hate you so much, Sora!" Sora laughed.

"Love you too babe." Kairi popped him in the head.

"Baka." Sora looked at Wakka.

"Now now be nice. Wakka has feelings too you know." Wakka glared at Sora.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Sora shrugged.

"Okay fat ass your crushing my legs here. Move!" Kairi stood and sat full force on Sora. "Oh Gods help I have a hippo trying to kill me here."



"You bastard!"

"You bitch!"

"Stop it, Sora!"

"Stop it, Kairi!"








"Ha got ya." Kairi screamed and started to pound into Sora's chest with her fist. "Quit help I think she has rabbies!"

"But Sora she's not foaming at the mouth!" Wakka pointed out from his safe position about three yards away from the two.

"Good point then that means she has some anger management issues!" Kairi smirked.

"Do not I manage my anger just fine!" She got up and kicked Sora in the side before walking back to her girl friend. Sora smirked.

"And the Great Sora has once again lived through another adventure with the dreaded Bitch-a-sorus! Safe till the next time she tries to rip his nuts off again." The girl sighed.

"At least I can still get laid." Sora groaned.

"You know that hurt." He pointed to his dick. "Right here."

"I thought you were a uke, Sora." Sora stopped.

"Well then it hurt here." He pointed to his ass. Kairi smiled.

"Ahh poor Sora. The asshole having no luck finding a good fuck?" Sora rolled his eyes.

"No. Makes me sad."

"Yeah. Especially since even Wakka's getting laid at least twice a week." Sora stopped.

"Say what?" Wakka blushed and turned away. "Tell me it's not true. Tell it's not true."

"I'm sorry Sora, but it is. It's true all true." He covered his heart and face with his hands as he pretened to cry.

Sora crawled to him and stood before him clutching his shirt in his hands. "Your breaking my heart. I thought you love'd me."

"You know it's not true. I could never love you." Sora gasped and pushed away from him. "Sora!"

"No. Stay away from me. I'll go now and travel to find love to heal this heart that you have broken." He faked a sob.

"Okay guys enough with the dramatics. Your making my customers teary eyed." Sora pouted up at the man.

"Oh but Tidus we were just getting to the good part." Tidus rolled his eyes.

"You two are as bad as Sepiroth and Cloud when Leons around." Sora pouted.

"Not true! I'm not trying to get into his pants!" Tidus rolled his eyes.

"Good because I'd be force to beat you." Sora stopped and looked at Wakka then back at Tidus. Once, twice,three times.

"You two are together!" Wakka fell out laughing and Tidus glared.

"You know Sora they didn't hear all the way in Canada maybe you should scream a little bit louder." Sora smirked.

"Okay." He took in a deep breath and Tidus covered his mouth again.

"I didn't mean it."

"But you said."

"I know what I said but I didn't mean it so shut it!" Sora nodded and gave Tidus a salute. "Now get this guys Cloud scored a new game from the company and he wants us to come over and test it with him. You know give it a crash course run."

"You mean like you did Wakka?" Tidus slapped Sora in the back of his head. "What I meant to say was who's all playing?"

Tidus glared at him while Sora smiled up at him. " Gahh. I hate you. Anyway. It'll be Leon, Cloud, Sephiroth."

"Sounds like a party already!" Tidus glared and Sora clamped his hand over his mouth. "Shutting up."

"About time you could have done that years ago. Anyway. Me, you, Wakka, Kairi, Selphie, Areith, Yuffie, Kit, Donald, Goofy, Mickey and Minney, and Sephiroth's younger brother's coming too."

"Sephiroth has a brother? How come we've never met him?" Tidus sighed.

"Remember. Sephiroth's parents had a divorce and him and his brother got seperated. Well turns out the kid's mom and stepdad just got killed. The kid's our age but he was still living with his parents. Sephiroth says they were over protective. Well one night the kid's mother went crazy and took out a shot gun on him. Well the husband protected the kid and got shot instead. Well the chick got super mad at herself and pulled the trigger and boom. Bye bye mommy dearest. The kid's suppose to be loaded with money now so some people think that he killed them off." Sora shivered.

"That's so scary almost as scary as the thought of you and Wakka going at it like fucking bunnies." Tidus kicked Sora in the side.

"Shut up Sora! Besides Sephiroth has decided that you have to keep an eye on him when we play. Probably think the kid's paranoid or something. Course you never know Sora. Maybe the kid did off his parents. Hell if I was trapped in my room for thirteen years with video games as my only friend I'd be pissed too." Sora shrugged.

"What's the worst that could happen? I mean really we're only going to be playing a game. So I'm in."

"Us too!": Kairi and Selphie walked back over to the group. "I'll show Sora. I'll live longer in the game than you!"

"This is coming from the cow who couldn't even last a round in DDR. Well I guess as long as we don't have to jump around we'll all be safe." Kairi glared and Selphie patted her shoulder.

"He's not worth it. Just remember that." Kairi nodded and kissed her girlfriend's cheek.

"I love you."

"Love you too." Boom.

"Sora are you still alive?" Kairi poked Sora's unconcious body. Sora shook his head.

"Your such a baby." Sora sat up.

"Am not!"

"I thought you were passed out."

"...I ...I...damn."

"I win." Sora pouted.

"Fine." Kairi laughed.

"Your such a baby!"

"Am not."

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am too!"

"Are not!

"I am to!"

"You are not I repeat not!"

"I win!"

"Fuck!" Selphie laughed.

"Come on Kairi. We still have a little bit of day light to waste." Kairi blushed and nodded.

"See you guys tonight." Sora stuck his tounge out.

"That's so gross you guys!" Selphie laughed at him.

"Just because you can't stand the sight of a naked female doesn't mean I can't." Sora shuddered.

"My brain! It burns with the images!" He started banging his head against the arcade game beside him. "It burns it burns!" Kairi rolled her eyes as her and Selphie walked out. Sora stopped. "Are they gone?" Wakka nodded. "Whoo hoo! So Tidus what's the game named? What's it about? Give me details!" Tidus shrugged.

"All I know is the game is called Stay Alive." Sora tilted his head.

"Stay Alive. That sounds pretty cheap, but I guess you can't judge a book by it's cover, or a game by it's name in this case. So who's house?"

"Sephiroth's." Sora shivered again.

"His house is so creepy!" Tidus nodded.

"Good thing most of us have sleeping buddies for tonight because it's an all nighter. I do believe that you are rooming with the potential murderer." Sora grabbed his heart.

"I'll be sure to pack a bullet proof vest and my good luck undies."

"You have luck undies?" Sora nodded.

"I have them on everywhere."

"Wouldn't they get nasty?"

"Not if I take a bath often."

"Wait Sora you don't wear..."

"Gross!" The two exclaimed. Sora frell over laughing.

"Took long enough. Well see you guys tonight I'm going to get a silver bullet and a stake...just in case."

"Don't forget the garlic and holy water!"

"Thanks Wakka. I'll also get a lucky rabbit's foot while I'm at it and a four leaf clover!"

"Just go!" Sora bowed out of the arcade laughing the whole time.

"This is going to be a long night." Wakka nodded. "Well I have to get back to work. See you tonight." He gave Wakka a kiss and the two parted ways.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Night At Sephiroth's--------------------------woot woot------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sora looked up at the gaint house. "Well this is going to be one hell of a night." He knocked on the door and listened to it echo throughout the mansion. "I'm going to so get lost."

"I'll need arrows!" Sora jumped.

"Holy shit you scared me." The brown haired girl looked up at him. "Kit, you scared me."

"Whoops. Well you see I had to be sneeky so that the Russians wouldn't catch me." Sora rolled his eyes.

"You know I'd keep that to myself." Kit looked at him.

"Good idea. Their listening to me I shouldn't blow it that I know they're listening." She winked and waited beside him for someone to answer.

"So what'll you need arrows for?" Kit smiled.

"Because I'll get lost in here. They need to have color coded arrows on the floor. Green for the bathroom. Blue for the kitchen. Red for a bedroom. You know stuff like that." Sora nodded.

"That's not such a bad idea." Kit laughed.

"Well you see I have it figured out. There's approximately thirty three rooms so if each one is a different shade or tinted of a color then we would know if that room is forbbiden or if it's safe." Sora held up his hand.

"That's fasinating and all but I really don't care." Kit frowned.

"Okay some other time then."

"How about never, Kit" Sephiroth stared at her from the doorway.

"Be nice!"

"Why should I?"

"Because me and Leon could just have sex without you." Sephiroth wimpered.

"I'll be good. I'll be good!" Cloud smirked.

"Woot woot let's play a game!" Sephiroth smiled down at the obviously hyper girl.

"How much sugar did you have?" He asked as the four walked towards the living room.

"Not that much. Ooo but guess what I learned!" Sephiroth raised an eyebrow.

"What?" Kit hopped up and down.

"If you mix sprite and sugar together it makes a fizzing thing! and it spilled over the cup!"

"How much sugar did you add?"


"Teaspoon?" Sephiroth asked hopefully.

"Cup!" And thus Sephiroth's hopes were shattered. Sora started to laugh.

"This is going to be so funny." Sephiroth smirked.

"Watch what you say Sora I'll lock you in a room with her and Riku." Sora's eyes widened.

"Anything but that. Have some mercy on me." He glanced at Kit who was now hopping on her tippy toes singing,"Hickory dickory Dock the mouse went up the clock. the clock struck one I shot my gun Hickory Dickory dock.Hickory dickory Dock the mouse is in a box the clock struck two I kick it with my shoe Hickory Dickory dock. Hickory dickory Dock the mouse is in the grave the clock struck three I went to my knees Hickory Dickory dock.Hickory dickory Dock I miss the mouse in the box The clock struck four I'm getting bored Hickory Dickory dock.Hickory dickory Dock I really miss the mouse in the box. The clock struck five the cops said it was suicide Hickory Dickory dock."

Sephiroth looked at her his head tilted to the side slightly a confused look on his face. "Okay now that scared me." Sora nodded. "Let's go join the others. You two were the last ones to get here. You did bring your controllers right?" Sora nodded and held up his bright red game controller. Kit nodded as well and held up her black controller with little red stars on the side. "Good now go find a seat. We'll be getting started soon." Sora sat down on the couch beside a silver haired boy that he had never met before. He assumed that this was Sephiroth's younger brother and Sora only had one word for him. HOT! Kit sat down on a recliner in the corner off by herself. She pulled on a visor upside down and sideways. She pulled on a pair of gloves and took a deep breath.

"I'm ready." Sephiroth came back into the room and held up the game.

"Everyone ready?" They nodded. "Good." He opened the machiene and placed the disk in. The screens around the room flashed on. A diary appeared on the screen and opened up. Elizabeth's Prayer appeared on the screen.

"Creepy." Kit said from her secluded area.

"The game won't let me skip ahead." Kairi yelled as she tapped the controller again and again.

"Maybe we have to read the words?" Riku spoke up. Sora nearly melted at the sound of his voice but kept himself together.

"Voice activated. I doubt that. That's to hightech." Sora said.

"This is creepy. Like a sayonce or something." Sephiroth rolled his eyes at Kit.

"You have an over active imagination." Kit shook her head.

"Do not." Cloud laughed.

"Then you say it." Kit blushed.

"No way!" Leon looked at her.

"What scared of a little game?"

"Fine. Come to me clouds." As she spoke the words vanished. "Creepy." Sora looked at her.

"How'd that happen?" Kit shook her head.

"Don't know. " Riku looked at the screen.

"I think we have to read the whole thing. It's probably voice activated." Kit shook her head.

"That's not right that's next generation technology." Riku smirked.

"But you just saw for yourself that it worked." Kit bit her lip.

"Fine." Riku grinned.

"Now we all have to say it." Leon rolled his eyes and looked at Cloud. He took a finger and made a circle around his ear and pointed at Riku. Cloud nodded.

Everyone took a breath and began to speak. "Come to me clouds may you rise as an evil storm born to rip them open. Let the cover of the night bear witness and destroy those who resisit so they shall harm me now. Let the blood of many cleanse me serve me beauty I pray you." The words vanished and the book closed. A man began to speak but no one listened to his warning but Kit and Riku. They looked at each other then back at the game.

Sephiroth laughed at the warning. "It's just a game. What's the worst that could happen?"

Kit: Tell me what you guys think please please please. Every thing my character has done so far I actually do. Hehehe I really did test that sugar and sprite thing. Well reveiw me or no next chapter.