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Plot: Video games are just pretend right? They don't just come out and start to kill you. It's all fake nothing to be afraid of, but what if? Death fic! Lots and lots of gore!

Chapter 4: Saying Goodbye

SORA'S POV---------------------------------------

The coffins were laid out before us. Tidus was sitting in front of Wakka's, an empty look in his eyes. Kairi and Selphie were sitting in the corner crying out silently. Leon merely looked at the floor as Cloud and Sephiroth tried to calm Mickey and Minney. Areith and Yuffie sat behind Tidus and silently prayed. Riku was by Kit and they were talking about something. I can't believe that he managed to avoid going to jail. Everything pointed to him killing the three, but Kit said that the two of them had gone down to get something to eat and the two never left each others side. That's all it took for the cops to drop it.

Tidus looks so distraught. Hell even I feel like I'm going to tear up. Wakka was one of my closetest friends and now he's gone. Everything feels like I'm watching it on a t.v screen. No one feels real to me right now. I watch as Kit and Riku walk up to Tidus. Kit tells him that she's sorry for his lost and riku nods. Then Tidus snaps. "How can you two even speak to me? It's all your fault!" He points at Riku. "You were the only one there." he starts to punch Riku's chest. The silver head doesn't even move. Soon Tidus falls to his knees tears falling. I can't seem to cry for him though.

I hear Kairi cry louder and I listen to Selphie whisper to her. Soon though the voices fade away. Everything seems to be flowing in slow motion. Voices blending into one another. Faces swriling around. I feel dizzy. No x that I feel sick. It's hard to breath. I close my eyes but I can feel the world spinning around me. I feel someone grab my shoulder. I turn and look into aqua eyes. "Riku?" He smiles softly.

"How's it going? You doing okay?" I shake my head. I'm not fine I know that, but being around him makes me even less fine. My heart's beating so fast and it feels like the organ is trapped in my throat. Hell if I actually believed in love I'd almost think I was in it, but me and Kit swore that we'd never fall in love again. She broke first and fell for her best friend and I think that just maybe I broke too. I look over at Tidus and sigh. That's what happens when you break though. You become to involved. You hurt to much. You can feel your heart being ripped right out of your chest, and it hurts to much.

If Riku got hurt...would I cry? Would my whole life fall out of place just to help him, or would I feel nothing? Nothing at all. Am I really in love? No, I can't be. I don't know how to love, but what if I am?

---------------------------- KIT'S POV-------------------------

I watch as Riku walks over to Sora. I think he likes him but I know Sora will fight it. We made a deal. Even though both of us knew it wouldn't last if that one person came to us. I sigh and look over at the coffins. Sure people think me and Riku are parranoid people always have, but how can they explain this? They think it's Riku but I know it's not. It can't be. I've known him for to long, but noone knows that and I'm not ready to tell. I just know that something strange is going on, and for once the Russians aren't the ones behind it. God, when the hell did I become this screwed up?

Hmm I wonder when the igloos will make their move against China. Hmm. Wait. Stop. Drop. And roll!... no that's not right. Let's see looks around. People in black...not white...oh yeah funeral. Shit I'm lost. Sighs. I wonder what I'd do if she ever got hurt...Wait I know. I'd die. Heh gahh I hope Tidus is okay. Looks at Tidus. Nope he's a wreck. Hmm so's Minney and Mickey. Hmm damn I really need a cookie. I look around at all the sad people and stop to think of how things should have turned out. No one suppose to die when everyone's having fun but sometimes bad things happen for no reason.

I hate the word funeral. There's nothing fun about it. Of course the worst irony is to see someone playing life at a funeral. I remember that happened at my friends funeral. I wanted to break the game but on the other I wanted to laugh because that's what he would have done. I wonder if that's how they feel. I walk to an old weeping willow and stand underneath it. People never think that it will happen to them. That someone special to them will die and when they hear it it tears them apart. Their world falls from beneath them and depending on how close the two people were it might just stay that way. What's funny is that some people like me and my friend joke about suicide and crap like that...I never thought he'd actually do it. I wonder which is worse having to lose someone from murder or having to lose someone from suicide? I may never know. Poor Tidus. Poor everyone. If me and Riku are right we'll see alot more of our friends die.

My eyes are starting to water and now the emptyiness I felt when I found out about my friend is starting to resurface. Sure Wakka and them were my friends but not really close hm. Strange. They died on the 10 as he did. I should go visit him soon after this. Maybe I'll bring Riku and Sora...definatly Riku. Tidus might try to strangle him if he's left alone with him. I hate funerals.

--------------------------NORMAL POV---------------------------

Sora wraped his arms around Riku and started to cry into his chest. Things hurt to badly right then and it was to much for Sora to handle. Everything seemed so much darker now as if the sun would never shine again but Sora knew that it would because the world moved on. Just because someone close to him died didn't mean that the world would stop turning to comfort him but right then he didn't need the world because he had Riku. Riku wrapped his arms around Sora's small body and held him close as the boy cried. Riku laid his head on top of Sora's and looked over at Kit who seemed to be stareing off into space. Riku pulled Sora back slightly and took his hand into his own and lead him towards Kit.

Sora needed someone else to be with him and why not have it be a close friend. Kit smiled at the two. A sad smile but a smile none the less. Sora looked up at her and sniffed. Kit shook her head at the boy and pulled out a napkin for him to wipe off his face. Sora looked between the two and smiled. He had friends and even though some went away for a little while or even for forever there would always be someone else there beside him when he needed it. He only hoped that he could do the same for all of his friends. Sora looked over the crowd at all the crying faces and silently told his three friends goodbye at least for now. The three friends took their seats for the priest to give the three their last goodbyes, and then they'd be gone.

By the end of the day everyone had cried many tears and some even had more left. The friends had stared at the closed caskets as they were lowered into the ground. Tidus cried with Selphie and Kairi while mickey and Minnie hald onto each other. Kit sat away at another grave that was over two months old. Riku stood with Sora and held him closely as the brunette cried into his shoulder. This was the end of the world for some and the pathway for new beginnings for others if they are able to survive the tests that lay out before them. Cause the name of the game is to Stay Alive. Kit stood as she thought these thoughts, How many of us will die. How many more friends shall we bury here? How long before the next one dies? Lightning lite the sky up above the crowd. As the rain fell and washed away all the tears that had been shed only to hide the ones that continue to fall. Kit smile as she looked at the grave before her and remembered a saying, A tear falls forever within a broken heart. "How long is forever though?"

Kit: Okay I know retarded chapter but it'll get better again just remember do not get attached to any of the characters because only I know which ones will live through the whole story. Please reveiw.