Ok I won't apologize but I know I thought I gave up on the story so you probably thought the same thing.


P.s. I'm all moved! (and have been) ) oh yeah and this isn't a chapter it's more like a paragraph so enjoy and don't kill me if your mad oh hold on is that apologizing?

I walked into the front door to my house with Edward without even knocking. The idea of telling Charlie seemed preposterous. But of course I did it anyway.


So I had a long hard fight with Charlie because A. he didn't believe me and B. He called my mother once he did.

All in all it wasn't half bad although Edward is mellower than I am about some of the things Charlie called Edward. I won't go into details but let's just say I never expected it. Now I am going to stay with Edward for all of eternity and I couldn't be happier. What more could a girl want.