The Crucible

Summary: Elliot's devotion to his marriage is questioned once Kathy's maid of honor is the next rape victim whose case is given to the SVU. Eventually EO.

Author's Note: Takes place during second season.

Disclaimer: If I marry Dick Wolf, then by New York state law, I would own half his characters. Hmm, I want Elliot, Olivia, Munch, Casey, Alex…I can't pick half. I guess it's a good thing we're not married and I can borrow all of them without asking…

"Come on, Liv," Elliot pleaded with his partner. "Where'd you hide it?" It was Elliot's favorite pen. Olivia had apparently taken it while Elliot was in the bathroom. She hid it somewhere, but Elliot did not know where. He saw the sly smile on Olivia's face. She was not going to tell him.

"What makes you so certain that I did?" Olivia asked him.

"The fact that you're enjoying this too much," Elliot answered. He knew Olivia. It was a Friday evening. No rapes were reported. There were no open cases regarding child abuse. ADA Alex Cabot did not need them to search a suspect's home or anything. All they were waiting for was the ok from Cragen to leave. And until they could leave, Olivia was teasing Elliot. Due to the intensity of their cases, Elliot rarely saw this side of Olivia. He loved it. She was so youthful.

"I'd be enjoying it just as much if Munch hid it," Olivia argued.

"Elliot, it's a pen," Munch argued. "You can get like ten of them at the grocery store for about two bucks. You should get home. I'm sure Kathy would love to have you home at a normal hour."

Elliot's smile faded slightly. He was actually having fun with Olivia. He knew she was only messing with him. In his fun, he temporarily forgot that he had a wife at home. A wife and four kids. He felt bad. He should go home. He should bring some dinner with him. "Right," he said. "I better get going. Feel free to call me if you need it."

Munch and Olivia said their good-byes as Elliot headed towards the squad room doors.

"Wait," Cragen called before Elliot opened the door. He stepped out of his office. The phone was resting on his shoulder. "That was Mercy on the line. They've got a rape victim. Name's Anna Connors."

Elliot's face paled. Anna Connors. He looked over at Olivia. He enjoyed his time with her. He spent more time with her than Kathy. Kathy was his wife, but she did not fully understand him. Olivia understood him better than Kathy did. He knew Anna would pick up on that.

Olivia walked over to Elliot. "You ok?" she asked. "You look like you're about to get sick. Munch and I can handle this on our own if you want to get home," she offered.

Elliot shook his head. "No, you're my partner."

"Who's the vic?" Olivia asked as she grabbed her coat and started walking towards the doors.

Elliot exhaled deeply before answering Olivia's question. He remembered what Cragen had told Olivia when she started working for the Special Victims Unit. You don't get to pick the vic. He would have to accept that it was someone who knew both him and Kathy. "Kathy's maid of honor."