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This was an idea I tossed off a long time ago while wondering why the DMC1 opponents didn't turn into devil arms. Because Mundus didn't want to give Dante free weapons. Mundus kills Griffon himself so, as Vergil got Beowulf despite Dante doing all the work there too, Mundus would have gotten any Griffon devil arm. And Nelo, who ate'nt dead, flies off. Phantoms, I have decided, simply don't turn into devil arms any more than Hell Vanguards do.

And DMC2 was DMC2.

In any case, here we go.

- - - - - -


- - - - - -

Nelo Angelo started to glow and rise into the air. It looked like his powers were going haywire and he was about to give up his soul, but he could be powering up for another attack. Dante fired his new Lightening Bow a couple more times just in case.

The roaring sound grew louder and Dante had to shield his eyes from the light, then both light and sound stopped. He opened his eyes and got ready to receive the soul, hearing a clink.

Both his hands tightened around swords. Huh? Agni and Rudra were two swords, but they were two demons. Nelo Angelo had only used one sword. These swords didn't even match.

The one in his right hand looked a lot like Force Edge, only the metal was a deep silvery blue, the pommel was a sapphire instead of skull-like, and the crossbar was wrapped with vines, or they could be little snakes.

The other was a long katana, wait.

He knew that sword.


His eyes widened.

The demon that he had dubbed Nero Angelo, black angel, for lack of some other name since it hadn't spoke, had had Yamato.

Now that he thought about it, maybe that was why its powers had been like Vergil's. Dante had no idea how much of what Vergil had done on Temen ni Gru had been Yamato's power and how much his own abilities. Dante had never been able to master the displacement technique.

Something glinted in the corner of his eye.

Mostly to distract himself by gathering up the red orbs, he walked over.

This wasn't a red orb.

It was the other half of his Mother's amulet. He dropped Yamato to the ground to pick it up.

Vergil's sword, Vergil's amulet.

Dante had know that Mundus wouldn't be merciful enough to let Vergil die. He would defeat him, and by demon laws the loser had to serve the winner. Only Vergil would never willingly serve Mundus.

What had Mundus done to Vergil to turn him into that?

That explained why Nelo hadn't finished him off. Dante pulled the sword that was, unbelievably, his twin brother to his chest and hugged it.

Vergil had overcame whatever torture, whatever spells, whatever conditioning Mundus had put him through to spare Dante's life, even though he'd obviously been in pain while doing it.

His brother was still alive. For a given value of alive.

First Trish with his mother's face and now this. Dante smiled. It felt like his family was coming back to him. He also hugged Vergil's amulet, their memento of their mother, to his chest and felt it and the one around his neck grow warm and light.

He let them go and they floated together. He found Force Edge suddenly in his free hand and felt power rise inside it in answer to the amulets. Vergil had needed both amulets to gain Sparda's power.

Would this unlock the power that had killed Mundus? Would this awaken his Father?

Father, Mother and Twin, all because his brother had found the strength to spare him. "Vergil?" Dante whispered. "If you can hear me, thank you. I'll defeat Mundus for you, I promise."

Force Edge was growing, changing, glowing. A scythe, a halberd, he collapsed it back into a sword and tucked it over his shoulder, feeling its power flow throw him enough to make him trigger for a few instants.

He wanted to fight with Vergil's sword.

He needed to think up a cool name for it, something worthy. Not like 'Woozy' as he'd nicknamed Force Edge for the hell of it.

But no. He needed to master the sword of Sparda. The only power that had ever defeated Mundus. His hand tightened on the grip of Vergil's sword.

His father's sword was the one he needed to feed red orbs to hopefully unlock its powers, was the one he needed to practice on the hordes of weak demons infesting this island with in order to learn how to use it, the one he needed to figure out how to devil trigger using.

He couldn't feel the power inside it that he used to devil trigger. That wasn't good. Arkham had been able to devil trigger with it, why couldn't he? Vergil hadn't been able to either, sure he would have if he could.

If Vergil had had this sword's full power, if Dante had given him the amulet, would he have been able to kill Mundus then?

Would Dante, even with almost ten years more experience, be able to kill Mundus now?

Time was running out. Vergil was a warrior, he would understand. Mundus was the priority now. The world was counting on him.

He remembered Vergil falling into hell. Leaving him behind for their father's power, their father's home. Remembered Yamato cutting his hand, he still had the glove. The last time he and Vergil had touched, even by proxy.

Now he held his brother in his arms again, as he hadn't since they were children.

And Sparda help him but he didn't want to let him go.

He'd never known his father, only his mother's stories. He'd hated him for years, blaming him for mother's death and Vergil's loss: if he'd loved them he wouldn't have disappeared and left them for his enemies to hunt down.

His brother… he'd played with him, mourned him, chased after him whenever he appeared even though he had his own life to build.

His face but not, they'd shared their father's soul and blood but they'd been so different. Still twins despite everything, still one. It had felt like he had died when Vergil fell. Vergil had chosen certain death over life with him.

Only later had Dante realized that too few demons had followed him as he escaped. Had Vergil been his rearguard? Had Vergil sacrificed himself for Dante?

Dante wanted to believe that. Wanted to believe Vergil still cared in his own twisted way despite the times he had been hurt.

Dante wanted to ask him. Wanted to see him again.

He'd been using mostly Alastor and Ifrit instead of Force Edge. It surely wouldn't do any harm to just wield Vergil for a little bit.

He'd fought beside Vergil before. Together, they had overwhelmed the power of Sparda.