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Story Description: Logan and Rory seem to be in their own fairytale, heading toward their happy ending, until Rory makes a mistake that could cost her everything.


Rory Gilmore opened the door to the apartment she shared with her boyfriend and stepped inside.


She looked around for any sign of Logan Huntzberger.


Walking into the kitchen where the usually left notes for each other, she found a small, white envelope propped up against the wall. The word 'Ace' was written in big, bold letters on the front. Grabbing it, she slid her fingernail underneath and pulled out a notecard.

Check your bottom drawer for another notecard and a surprise.
I Love You,

'I love you'. She ran her finger over the three words and smiled. She would never get tired of hearing them from him. He was special, the only guy who could make her heart pound with just one brush of his lips on hers. Everyday with him was a new adventure, a new surprise. Logan Huntzberger, Yale party boy extreme, had chosen her. He loved her.

She made her way to the bedroom and opened up the bottom drawer. There, tucked in with her sweaters, was a colorfully wrapped box. She pulled it out and a notecard fluttered to the floor. Tucking her redish brown hair behind her ears, she picked it up, sat down on the bed, and began to read.


There aren't enough notecards or surprises in the world to express how much you mean to me. Wear this tonight. A car will be there to pick you up at 8:00. Your next notecard is in the car. Love ya, Ace.

Her eyes misted over at the thought that anyone would do all this for her. She reached for the box and pulled off the lid. Inside was a gorgeous gold cocktail dress. She ran her hand over the satin material and smiled. Checking her watch, she realized she only had a half hour to get ready. She put the dress on the bed and walked to the mirror, noticing she hadn't done much with herself that day. An early class meant sweats and pulling her hair back. Quickly, she pulled out her makeup, hair pins, and a gold clip that matched her dress for the most part. She quickly brushed on the basics, then added gold eye shadow and dark lipstick. Then, she pulled her hair into a bun on top of her head and clipped it. Using the hair pins, she pulled most of her lose hair back, but left some tendrils framing her face.

Satisfied, she pulled on the gold dress and glanced at her reflexion in the mirror. She remembered Logan telling her he had an eye for dress sizes and she smiled at the memory. She was just about to grab a purse when the inside of the box caught her eye. There, nestled in between tissue paper, was a purse made of the same material as her dress. Stunned, she picked it up and transfered her things. Logan Huntzberger would never cease to amaze her.

She quickly hurried to the elevator. As she rode, she wondered what this could all be about. Knowing Logan, she thought as she exited the elevator, it was something big. Downstairs a car was waiting as promised and laying on the leather seat was another notecard. She picked it up and smiled as she read.

Hey Ace,
Good. If you're reading this it means I gave you enough time to get ready. ;)Frank will drive you to the place where I will be waiting for you, but finding me in that place is where you come in. Think of where we first met and I will be waiting for you. I really hope you are enjoying this. Love you.
See You Soon,

She decided not to worry about finding him until she reached her destination. Leaning back against the seat, she couldn't help but compare him to her past boyfriends.

Dean had been loving and kind, but he was also dull and boring. He could never share in the witty banter her and Logan could uphold. He had always liked everything she wrote, but he never gave her any feedback or advice. Dean was her first, safe boyfriend. And later on, when she needed to feel safe, she went back to him.

Jess was the bad boy. He had drawn her in with his wit and love of books. But he never snuck up behind her and planted a kiss on her head. He never intwined his fingers in hers as they walked down the street. He had never been one to show his emotions for her and later he disappeared without a trace. Jess had shrugged off promises to her like they meant nothing. Sometimes her mind still wandered to him, but she knew he could never be the one.

The car came to a sudden stop and she stepped out. A giant, stone restaraunt stood before her, but it was empty. The only sound was the splashing of water from the fountains that surrounded the structure. She took a step forward, then rememberd the notecard. Where they first met: Yale, on the campus, near the coffee cart. How she had hated him! She shook her head and after glancing around decided to enter the restaraunt.

Something tickled her toes as she stepped inside. Glancing down, she saw thousands of rose pettled scattered on the floor. Then she found what she was looking for. In the back of the room was a coffee cart exactly like the ones at Yale. Next to it, a table was decorated with candles and flowers. She walked over and stood next to it. Finally, Logan emerged, dressed in a black tuxedo and carrying a bouquet of white roses.

"Hey Ace, you are beautiful," he whispered, pulling her in for a kiss.

Kissing him felt like fireworks and she tangled her fingers in his blonde hair.

"You are incredible," she replied.

He held her at arms length and smiled.

"Rory Gilmore, I love you."

She opened her mouth to reply, but he held a finger to her lips.

"I love you and I never want to spend a second without you. You bring out the best in me and you are somehow able to hide my worst qualities...for the most part. The thought of being without you makes me sick and I never want anything to come between us again. You are everything to me, Ace."

He slowly got down on one knee and Rory placed a hand over her mouth as tears streamed down her face. He reached into his pocket and produced a small, velvet box. Inside, perched on the silk, red lining was a beautiful diamond ring. On the silver band were two small diamonds on both sides of a large one. It was gorgeous, but not gauty. Logan knew her well enough to know she wouldn't want a gigantic...

"Will you marry me?"

His words were quiet, heartfelt, and hopeful.

Looking into his chocolate brown eyes, she saw her world. She saw everything she could ever want with just one glance. Logan would love her...forever. He would care for her and make her smile and be there for her. He would never leave her. One look into he eyes and she could not deny what she wanted.


A smile took over his face and he slipped the ring on her finger. Rising, he pulled her into a breathtaking kiss.

"I love you, Ace."

She loved it when he called her Ace.

"I love you too...Master and Commander."

He laughed and whiped the tears from her cheeks with this thumbs. Then, he kissed her quickly and tenderly.