Chapter 15

He woke before her. He propped on one elbow and watched her sleep. A smile slowly spread across her face. He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "What do you dream, Ms. Eames?"

She opened her eyes and closed them slowly again. "It wasn't a dream."

He lightly pinched her arm and she squealed out. "No. It wasn't a dream."

"That was mean, Bobby." She stretched and moved closer to him. He moved so that he was on his back once again. She found her place and snuggled into his side. "Want to have that talk now? Or does it require me getting up and getting dressed?"

"We can do it here." He kissed her head.

"Good because I'm way too comfortable." She kissed his chest. "So…"

He laughed softly. "I'll start it." Going straight to what he wanted to know. "Where is this going?"

She knew this was coming and had thought she was prepared for it. She took a deep breath. "Where do you want it to go?"

"I asked you first." He stroked her hair.

"You sound like a little kid." She teased. Seeing that he wasn't going to let up, she sighed. "I want you anyway I can get you, Bobby. Even if it means we get split up at work."

"I can't lose you at work, Alex. You are the only partner I've had that has stuck by me through it all." His voice began to break.

She moved up so that she was eye level with him. "You want your career over us?" Her tone was neither angry or loud.

"Do you ever hear what I say?" He stroked her cheek. "No, I just want both."

She visibly relaxed and laid her head back down. "Good because I don't think I can go back to the way we were before. No strike that. I know I couldn't go back to the way we were before."

His hands moved from her hair to her back. He traced her spine with his finger. It sent shivers all through her body. "Why'd you go out alone this morning?"

She closed her eyes. "I didn't want to smother you."

He stopped his stroking and hugged her tight. "You weren't smothering me. Was I smothering you?"

"Not really. I just woke this morning and watched you sleep. I got scared is all. I lose everything I love, Bobby. I lost Andy to this job. If I lost you to it…" Her voice broke and a tear slid down her cheek.

"I can't promise you won't lose me, Alex. It's the danger of our job. You knew that the minute you signed up for it." His tone was gentle as he took her chin and moved it up so he could look into her eyes. "But I can promise you this. I'll love you to the day they lay my body beneath the stone, and then some."