Out Of It

Author: Ms. Trick

Main Pairing: NarutoSasuke

Disclaimer: Insert witty take on the I-don't-own-this statement here.

Note: 1. A fair amount of this fic is based off of the movie version of Girl, Interrupted. So apologies there. 2. I know the characters are a little OOC. But to get them into a mental institution, I had to change one or two things. Duh. 3. Reviews make my life. No seriously.

Sasuke glared at the shrink. He was perched stiff-backed on a large green leather couch in front of his therapist's cherry wood desk.

"Let's see," the man said, studying the notes in front of him. "You are Uchiha Sasuke, yes? My name is Dr. Umino Iruka. I'm here to help you." He gave a genuine smile.

Sasuke merely tch-ed irritably and looked out the wide window at a vibrant green tree as Iruka continued to speak in a gentle voice.

"I'll be meeting with you three times a week during your stay here at Konoha Hospital. I hope--"

"Where's my brother?" Sasuke interrupted coldly.

"Ah yes...Uchiha Itachi is still in the S-class ward, in solitary confinement. Do you want to talk about him?"

"Talk? There's nothing to say. He slaughtered my entire family. It's my duty to avenge them. I need to kill him."

Iruka sighed, lowering his notes. "And you nearly did."

Sasuke clenched his fists, his glare returning full force. "You stopped me."

"No, the police stopped you. Remember? They caught you breaking into Konoha's main building and it was then decided that you'd be better off here rather than in your foster home."

"I'm not crazy," Sasuke said angrily.

Iruka didn't reply and instead reshuffled some papers on his desk. "You'll reside in the Coed Class Ward, what we call the C-class, with others your age. I think you have a good chance of getting better, Sasuke. I really do."

"Is that all?" He said irritably.

"For now."

The boy's dark eyes never wavered from their glower as Iruka called in one of the wardens via the speakerphone on his desk. A few seconds later, a man with silver hair and a mask covering half his face appeared.

"Yo!" He said with a cheerful wave.

Sasuke took a break from glaring to wonder if this man worked here or was one of the loonies.

"Kakashi, will you show Sasuke around the C-class? Roommates go alphabetically, so you know where he goes," Iruka said calmly.

"Right." Kakashi looked at Sasuke. "Are you coming or do I need to drag you?"

Sasuke stood and stalked past him through the door. Kakashi followed, putting a hand on the boy's shoulder to slow his pace. Sasuke shook him off but silently adjusted his speed to walk at the same rate as the orderly.

Kakashi led him outside into the warm spring sunshine and they followed a path to another of the large brick buildings within the hospital compound. Sasuke subconsciously put a hand on his neck. He inwardly scowled at himself when he realised he had been rubbing the tattoo, but even then he didn't remove his hand.

"This is C-class," Kakashi said as they entered through the double doors.

"Which one is S-class?" Sasuke asked, looking over his shoulder at the gathering of buildings of various sizes and styles.

"Not telling."

They climbed two flights of stairs with Kakashi pointing out the nurses' stations, the bathrooms, the recreation rooms, and so on, until they arrived at a hallway lined with doors.

They walked down it, Kakashi with nonchalant ease, his hands in his pockets, and Sasuke looking around, memorizing the location of everything, his hand still over the mark on his neck. They passed a furnished room with hard-backed chairs and coffee tables.

"That's the living room. Everyone hates it," Kakashi said without even glancing at it.

They continued along, passing several closed doors that Sasuke soon learned were bedrooms. A girl with white eyes and dark hair was peering out of hers but when they reached her room, she gave Sasuke a frightened look and quickly retreated inside.

Unfazed, Sasuke turned his attention to the area at the end of the hall. It was another living room, this one larger than the last and stocked with spinning chairs, a table or two, several couches, and a television set. A handful of girls and guys around Sasuke's age were milling around, some playing cards on one of the tables, some watching TV, some just sitting and staring into space.

"Hey!" A sharp voice cut through the quiet noise of the room as they approached the area.

Kakashi fixed his bored gaze on the speaker, who turned out to be an absurdly skinny girl with a high ponytail of blond hair.

"I want my fucking clothes!" She shrieked, hands on her hospital-gown clad hips.

Sasuke had noticed that only some of the patients were in the stereotypical thin gowns. A fair amount were wearing their own clothing.

"Then you'll have to eat something, won't you?" Kakashi said smoothly. He approached a wall with a blackboard with a list of names on it and turned back to Sasuke.

"This is the check-in board. You check out here to take a walk on the grounds." Kakashi tilted his head towards the bottom of the list and Sasuke followed his gaze. "Currently, you're an 'R,' which means 'restricted to the ward.' You can move up with good behaviour."

Sasuke looked balefully at the little chalk R next to his name, which was the third to last on the list.

"I won't be here that long," he said, glancing at the two names below his.

"It's all right. Everybody gets the same tour free of charge," Kakashi said jovially as they turned down the only other hallway attached to the living space. "This is the boys' hall. The hall we just came through was the girls'. I don't need to tell you that sleepovers are only permitted with your own gender and upon request."

Sasuke allowed himself a smirk. Not an issue. He had never been a people person, let alone someone who would voluntarily spend a night listening to girls chitchat into the dawn.

"This will be your room," Kakashi said, opening a door near the end of the hallway. "And your roommate..."

Sasuke looked in at the empty room. It had two neatly made beds and two dressers, plus a fenced window.

"...hmmm," Kakashi finished, confused. Frowning, he pointed out which bed was Sasuke's and excused himself.

Sasuke saw that the small suitcase he'd taken with him had been placed on his bed. But rather than go over to it, he turned and listened at the door.

"The cops are bringing him. He was at the park climbing trees," an orderly was saying.

Kakashi made a reply as they moved down the hallway and Sasuke didn't catch the rest of the conversation. He didn't have to though. He poked his head out just as a commotion was brewing in the living space. A blond boy in a painfully orange and black outfit was being forcefully pulled and pushed along the hallway.

"It's good to be home!" He called, kicking at the orderlies all the while. In the midst of his lighthearted struggle, he nodded in greeting at a boy leaning lazily against a wall.

"Hey, Shikamaru!"

"Hey, Naruto."

"You miss me?"

"Not much. It was quiet."

"Get him to his room," Kakashi said, quickly grabbing hold of both Naruto's legs.

As they made their way down the boys' hall, Sasuke remembered two things simultaneously: 1) Iruka had said roommates were organized alphabetically and 2) Naruto had been the name directly underneath his own on the check-in board.

Shit, Sasuke thought. He quickly moved away from the door as one of the orderlies yanked it open. He stood frozen as he watched the two orderlies hold the eye-sore of a kid down on his bed.

Suddenly, the childish, light-hearted attitude was gone. The boy's eyes seemed to darken and the thrashing became more violent.

"Let go of me!" He snarled, swiping at one of his holders with a hand curved like a claw.

Kakashi's one visible eye widened slightly in recognition. "Kyuubi. We're just going to give you something to help you sleep. Calm down."

He fixed a suspicious glare at Kakashi, who was holding a hypodermic needle with practiced ease. The boy's gaze slid off Kakashi's shoulder and Sasuke stopped breathing when the boy's fierce eyes locked onto his own. Kakashi took advantage of this distraction, quickly sliding the needle into the boy's arm.

"We're going to have to cut those nails again," one of the orderlies muttered.

Naruto didn't even acknowledge Kakashi's actions. His eyes didn't leave Sasuke until they slid closed. Sasuke wasn't sure if he was imagining things or not but he was sure that right before he'd fallen into a drug-induced sleep, Naruto's face had lost its snarl and had settled back into the more innocent look he'd had earlier.

"Meds!" A voice rang out.

Sasuke watched as everyone started moving towards the window at the nurses' station that was attached to the living area.

"Inuzuka Kiba."

A boy holding a white stuffed dog protectively to his chest approached the counter and took the paper cup of pills from the dark-haired nurse.

"What about Akamaru?" Kiba asked warily.

"Akamaru doesn't need any meds today," she said automatically before reading off the next name on the list.

"Uchiha Sasuke."

Sasuke stood as Kiba moved away looking satisfied.

"Uchiha Sasuke," the nurse repeated.

He made his way towards the counter through the group of expectant patients.

"I am Shizune, and these are for you," she said, handing him a cup off the tray in front of her.

"What are they?" Sasuke asked suspiciously.

"They'll help you sleep," she said plainly.

"It's 10:30 a.m. I'm not going to--" Sasuke began to protest but Shizune cut him off.

"You can discuss it with your doctor this afternoon. In the meantime, we'll agree to disagree. Take them here," she said as Sasuke started to turn away. "Have some water."

Grumbling, Sasuke downed the pills and the water. He walked back to the chair he'd been sitting in before as Shizune called out the rest of the list.

"Tsuchi Kin. Haruno Sakura. Rock Lee."

Each of them took their pills in turn. They moved like they'd done this every morning for a while.

Finding that his chair had been filled by a boy whose eyes were covered by dark, round sunglasses, Sasuke chose to sprawl out on the red couch with his arms behind his head. Since he was one of the patients allowed to keep his own clothes, he could easily have been mistaken for a regular kid lounging at home.

He closed his eyes. Except he was in a mental hospital. And he didn't really have a home anymore. Memories flew through his mind unbidden. His parents as he remembered them last, when he was eight. The guidance counsellor at school questioning him over and over again why he wasn't going to college, what he wanted to do with his life.

"Oy, bastard," a voice said above him, yanking him back to reality.

Sasuke opened his eyes to find himself staring into the pair of upside down blue ones belonging to his new roommate. It was then he noticed the three scars marring each of the boy's cheeks. Sasuke stared.

"You're Uchiha's kid brother, right?"

Sasuke didn't answer and turned his head away in annoyance. His attention was quickly rerouted back to the blond though, as the boy hopped over the couch's back. Landing in a comfortable crouch, he hovered over Sasuke's prone body.

"So your brother's a psychopath. Are you one too?"

Sasuke stared at him for a few seconds before answering. "No," he ground out, uncomfortable at the boy's close proximity to his face.

"I have Multiple-Personality Disorder. So does Sakura-chan, which is why I think we're perfect for each other but I don't think all of her agrees. What'd they declare you?"

That explains who Kyuubi is, Sasuke thought as he looked up. Naruto.This would be Naruto.

"Sociopath, trauma-induced."

"That like a psychopath?"


"Don't touch me!" Sakura yelled out of nowhere, giving Kin a hard shove. The long-haired girl flailed as she fell backwards towards the couch. She landed hard on Sasuke's shins, knocking into Naruto in the process.

The blond-haired boy ungracefully toppled forward with a yelp, his face crashing into Sasuke's and their lips connecting solidly. Sasuke's eyes watered from the smack on his nose and the unexpected weight on his legs. He stared into Naruto's shocked eyes, which were now very close to his, and realized after a second or two that he should probably move.

Simultaneously, the two boys pulled apart and for a brief moment, nobody did or said anything. Then reality snapped back into place; Sasuke's hands flew to cover his stinging nose and Naruto's hands went to his throat. He made gagging sounds and tumbled off of Sasuke onto the floor. Kin started giggling as he pretended to die. Sasuke pushed her off his legs and drew his knees up to his chest.

As a guy who didn't do well with human contact, he'd just been through an overdose of unexpected touching.

"Hyuuga Hinata," Shizune called. "You have a visitor."

The quiet girl was curled up on the floor in the corner of the room but she looked up at the word visitor.

"Hello gorgeous," a girl whose hair was in two buns said appreciatively from her spot in front of the TV.

Sasuke looked over at a young man who couldn't be more than a year or two older than the patients in this ward. Looking at the young man's eyes, Sasuke could accurately guess that he was related to Hinata in some way.

Naruto reached up an arm and hooked it around Sasuke's neck, pulling the dark-haired boy close to whisper into his ear.

"Naruto!" Sasuke said sharply, his voice a warning.


Sasuke gave a start as he turned and realized he was looking into the irate eyes of Kyuubi. Sasuke had yet to really deal with Kyuubi; the only thing he knew about happy-go-lucky Naruto's other half was that Kyuubi was more violent and had a fouler mouth. Though unsure of how to act, Sasuke just continued:

"Sociopath means I don't like people."

"Oh well, bastard," Kyuubi said, holding Sasuke in place. "That's Hyuuga Neji."

Sasuke glanced over as Hinata shyly embraced him.

"He's her cousin. But it's so obvious that he wants to fuck her," Kyuubi continued in a harsh whisper.

"Stop," Sasuke said, disgusted, trying to move away.

"He's the only one who visits her. Her father practically disowned her after realising she had autism."

"At least she fucking gets visitors," Sasuke spat.

"Jealous?" Kyuubi snarled. "I thought you didn't like people."

Sasuke glared and shoved the orange-clad boy away. Sparing one last glance at Kyuubi's feral grin, Sasuke stalked towards their room, his hand finding its way to the mark on his neck.

End Part One