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Teaser: Buffy tries to have a normal life. The world laughs at her

Spoilers: Post Chosen (7.22) and sixth season CSI

Color Me Normal

"I'm telling you, I don't know how I got there!" Buffy Summers lied through her teeth.

The big, bad detective—hadn't he said his name was Brass?—kept a firm hold on her arm as he led her down the clear, smooth hallways of the CSI crime lab. Buffy fumed behind him, cursing, not for the first time, the Slayers-Can't-Attack-Humans law.

"I'm sure," Brass drawled sarcastically. His eyes went down to the blood that covered her pretty, white blouse.

"All I wanted was a vacation!" Buffy groaned and then frowned. Hell, all she wanted was a normal life. Las Vegas had just been the first stop on her Buffy's Sees the World as A Normal Girl road trip.

Now, she was certain it would have been better if she had just avoided Las Vegas all together. How the hell was she supposed to know that Mr. Big-and-Scaly was one of those nasty demons that bled?

And that bastard demon had decided to wear a human disguise to piss her off. It not only succeeded in ticking her off, but it also made many suspect she was a cold-blooded murderer.

Life sucked, big time.

Now here she was, being lead into a small, one-window room. She took a seat at a stainless steel table and glared at the empty spot across from her. She tapped her fingers against the smooth, polished metal. Then she considered going insane.

And then an older man walked in and the way he looked over at her reminded Buffy of Giles. And then he said his name was Gil Grissom. G and G? C'mon, cut me some slack.

Mr. Gil Grissom had a funny way of talking, as if he knew the answers already and he was just seeing if she did. Buffy was getting annoyed, thinking of all the better things she could be doing.

Instead, she was stuck here playing twenty-four questions with the American version of Giles.

"Look," Buffy reasoned with him, folding her arms across the table. "I just want to have a normal vacation."

Grissom eyed the blood splatters that colorfully decorated her blouse. "This is normal for you?"

She glanced down at her shirt—shame, too, she really liked that blouse—and smiled bitterly. Gil Grissom sent her a look and Buffy knew she was in trouble. Looks like Giles is going to have to pull some strings… again…

The blood stain seemed to mock her and her silly attempts to have a normal life. She had molded so perfectly into the crowd, people didn't notice her as they were normally keen to do. She had, for once in a long while, felt normal.

Then the world decided to change that… because it could.

Stupid demon had bleed all over her favourite new shirt. The jerk. But red was starting to look good on her. Maybe Buffy should just learn to deal with the whole never-going-to-be-normal thing.

Lightly, she tapped her blouse. "Well, this is about as normal as I get."

Notes: a challenge on Twisting the Hellmouth. Just a normal CSI crossover, but without the plot. Or with only a semi-plot.