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Teaser: the Triangle Attacks should never be done together

Notes: them #26 for lj community. I just had the urge to do something random and funny… er, well I hope funny! Enjoy!

/Triangle Attack/


"Are you ready?" Boyd asked his brothers, heaving up his axe.

Rolf nodded and notched an arrow. Oscar threw out his lance…


"Let us show these bandits, sisters!" Fiora proclaimed as her Pegasus whinnied.

Florina gave a good cheer. Farina grinned with feral anticipation…


"Follow my lead!" Tana, princess of Frelia, cried to her fellow Pegasus knights.

Vanessa fluttered easily on her winged-creature with Syrene waiting patiently behind…

In the Vacuum of Space

The Guardian of Time and Space watched as three different sets of sibling, facing three different but similar wars, started three different sets of triangle attacks. In three different worlds. At the same time.

"Oh…" he said, frowning. "Well, that can't be good."

Then the strangest thing happened. The Space-Time-Continuum…


notes: that kinda says it all, doesn't it?