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Where once was light

Now darkness falls.

Where once was love

Love is no more.

Don't say good-bye.

Don't say I didn't try.

These tears we cry

Are falling rain

Of all the lies you told us

The hurt, the blame.

And we will weep

To be so alone.

We are lost

We can never go home.

Chapter 7: Nothing Else Matters

They stood at opposite sides of the arena. Spectators lined the stadium. Sold out. Kaiba sat high in his private spectator box. The rest of the somber-faced gang accompanied him. He'd given them special permission to do so. It was funny really, after they'd lost Yugi they'd gained the gruff CEO as a comrade. It wasn't a pure cheerful friendship, but he was supporting them through all this heartache; to which they were incredibly grateful.

Yami stared down what remained of his hikari. Cruel phantom eyes replaced where once gentle carefree ones had been. Where once was a smile a scornful smirk remained. This was not even a shadow of his lighter half…no, not lighter half anymore. Darker half.

"It's been a while, Pharaoh," the boy hissed with a smirk as he shuffled his deck.

"Can't even call me by my name anymore?" Yami glared.

The other chuckled darkly. "It's not like you think I'm the same person. No doubt you've changed as well?"

The monarch frowned, eyes dark. "Of course. We all have…you left us…and we've suffered because of it."

"Oh really? So it's about all of you now…"

"You're grandfather's dead, Yugi."

Maybe it was because he expected that to hit home somehow that he'd spoken the words so bluntly. Perhaps it was because of the elderly man and his grandson's undying love for one another. Yet there wasn't a flicker of sorrow…eyes not watering with hurt. Nothing? No, there was something. The sneer. The chuckle. The pure lack of respect for the dead.

"Couldn't cope hmm?"

"He cared about you to the end, Yugi Mutou!" Yami screamed with clenched fists.

And that was his downfall.

Yugi nodded as an answer to the voice. "Shall we begin dueling now or is there anything else you'd like to say?"

Yami growled, eyes glittering with vengeance. "I'm going to take you down now."

Yugi smirked, dark violet orbs flashing. "Try it."

Marik sat alone on the back of the bus. He knew what was to come. He'd prepared himself. He couldn't bear to tell them though. They'd find out for themselves soon enough. He clutched the sides of the bus seat, entire body trembling. Someone had to do it…and he was the only one who knew.

"Damn it."

"That takes your life points down to 200, Pharaoh," Yugi laughed harshly, eyes wild and deranged.

Ryou shuddered from next to Kaiba, a prickling sensation covering his body. Should he be that concerned if Yugi won? It wasn't like there were any stakes besides the title. Or was there?

"So you'll have the title but what about respect? What about friendships? What will you have when this duel is over, Yugi Mutou?" Yami yelled angrily, clutching his cards closely to his chest as he stared down the army of gruesome monsters the other had assembled on the field.

"The title. I'll have a name. I'll be someone in this world," was the abnormally quiet reply.

"Winning a silly game doesn't make you someone. Now, Osiris, arise!" Yami commanded slapping the card down on the projector.

The god appeared on the field, eyes glowing red with retribution. Long claws gleamed in the arena light, teeth curled and foreboding. Yugi smiled, shaking his head and chuckling.

"You think something like that could defeat me? You fool."

"We'll see who's laughing at the end. Osiris, Obliterate!" Yami screamed.

The god struck hard, bolts of blue light attacking the boy's monsters from all sides. The skeletal creatures of the Occult smoldered, the dust of their remains billowing about the field.

Kaiba smirked from beside Ryou. "That'll teach the little bastard a thing or two. Look at his life points. They're both at two hundred."

Jou grinned. "Yeah, but Yugi doesn't have any god cards. And it's obvious he's gotten rid of his old deck so he most likely doesn't have Exodia."

Ryou watched on silently. He'd seen firsthand what kind of powers Occult duelists possessed. His stomach sunk to his feet as he remembered how obsessed Yugi had been at finding a way to defeat the gods. The boy wouldn't be facing Yami if he hadn't found a way. So that meant…

"Yami, be careful!" he screamed jumping to his feet.

Both Yugi and Yami looked up. The smaller boy grinned devilishly.

"Yami, be careful!" he called in a mocking voice. "And you should be…for now it is time to bring out the element of your demise!"

The monarch's eyes widened in revelation when the boy held up a card high above his head. His former hikari's eyes were feral, like some deranged animal gone over the edge...which he had. He forced himself not to back up a step. The stadium went dead silent.

"I now shall summon the beast that shall finish you off. You're done, Pharaoh! Come forth, Diabound!" Yugi screamed with maddened exhilaration.

"NO!" someone shrieked.

Kaiba and the others stared in shock as Ryou ran to the railing, brown eyes wide and pain-filled. It couldn't be…

"Ryou?" Jou asked.

"That's Bakura's monster!" the hikari screamed, tears streaming down his face.

Kaiba grabbed the teen by his shoulders, shaking him gently. "Calm down. He's probably just borrowing it…"

"No…no…no no no!" the boy sobbed falling to his knees, covering his face with trembling hands as he cried.

Yami saw this, face becoming somber as he stared at the hideous beast before him. The monster's eyes glowed brilliantly. But there was something uncanny about them. They were black. A long tail with a poison tip whipped back and forth threateningly, waiting. Yugi watched on proudly, a victorious smirk plastered on his face.

"What have you done?" the yami whispered.

Yugi threw back his head and laughed, deranged. "Oh come now. I did my research. It was then just a matter of…acquiring the beast."

"I seriously doubt Bakura gave that to you willingly," the monarch hissed.

Yugi's eyes darkened, face serious. "He wouldn't. So I took matters into my own hands." He nodded toward the sobbing hikari in the spectator box. "He won't understand…as you won't. But Bakura understood. He did the same thing himself before after all."

Yami's body when rigid. "You didn't."

"Oh but I did."

Yami stared at the monster, up at his lover, at his friends watching with wide frightened eyes, the spectators, the demon before him. Gritting his teeth he pounded his fist on the platform sending a hallow booming echo coursing throughout the stadium.

"This ends now, Yugi Mutou. You're done."

Yugi chuckled. "No. What's done is you. Diabound ATTACK!"

"YAMI!" Jou and Honda screamed clutching the railing of the spectator box.

"Counter attack, Osiris!"

The cloud of darkness blasted the former pharaoh from all sides, engulfing the entire arena in a shroud of shadows. The entire stadium gasped, waiting. Everyone was standing, save Kaiba and Ryou who were both kneeling on the floor. There was an intake of breath as the smoke cleared, only one beast remaining on the field.

Sighing heavily Marik made his way down the grungy neighborhood. The locals gave the boy with golden earrings odd looks but didn't approach the stranger. There was something in his violet eyes that told them to stay back. What? No one knew.

They watched from their front doors and upstairs windows with no glass as the blonde made his way down the block, head held high. He walked slowly up the cluttered stairs of some apartment building covered in red graffiti, stepping inside and closing the door behind him silently.

"It's not possible," Kaiba whispered as he held Ryou against his chest.

Osiris stood tall, alone on the field. There was a radiant glow about him, engulfing, protecting his core. The entire crowd remained silent. No one moved. The god stared down at the empty side of the field, growling in fury.

In all his glory.

"It's not possible," Yugi whispered harshly, eyes twitching, frame stiff.

Yami smiled grimly. "Oh but I'm afraid it is. I remember the past, Yugi Mutou, and when we found out you'd gone to Bakura I knew exactly why." He motioned to the empty side of the field where Diabound had been.


"I knew you wouldn't be able to resist striking the very god that Diabound defeated in the past. But let's just say I used some magic cards to…modify him a bit."

"Damn you! The title's mine! IT'S MINE!" the boy shrieked clawing at his own hair, his face, his eyes. Everyone watched on silently, blood chilled.

"No. It's not. It never completely was. We shared it. Together. But you were my hikari once. You were a good person, a friend to all those people up there and a role model to everyone out there," Yami stated firmly motioning toward the crowd that stared on with wide disbelieving eyes.

Yugi's face contorted with a look of pure hatred, eyes narrowed, mouth pursed and grim. His entire body shook with spite…anger…malice…

You can still win.


Do it.


Kill him.

Yami's eyes widened in shock as some dark light blasted into his chest sending him flying off the platform onto the floor. The entire crowd roared in fury, stampeding down the bleachers and smashing through the guard rails. They'd seen enough. Yugi backed up in alarm, beginning to frantically shoot Shadow Magic into the mob. People shrieked as they fell, soulless forms convulsing on the ground as their fellow spectators stumbled over them; the attacks further enraged the crowd. But he couldn't hit them all.

Yami refused to open his eyes as he heard the screams of agony, the violent blows and angry shouts. He lay on his back, side throbbing. He wouldn't look though.

The crowd backed off as gunshots were fired. Guards stood around the arena, weapons raised and ready. Yami apprehensively opened his eyes to find Jou and Honda standing over him, pulling him to his feet.


"He had the Millennium ring," Jou said hoarsely.

They slowly made their way over to the opposite side where the crowd was being pushed back. They were a horde, faces suddenly lightening when they saw Yami coming towards them. They cheered even as the guards pressed them further back. Yami felt his stomach quiver at the sight before him.

Yugi lay sprawled on his back, eyes glazed in shock and pain. His right arm was twisted and broken. Deep puncture wounds lined his body, blood seeping through the dark material. The boy was barely alive now, chest heaving in uneven breaths. Yami limped over, kneeling down before the other half of his soul.

"They…would have…" the boy mumbled, coughing. Blood spew out of his mouth onto his chest.

"What?" Yami asked softly, gently moving a strand of hair from the boy's face.

"…would have…sided with…me…if I'd….if I'd won," was the choking reply.

Yami felt the tears trail down his face unheedingly as he stared down at what was once his best friend in the world. Yugi's chest rose and fell twice more before it stilled.

"…if I'd won…if…I'd…"

Yami pulled the limp form into his arms, sobbing uncontrollably. A hand rested on his shoulder…then another. Ryou and the others were at his side, tears falling from their eyes. Kaiba stood with his hand placed firmly on his former rival's arm, staring at the small boy. He was really gone. It was over.

He'd found the thief in the kitchen with a knife in his chest, eyes wide and staring at the ceiling. There were numerous stab lesions on his torso, giving the impression he'd put up a fight…not much, but a fight nonetheless.

Marik ran a hand through his sandy blonde hair as he surveyed the kitchen. He'd moved the body to the living room and covered it with a sheet. He didn't want to look at the yami. It brought back memories…such hurtful memories. Sitting down at the table to wait for the others to arrive—he figured they knew by this time—Marik's eyes widened at the carvings that were covering it, written distinctly in Bakura's style. Running a finger over the rough surface he read quietly:

We are far superior to them. So primitive, so vulgar are they. They've no comprehension of what life could be like. We can teach them. We can convert them; make them see the truth that they've been denied so long! They will accept our ways. We will make certain of that. Eventually they will see it is for their own good. Forget your beliefs. Forget your culture. Forget your companions. Become one of us. We are the one pathway. All others are nothing and will be crushed. For we are the chosen…come to save or eliminate.

It was the deep. A shadow that anyone could pass into at any given time. Most chose to stand away from it. Some would step up to its border, look in, but turn back. Then there were those who passed through its obscure haze…and never returned. They couldn't. Whether they wanted to or not. No one could come back. They remained forever in its clutches…lost for all eternity.

And we all ask "Why?"

But there is no answer.

So in the end

I'll be what I will be.

No loyal friend

Was ever there for me.

Now we say good-bye.

We say you didn't try.

These tears you cry

Have come too late

Take back the lies,

The hurt, the blame.

And you will weep

When you face the end alone.

You are lost

You can never go home.

You are lost

You can never…go home…

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