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Harry frowned as he dodged around yet another Ministry official, who was running down the hallway with her wand in hand. His escape hadn't been as smooth as he had hoped it would be. The ten Aurors outside his door truly were some of the best England had to offer, but Harry had prevailed in the end. However the disturbance had set off several alarms and he was forced to knock out quite a few more people in his search for his belongings. He needed to get his stuff before he could escape properly, but his weapons and other stuff were being kept in a room on the other side of the Ministry. He patted the dagger that he had taken from Fudge, silently vowing to never let one of his weapons fall into Ministry hands again. He smirked as he remembered giving Fudge a good kick in the balls before leaving. Fudge would not be happy when he woke up.

"He's over here!" shouted a young intern who nearly walked right into Harry. "Help, he's over…"

Harry cut him off with a quick stunner and slipped down a hallway that led to the stairs, hoping that no one was guarding them. Fortunately for Harry, the one person assigned to guard the stairs was someone who was willing to help him.

"Dagger!" Mr. Weasley said in shock as a figure slid to a stop a few feet away from him. Comprehension dawned on him. "So you're the criminal who escaped after 'assaulting' Fudge."

"I only stunned him," Harry replied with a shrug, subtly getting ready to stun the Weasley patriarch.

"Whoa, Dagger. No need to stun me," Mr. Weasley protested as he held his hands out in front of him in a non-threatening way. "After what you did to save my only daughter, I would help you even if you had killed Fudge. Come on, I'll take you to where they placed the things they confiscated from you."

The trip to the storage area was mostly silent. There were a couple close calls, but Mr. Weasley was able to avoid trouble with some Aurors by telling them that he was giving his son's friend a tour of the Ministry. It was when they were getting close to the room with his stuff that Harry asked a question that was burning in his head.

"Mr. Weasley, why…"

"Why am I helping you?" Mr. Weasley finished for him with a small smile. "It's quite simple Dagger, you saved my daughter from a horrible fate and I'm simply doing what I can to return the favor."

"That's it?" Harry said in slight shock.

"Dagger, my family is the most important thing in the world to me. I place them before anything else, including the Ministry," Mr. Weasley told him seriously. He then smiled softly. "By the way, my daughter would like the opportunity to thank you sometime. She is very grateful for what you did for her, especially after reading about the deaths of the four men who attacked her."

"I'll think about it," Harry told him as they stopped. Harry peeked around the corner and saw that fifteen Aurors were guarding the storage room with their wands out and ready. He turned back to Mr. Weasley. "This is where we part ways, Mr. Weasley. I really don't want you to get into trouble, so I'd better go alone."

"Alright. Take care of yourself, Dagger," Mr. Weasley said as he turned to go.

"Mr. Weasley," Harry said softly as he walked up to the older man. "My name is Harry."

Mr. Weasley smiled at the younger man and patted him softly on the shoulder before turning around and disappearing down a hallway. Harry sighed as he turned around to deal with the idiot Aurors.

The Aurors had no idea what was happening. All they had been told was that a prisoner had escaped from a holding cell and would be heading this way. Had they known who the prisoner was, they would have told the Minister where to shove his wand. They had been in the squad of Aurors that had gone after him the first time and they had no wish to do that again. So when Harry walked into view, quite a few of them panicked and started throwing as many spells at him as possible. They were caught off guard when their spells went right through his body and hit the wall behind him.

"What the bloody hell?" one Auror said right before he was hit from behind by a stunner. The rest of the Aurors were a little too slow on the uptake and five more joined the first in slumber land.

Harry charged forward, closing the distance between him and the closest Auror in mere seconds and buried his fist in the shocked Auror's gut, knocking the wind out of him. He let that Auror drop to the ground and moved on to the next one. Spell, hexes, and curses were flying though the air at this point, so Harry took the low round and slid across the ground, flowing across the ground as if it were ice. A quick kick to the knees and two Aurors fell to the ground where they were knocked out by a follow up kick to the temple.

"Get him!" shouted an Auror, trying to get away. "He's only one man!" As the Auror turned to run, he never noticed the stunner Harry sent at him. He crumpled to the ground in a heap.

Harry spun on the ground, quickly building momentum before pushing off with his hands and going airborne, silently thanking a pair of break-dancers for teaching him how to do that maneuver. He caught two Aurors in the temples, taking them down for a little while. He spun the opposite way, halting his momentum and landed hard on the back of the Auror he had knocked the wind out of earlier, knocking him out. Harry rolled to his feet and took a look at the three remaining Aurors who took off in the opposite direction, tripping over each other in their haste to get away.

"Well that was slightly disappointing," Harry said as he walked past the fallen Aurors.

With a simple unlocking charm, Harry was in and gathering his weapons and what few items they had managed to remove from him while he was unconscious. Just as he strapped his sword to his back, the door burst open.

"POTTER! I'm going to have your head for this!" Fudge yelled as Aurors started filling the room.

"Piss off, Fudge," Harry said as he banished the Aurors out of the room and locked the door behind them. He looked around, trying to figure someway out of the mess he had gotten into. An annoyed sigh came out when he realized that there was only one way to get out of the ministry now.

Harry shrugged as he closed his eyes and his body began to shrink. His arms became wings, his feet became talons, and his head shrank while his lips turned into a beak. Within seconds, a dark red phoenix with black plumage and highlights stood where Harry had just been. He gave a soft trill as he flew into the air and disappeared in a ball of fire just as the Aurors broke through the charms on the door and flooded back into the room.

"Hey guys, look!" Cassy shouted as a red and black phoenix appeared in a flash of fire. "Bolt's back!" Cassy had grown up quite a bit, changing from a scrawny little girl to a beautiful woman with a wicked temper. She still had her hair cut short, but it was stylishly short. At twenty-four, she was entering her prime and she knew it. She and Harry were very close, always keeping in touch with each other someway or another.

Harry changed back to his human form and was immediately given a bone-crushing hug courtesy of Cassy.

"Easy, Cassandra, I need to breathe," Harry told her with a smirk. She let go of him only to punch him square in the jaw.

"How many times do I have to beat it into you to never call me that?" she asked him while giving him a death-glare. Harry just gave her a cheeky smile and healed the bruise that was already forming.

"Cheater. I never get my bruises healed," Cody said as he sauntered over to them. He had filled out a lot in the twelve years that had past. He was the main enforcer of their gang and he moonlighted as the head bouncer at a very popular nightclub in town. His biceps were bigger than Harry's head!

"That's because you can't do magic," Harry replied absently as he looked around for the missing fearless leader of their group. He spotted Sean over in the corner of the Hideout snogging a beautiful brunette who looked to be about eighteen. He turned to the others with a smirk. "Watch this," he mouthed to them.

Harry waved his hand and a bucket appeared above the couple. The two of them broke apart with screams of shock when it dumped five gallons of ice cold water on them. Sean stood up and slowly turned around with murder in his eyes when he heard his three best friends laughing their heads off. He stormed over to them and grabbed the front of Harry's shirt and brought him nose-to-nose with him.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now, Bolt," Sean growled. He was trying to be intimidating, but was failing due to all the water that was dripping off his face.

"You won't kill me because you think of me as your younger brother, as well as the fact that I know how to use magic, and Cassy would in turn kill you for killing me," Harry told him, his smirk still stuck on his face.

Sean let go of him with a snort of amusement. "I said one good reason, Bolt, not three." He then grabbed Harry in a brotherly hug, which had the added bonus of soaking Harry in the process. "It's good to see you, Bolt."

"As much as I hate to interrupt this Kodak moment," Cassy said with a smile, "I need to borrow Harry for a while."

Harry gulped nervously; she only used his real name if something was wrong. Sean and him shared a look of apprehension but Sean let go and Harry followed Cassy into the room she had claimed as her own while she was at the Hideout and not at her apartment. His nervousness grew as she shut the door behind him and leveled a serious look at him.

"Okay, what's going on?" Harry asked, wanting to get this over with. "You only use my real name if something's wrong."

Cassy sighed as she sat down on her bed, a very comfy queen size, and motioned for him to join her. Harry sat next to her and wrapped an arm around her, letting her snuggle up to him. Over the years, the two of them had dated a few times, seeing as there was a mutual attraction between them. However, nothing deeper had ever really developed so they decided to remain friends…with benefits. He was the only one that she really felt comfortable with, at least at the present time, and she would always confide in him if something was wrong.

"Harry…" she began hesitantly. "Harry, you know lots of magic, right?"

"A fair bit," Harry conceded with a slight smile. "But there's still loads that I don't know."

"Do you know any spells for…conception?" she asked softly, not daring to look up at him.

Harry's mouth dropped as his mind registered what his best friend and sometimes lover had just asked him. She couldn't mean…no way could she want…huh?

"Uh, I'm not quit sure I know what you mean," Harry told her, trying to get more information out of her. "I know a few anti-conception spells, as you already know."

"Yes, I know that well," Cassy said with a blush. "But can you use your magic to cause a woman to get knocked up?"

"I don't know; I've never tried," Harry replied wryly. Harry started to get a little impatient and he lifted Cassy's head to look at him. "What is it that you are getting at, Cass?"

Cassy sighed as she knew she was going to have to explain everything now. "Harry, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. I've come to the conclusion that, while I'll probably never get married, I want to have children."

Harry's jaw dropped again as she confirmed his suspicions about where this conversation was headed. "So, you want me…" he trialed off, not quite sure what exactly to say.

"I want you to give me a child, Harry," Cassy told him, her face completely red but not breaking eye contact.

Harry looked away, suddenly very embarrassed by this conversation. "I don't know, Cass. You barely make ends meet as it is with your waitress job and you've never accepted any money from me before, so how can you afford to have kids?"

"My boss has started training me to become a manager for the restaurant and I suppose I could let you get me some money now and then," Cassy told him before getting a serious look. "But remember this, Harry Potter: I can take care of myself and anyone else that comes along."

"Ok, ok, one more question though," Harry said, not wanting to get on her bad side. "Why not just ask Sean or Cody to do this?"

Cassy thought for a few minutes, having not really considered this aspect before. When she had come to the decision of wanting kids, her first thought had been to ask Harry. "Harry, I consider Sean and Cody brothers while you and I are best friends." When she saw the confused look in Harry's face, she continued. "I spent almost all of my childhood with them, while you were only a constant presence for a year until…until Terry died. After that you were only around every so often, so I never had the same bonding experiences with you that I had with Sean and Cody. We remained best friends while the others became family to me. That's why I can't ask one of them to do this."

Harry looked away for a few minutes, silently digesting all that she had said. One of his biggest regrets was that he couldn't be around more often, but that was starting to look like a good thing now. In that instant, Harry made up his mind.

"You realize that most likely the child will be magical, right?" Harry asked her softly, not turning back to face her. "That eventually you'll both be pulled into my world?"

"I know, Harry," Cassy replied just as soft. She was surprised when Harry turned back to her and his eyes were glowing slightly. Harry waved his hand over her stomach and a glow settled around her abdomen before fading away. Cassy smiled and pulled him back onto the bed, closing the distance between them.

Later on that night, the four friends met in Sean's room to hang out. Cassy was snuggled up next to Harry on a couch while Sean and Cody kicked back in their Lazy-Boy's. Ever since Harry found out that he could access his family vaults at the age of seventeen, he had spent a small fortune upgrading the Hideout. It was now filled with only the best equipment available and the game room was packed with everything from classic games to the hottest and newest ones.

"So what have I missed during my absence?" Harry asked as Cassy played with his hair. She was always in a playful mood after getting shagged.

"Not so fast, Bolt," Sean said with a small smirk. "The only time you arrive as a phoenix is when you're in trouble. So what's the deal?"

"The Minister of Magic has been trying unsuccessfully for the past year or so to get me thrown in prison," Harry explained to them with an annoyed look. "He recently decided to turn up the heat so I figured it would be best to lay low for a month or two until he found someone else to bug. Plus, he managed to capture me and I was escaping from their headquarters." He said the last part a little rushed, a slight blush of embarrassment coming to his face.

"Ah, I see," Sean said as he shared an amused look with Cody. "Well that explains everything."

"Oh, bugger off, Sean," Harry said with a huff. "But seriously, did I miss anything?"

"Not really, though there is this small gang of kids in Little Whinging that have been harassing a couple of kids from our gang," Cody said as he sipped a beer.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Harry asked as he leaned forward. He was very familiar with that area because of the Dursley's living there.

"This little punk named Dudley has a gang of about six guys who pick on anyone smaller than them and a couple of our younger members have friends that live there," Sean explained, not noticing that Harry stiffened when he said the name Dudley. "Every time they go to visit their friends, they get picked on or beat up by these punks."

"Harry? What's wrong?" Cassy asked as she had felt Harry stiffen.

"Did you say 'Dudley'? As in Dudley Dursley?" Harry asked, almost fearing the answer.

"Yeah. Why?" Sean replied curiously while brushing a stray lock of hair away from his eyes.

Harry was silent as he leaned back and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He could feel a headache coming on.

"Harry?" Cody prompted after a few minutes.

"He's my cousin," Harry replied at last, almost hesitantly.

"WHAT?" exclaimed the three friends at that little bombshell. Harry had never really talked much about his past, but they all knew that there had been a very good reason for him running away when he did.

"After my parents were murdered, I was sent to live with my Aunt and Uncle," Harry explained softly. "The only memories I have of them were of pain and suffering on my part. As soon as I could walk, they started giving me chores that would be difficult for kids twice my age, punishing me when I couldn't do them. I finally had enough when my Uncle came back from a pub and beat me for dropping a dish that was way too heavy for me to carry, even though he was the one who had forced me to pick up the plate in the first place."

"That's horrible!" Cassy exclaimed in shock and disgust at the way Harry had been treated. "It's no wonder their son has turned out so badly."

"How could anyone treat their nephew so badly?" Cody asked through clenched teeth. Whenever he heard about kids being abused, it brought up painful memories of his childhood before finding Sean and the others.

"There's more," Harry said with a scoff. "Dumbledore, one of the greatest Wizards in the world, left a note with them telling them to take care of me, to treat me as their own. Bloody wanker actually thought they would treat me nicely."

"Damn, Harry, that sucks big time. So how do you want to handle this situation with Dudley?" Sean said with a smirk.

"Personally," Harry replied with a smile that almost qualified as evil.

"Hey, get back here, you little prick!" shouted a very fat guy who looked about seventeen or maybe eighteen years old as he chased after a small boy who was about twelve. The fat one was a bully named Dudley Dursley and he had three of his friends following him as the kid led them on a merry chase around Little Whinging, Surry.

"Not a chance, you fat pig!" the kid shouted back at him as he turned a corner and found himself in a dead-end alley. He turned around to run back out, but he found the way blocked by a sweating, red faced, and breathing hard Dudley Dursley and his three goons.

"Nowhere left for you to run, brat. Now you'll find out why no one messes with Big D," Dudley told the kid while gulping down fresh air.

"I don't think so," a voice said from behind Dudley, a voice as cold as ice and sharp as steel. Dudley turned around sharply, wanting to see who was stupid enough to mess with him on his own turf. However, as he turned around, a fist connected with his jaw, sending him back a few feet and onto his butt.

"Fuck! Who the hell are you?" Dudley asked in shock as he rubbed his jaw.

"You okay, Josh?" Harry asked as he ignored Dudley's question. Josh nodded as he gave the fallen Dudley a smirk before leaving, his job done. Harry finally turned back to Dudley and his companions and his face hardened even more. "You guys have no honor or respect for others; therefore I will treat you the same in return."

"Like we care," one of Dudley's goons said with a snort. He walked up to Harry and grabbed him by the front of his shirt, revealing a small tattoo on Harry's neck that wasn't visible at first. It was a red and black phoenix that sat just above his collarbone. He let go of Harry the instant he saw the tattoo. "Holy shit! He's one of the Phoenixes!"

"You're joking…right?" Dudley asked as he started shivering in fear.

Harry's group had made quite a reputation over the past twelve years, always giving kids a second chance and helping them make something of themselves. They were ruthless to anyone who threatened them or their friends, often the result was a few dead bodies. They were based in Surry, but they had some members in London and some smaller towns across Great Britain.

Harry walked straight up to his vastly overweight cousin, a disgusted sneer on his face as he looked at what he had become. He circled him as an animal would circle its prey. "I hardly think that you recognize me, Dudley, but I remember you quite clearly. It's been, what, thirteen years since I last saw you and you've only gotten fatter and dumber," Harry said as he headed back out of the alley. He continued talking to Dudley without even turning around, "I don't suppose you remember your cousin, do you? The one that was left on your parent's doorstep when he was barely older than a year? The one that you would beat up when you were both three years old?"

Dudley's face scrunched up in thought, trying to remember something he hadn't thought of in thirteen years, something he had completely forgotten. Slowly, the wheels in his head shook off the dust and rust of disuse and started turning, and Harry could imagine a light of recognition forming in Dudley's beady little eyes. "Harry?"

"Took you long enough, you fat pig. I was starting to think you had brain damage," Harry told Dudley scathingly as he turned back around. At this, Dudley's 'friends' decided that enough was enough. They also gained confidence in that Harry was alone and they thought that they could take him.

"That's it," one of them said in irritation. He was the tallest of the group and had quite a few muscles. He stalked over to Harry and grabbed his shirt with both hands. "I don't care if you are one of the Phoenixes, no one messes with us and gets away with it."

Harry just looked down at the offending hands that were holding him and placed his right hand on the chest of the idiot who had grabbed him. He looked into the man's eyes and quickly found what he was looking for. There was a flash of light and the idiot was sent flying back down the alleyway, crashing into a dumpster filled with garbage. He slumped to the ground dead with blood coming from a gash above his left eye and from behind his head. Harry leveled a look at the other two guys who were with Dudley. "Unless you want to end up like him, I suggest you leave and never bully another kid ever again."

The two shared a quick look before the both of them ran out of the area as if the hounds of hell were chasing them. Harry watched them go before slowly turning back to his cousin. There was now a growing puddle under Dudley, and a dark spot had formed on his pants. The way that Harry had so casually taken out his strongest guy had shaken him to his very core.

"Please, I beg you, don't kill me!" Dudley cried as he fell to his knees. Harry could almost feel a slight tremor when he did, much to his amusement. "I'll do anything you want, anything at all!"

"Very well," Harry said slowly, as if reluctant to grant his request. To be honest, he had only killed the one guy to set an example and because he deserved to die. He was responsible for the rapes of over twenty girls, ranging in age from thirteen to seventeen, as well as for the deaths of his own parents so he could get the insurance money. "As of right now, Little Whinging is a part of the Phoenix gang's territory. You play by our rules or suffer the consequences. Got it?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever you say," Dudley nodded his head so fast he became dizzy. He shook his head to clear it and paled when he looked at Harry's face again, it had become as cold as ice again.

"As for you," Harry said with a sneer, "I have a special plan for you, cousin," he spat out the last word like a curse. He grabbed Dudley and hauled him to his feet. After petrifying him with magic, Harry bit his own thumb and drew a complex series of runes on Dudley's forehead with his blood. When he finished the last rune, he waved his left hand over the blood and it glowed for a few seconds before the blood was absorbed into Dudley's skin.

"What did you do?" Dudley asked after Harry released his hold on him.

"I made it impossible for you to ever hurt anyone ever again," Harry replied coolly as he healed his thumb. "Whenever you think about hurting anyone, you will feel an intense pain in your head, the worse the thought the worse the pain. If you manage to hurt someone despite the first part, you will temporarily go blind and deaf. Also, you will only be able to eat just enough to keep your body healthy, but no more. You will also be unable to tell a single lie, even if it gets you in serious trouble."

"Why are you doing this to me?" Dudley had the nerve to ask Harry before he could leave.

"Justice," was all Harry said as he disappeared with a soft pop.

Harry stayed at the Hideout for a month before he felt it was safe to return home. It was also about that time that Cassy's hormones were starting to act up and he decided he'd rather take his chances with Fudge than deal with a hormonal Cassy.

"Ah, good to be back," Harry sighed as he appeared in the home he shared with his mentor and guardian, Orion. Speaking of which…

"Harry, get your ass in here now!" Orion shouted from the living room. Harry sighed in resignation as he strolled over to where Orion had yelled from. When he got there, he broke out laughing, actually falling to the ground with tears in his eyes because he was laughing so hard. Sitting in one of the two chairs in the room was Orion, though he was no longer recognizable. Where his legs were supposed to be, he instead had a mass of tentacles, and his hands were lobster claws. His face looked like a mix between a French poodle and a human, complete with the poodle hair cut. Finally, Orion had a pair of breasts that were filling his shirt out nicely.

"Now that you've had your laugh at my expense, would you mind undoing this? I've barely eaten in the past week and I'm starving," Orion growled out, mainly because of his poodle face, but also because he was very annoyed.

"Well that's what you get for trying to go into my room," Harry said before starting to laugh again. "You should have learned the last time, but I guess you didn't."

"Ha, ha, ha," Orion said sarcastically. "Now, would you mind getting on with the reversal?"

"Sure thing, just let me get my camera," Harry said as he ran out of the room.

"NO!" Orion shouted as he tried to go after Harry, but instead found himself on the floor with a close-up view of the hardwood. "Damn!"

By the time Harry returned, Orion had managed to pull himself back into his chair, having tentacles for legs made it extremely difficult to move around at all. Harry snapped a few pictures and then hid the camera in his room so that Orion couldn't destroy the pictures. On his way out, Harry changed the wards so that Orion wouldn't be able to anticipate what would happen and when. A few minutes later, Orion was back to his normal cynical and sarcastic self.

"Thanks, Harry," Orion said dryly as he stretched his back out, resulting in a few pops as the vertebrae were moved back into place. "Now I'm going to kill you!"

After a quick fight that Orion barely managed to win, the two of them settled back into their chairs in the living room, sipping their glasses of firewhisky. Harry was about to say something when Orion beat him to it.

"I had a visit from Headmaster Dumbledore two weeks ago at the pub. He seems to think that I know where you are," Orion said as he looked at the fireplace, absently creating a fire in it with a flick of his wand.

"What did you tell him?"

"The same thing I told him last time, and the time before that, and the time before that," Orion replied sharply. "I told him to bugger off and to leave me alone."

"Orion?" Harry asked cautiously, the only time Orion took that particular tone was when he was upset about something serious.

Orion let out a deep sigh and tossed Harry a newspaper. It was an issue of 'The Daily Prophet,' with his picture on the front page. Underneath his picture was a notice that there was a 100,000 galleon reward for his capture. Harry let out a series of the most vile curses he knew in every language that he knew, each one cursing Fudge and the Ministry in general.

"Whoa, what's got your wand in a knot?" came a voice from the entryway.

"Sirius!" Harry shouted as he got up to give his godfather a hug. When he was eleven, Orion told him about Sirius and what had happened to him. The two of them went to Azkaban to visit him, to find out the truth. At first, Harry refused to believe Sirius's side of the story, but after a few days he began to mentally put the pieces together and came up with the plan that helped Sirius to escape. After that, Sirius was on the run for a couple of years, barely staying ahead of the Ministry search teams that were after him. When Harry was thirteen, Sirius found out that Wormtail was hiding as the pet rat of the Weasley's youngest son, Ron. It had been a simple matter of sneaking into Hogwarts, grabbing the rat and portkeying to the Ministry of Magic. Wormtail was given Veritiserum and Sirius was cleared of all charges. However, even though Wormtail was under constant guard, he still managed to escape from the Ministry.

"So what's got you cursing up a storm?" Sirius asked jovally as he conjured up a nice, comfy recliner.

Harry didn't say a word, instead he did what Orion did and just tossed Sirius the newspaper. Sirius scanned the front page before his jaw dropped and his eyes widened.

"I don't believe this!" he exclaimed. "100,000 galleons for a seventeen, almost eighteen year old kid? They only offered 50,000 when I escaped."

"Stop pouting, Sirius," Orion growled out, though he was trying not to laugh. "This is really serious."

"You're just jealous because I have a girlfriend and you don't," Sirius replied with a smirk before turning serious. "This is way too much to offer for a kid, something's not right."

"Whatever it is, I plan on finding out," Harry said as he sat back down after refilling his glass.

"And just how do you plan on doing that?" Orion asked as he arched an eyebrow.

"I'm going to pay Dumbledore a little visit," Harry replied as his eyes started to glow.

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