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Summary: This is the sequel to the story Live Again. (If you have not read it, I advise you do or you won't get this story.) It takes place after Sasuke leaves earth and returns to talk to the council. He is announced the Ruler of Hell and all goes well with his initiation and ceremony. Who is Heaven's new ruler and who are those people she has with her? They're all familiar to Sasuke and his council. Who could they be? What happens when they meet each other face to face?


Sasuke/Sakura Inner Self

Chapter 1: Mistake

Red eyes glowed with anger as the young man laid down on his soft bed, thinking of recent events that had occurred. How could he have been so stupid as to forget that detail? That stupid little detail had ruined his whole plan, along with his new life. He would not give in to anyone else for there was nobody else that could replace that spot in his heart.

Nobody in this damn realm anyway. He was so stupid, why had he not thought of that? Why? He had made a choice and was being severely punished for it even though he was suppose to make it. I mean I guess he could have picked the other one but still, he shouldn't be punished for something like this.

He ruined his whole new life, the minute he chose to do what he did. Oh, why couldn't he have just wanted, waited for her? Waited until she was ready to come with him, waited until it was her time? That way she could have been his, but no he had to be stupid and impatient and had to choose the easy way out. Had he been smart he could have just asked her to wait a few decades to see him.

Yeah like she'd continue to wait for him. He snorted at the thought. Even if she did love him, he was certain that she wouldn't wait any longer, for she waited too long for him already. Damn him, he really just wanted to die right now, for what had happened. He hated the council right now. For what the council had told him when he asked. He was so stupid, that's all he kept telling himself.

Flash Back

He had just returned to the council's meeting room where Akujin, Akki, Kimen, Tenshi, Ten and Kauri were waiting for him. The three angels had disappointment on their faces while the three demons looked proud of him. "My boy, you did it. You completed my missions and now you are to be announced as the new ruler of Hell. First you have to get initiated and have a ceremony though.

Than afterwards we have to find you a mate." Akujin told him and he raised an eyebrow at him. "Mate? I already have a mate." Sasuke answered him and they all looked at him with shock. Yes he indeed had a mate, at least he thinks he does. "How do you take a mate?" He asked suddenly, wondering if he was right.

"Why do you need to know If you already have one?" Akujin asked him, curiously. "Because I want to know if what I did is what I think I did." Sasuke answered. "Umm…ok?" Tenshi said, a bit confused by the statement. "Well, you take a mate by biting them on the junction of the neck and shoulder.

A circle with you initials appears on around the bite marks and than a circle with her initial appears on the junction of your neck and shoulder weather she bit you or not." Akujin explained to him. He smirked in response, he knew he had done that for a reason.

Flash Back in the Flash Back

His mouth than moved to the junction of her shoulder and neck. He opened his mouth wide, his two upper canine fangs growing longer, he cut his lip, drawing blood before he brought them down, biting her. He drank a bit of her blood and let some of his blood seep into her wound before retracting his fangs and lifting his head up.

He looked at where he bit to see two holes with blood filling them. He smirked as he watched what happened next. A black circle made it's way around the two holes in her neck. Under the first circle a blue S in the form of a flame was formed and under the second a red U also in the form of a flame formed.

A circle made it's way around two holes that appeared on the junction of his neck and shoulder. Than a white S in the form of a rose formed under the first hole, and under the second a pink H in the form of a cherry blossom petal formed.

End Flashback in the Flash Back

"So, you have a mate?" Tenshi asked him and nodded. "This wouldn't be Haruno by any chance would it?" She asked him and he nodded once more. She frowned at him. "Why?" He asked her, knowing something was wrong. "Well, she's dead, right? You killed her." Tenshi asked him. "Yes but what does that have to do with anything? She'll come to either one of the Realms right so what do I have to worry for?" Sasuke asked her and realization hit him.

Either one of the Realms. She might not come to his, which would make what he did pointless. "FUCK." He yelled into the room as he thought about it. All angels gasped as they heard the word. He would have killed the one he loved for no reason if she didn't come to his realm.

"Finally realized what you did wrong, eh?" Akki asked him and he nodded, angrily. The angels were better now since a few minutes had pasted since the word was said. "Which realm has she entered?" Sasuke growled at them, he was pissed now. Why hadn't they told him this in the first place? That she might not come to his realm. 'They probably figured you could find it out by yourself.' His inner self told him. That was probably what they thought but he hadn't figured that out till now when it was too late.

"We can't tell you that." Kimen told him. "Why the hell not?" Sasuke snarled. "Because you don't rule the Realm yet." He answered and Sasuke narrowed his eyes at him. He clenched his fist in order to restrain himself from punching this guy's lights out. "Stop teasing the boy, Kimen." Akujin ordered and Kimen nodded. "I am sorry, my boy but we can not tell you. People in Hell have no right to know the people who go to Heaven and vise versa. I am sorry." Akujin told him with a…gentle tone it seemed. Sasuke scowled and thought of a way to get them to tell him.

'Wait a minute, I do have a right to know.' Sasuke thought to himself. "I have a right to know, no matter what." Sasuke said to them. "How's that?" Kimen asked him. "She is my mate, I have a right to know here she is." Sasuke said with a smirk, his arms folded over his chest. Tenshi and Akujin looked at each other before turning back to Sasuke. "You are right." Akujin said to him.

"Yes, we have no right to keep the whereabouts of your mate from you. She is indeed in Heaven." Tenshi told him and he nodded, accepting yet not accepting where she was. "You can not see her though. For you are a demon now, a full blooded one and you are not allowed in the Realm of Heaven." Akujin said to him. "WHAT?" Sasuke screamed.

"You. Can. Not. See. Her. Ever. Again. She is an Angel and you are a devil, a demon. You are forbidden to be together." Akujin said to him, slowly at first. "But that is total bullshit," All the angels gasped again, "You and Tenshi are mated yet you are opposites. What is the difference with us?" Sasuke asked them, his anger flaring. "You two are not the rulers of each realm." Akki said to him, bluntly. "Neither are you." Sasuke said to Akki. "Yes but we're close friends with the rulers, that's why our love is allowed. Besides the marriages only happened between us to make sure the Realms wouldn't fight with each other." Akki told him.

"So what? I am the soon to be ruler yet I can not have a mate that is a Angel like you guys do?" Sasuke yelled at them. "No you can't. I am sorry, my boy, but you can't. Now enough of this talk. Everyone is dismissed, the ceremony, his initiation will be held in two days." Akujin said before disappearing somewhere. Everyone but Sasuke followed. "Damn them all." He muttered before some demon showed his room.

End Flash Back

He hated them all right now. Yes he had made a stupid mistake of not thinking about where she was to go and now it came back to haunt him. Stupid rules, he never followed them anyway so why should he start now? He was going to get his mate back if it was the last thing he did. That was a promise.

(A/N: End of chapter one. The first few chapters of the story are going to about the Sasuke's ceremony to become ruler of Hell. After that you'll see. Thank you to all who reviewed To Live Again and I hope you like this story as much as you did that one. Thank you.)

Major Note:

I have decided to change something's in this story. The war won't come yet. I am going to put another story up for that. This will be just how the two different rulers of Heaven and Hell come to power and who they are. And also I'm changing the title. SORRY.