When You're Mad

As soon as he stepped out of the bathroom, clad in his white beater top and black boxers, his lovely fiancé immediately brushed past him into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

He turned his head towards the door and raised a brow.

Something was wrong. He had thought she was just grumpy from waking up early that morning when she skipped all morning pleasantries and completely ignored him. That she was just having a bad day when she avoided him all afternoon. And that she was just wasn't in the mood to talk when she didn't say a word — and hasn't since she came home that evening. Now he got it all figured out.

She was mad.

He walked over and settled himself comfortably on the bed.

As much as he hated how troublesome and stressing things get when they argue, there's something about when she's...

His thoughts were interrupted as she burst out of the bathroom in her sleeping attire. He watched her with careful eyes as she walked directly towards the closet to dispose of her dirty clothes in the laundry basket. She slowly closed the closet door and stayed there like that, with her back facing him, standing still without a word, for a whole minute, before turning around.


Here we go. He sighed and lazily sat up as she started her rant.

He was paying attention. He really was — for the first three seconds. His focus sneakily shifted from her enraging problematic issues as he couldn't help but think of how 'cute' it was when she starts fussing around. When she starts yelling with such wonderful profane vocabulary. And throwing things —

A pillow hit his face. His ninja skills had obviously failed him there.

"Are you even listening? You're just staring at me! Yo..."

Thank God she was too rage-driven to even spare a second to hear his pathetic excuse. He wasn't staring. He really wasn't. He was... observing her. He notices the little wrinkle on her nose when she makes her angry face. And the little way she storms around. He couldn't decide which one amused him more. Either way... it urged him want to tear her down.

He had gone too deep in thought that he had lost track of what she was ranting about. Something about... ignoring... arrogant... bastard... too hot... leading her on. He was lost —even though he tried his hardest to understand the raving woman in front of him— and couldn't help but drift off again. He remembered the last time she was mad. She was boisterous... rowdy... and wild. And that, he blames, was what inevitably caused that night to end with some angry love making.

He smirked at the memory.

"Why are you smirking! Do you think I'm joking? Sa..."

It wasn't that he didn't take her seriously; he just couldn't help the fact that her attitude... excites him. He wasn't exactly sure why, but every time she screams, he wants to kiss her. And when she touches him, he wants to—

"Sasuke-kun! What the hell? You're completely ignoring me! You didn't hear a single word I said!" she yelled as she pushed him down on the bed, pinning him, and angrily stared him in the eye.

He blinked. He swore she was standing near the closet.

"You bett—"


"... I love it when you're mad." He said as he forced her down, about to make her forget what she was angry about.

There's a first time for everything. I'm not exactly the writer-type, so I'm anxious to know how I did for my first time. This was inspired by the song "When you're Mad" by Ne-Yo. You should listen to it. Please review.

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