Title: A Mistake To Change The Future

Summary: Sam and Jack get trapped in an elevator off-world, things turn worse as Carter suddenly becomes sick, but can this disaster help their futures?

Setting: Late season seven.

Pairings: Sam/Jack

Rating. This fic is rated T for safety, I'd say more like K +

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights whatsoever to the TV show 'Stargate SG-1.' That show and all related indicia are copyright MGM/UA and Showtime Inc. I am receiving no profit whatsoever from the creation and posting of this story. Thank you.

Ch 1: The Wake-up Call

The sun rose brightly and brilliantly on planet PX2-385. SG-1, warmly greeted by the planet leaders, had arrived just one day earlier. If the leaders were any indication, this planet seemed to be the home of a nice race. While quite similar to Earth, they were not quite as advanced. They needed a good sixty years or so of progress to catch up to Earth.

The sounds of a baby's cries woke Sam from a sound sleep. Disoriented, she sat up quickly and glanced around her. As she put on her boots and tied them tightly, she glanced around the leader Kyle's home. He'd been gracious enough to share it with them during their stay. She opened the door of her room and found Annette, Kyle's wife, standing near and holding a screaming baby in her arms.

"What's wrong with her?" Sam asked walking over to the baby with concern; the baby's face was red. It was screaming from the top of its little lungs. Sam looked up at Annette, her hair was messed up, and she looked as if she had been up all night.

"I am exhausted. She's been up for the past few hours screaming with this terrible fever. She didn't have a fever last night. It came on so fast and now I can't get it down. Kyle has gone for the doctor."

Growing more concerned as the young mother spoke; Sam cautiously felt the baby's forehead. The baby's skin felt as though it were on fire. Reminding herself that babies have higher temperatures than adults when ill, Sam offered to help. "Don't you need a break? I can watch her for a while..."

Annette sighed with gratitude. "Are you sure? If you could just hold her long enough for me to-"

Sam gathered the fevered infant into her arms. With a wail stronger than before, the baby protested the change vehemently. Sam looked at the mother in surprise, "I didn't think she could cry any louder!"

Annette smiled. "Thank you!" she added before disappearing out of the room.

Sam looked down at the baby, feeling so helpless. "Hey, it's okay, you'll be okay." Sam said softly. However, she couldn't calm the baby's cries. Sam began to rock the baby in hopes of it calming down. She was beginning to feel like she was an evil person who took pleasure in watching small baby's cry.

"Carter?" a familiar voice called from behind her. "What's going on? What are you doing?"

Sam turned to see her CO standing outside of his room, looking confused as ever. "Sorry Colonel, did she wake you?" she glanced down at the baby, who was now having hiccups while crying.

Jack looked around the room, as if looking for someone who the baby belonged to. "What are you doing?" he repeated looking at her carefully.

"I'm helping out Annette," she answered, like it was an obvious answer. "The baby's sick, Annette's been up with her for a while," She took the little baby's hand into hers. "She's so tiny, Colonel."

Jack walked over and stared at the infant. "She's adorable," he said. "What's wrong with her?" he had a soft spot for babies, especially sick babies.

"I don't know, sir, Kyle went to get a doctor," she felt the baby's forehead again. "You'd think she'd stop crying after a couple of hours, her throat must be killing her."

"Babies don't think that way," Jack said. "Want me to take her?"

Sam, knowing Jack had experience with babies, was about to accept when Kyle hurried into the house with the man Sam guessed to be the doctor right behind.

"Thank you!" Kyle said as he took the baby from Sam's arms. "Thank you very much, where is Annette?" he handed the baby to the doctor and looked at Sam for an explanation.

"She needed a break, I offered to take the baby…" Sam turned to the doctor. "Is she going to be all right?"

The doctor looked up, but didn't answer her. He turned to Kyle. "Where is a private room?" he asked.

"This way." Kyle answered quickly. He led the way into a room, and closed the door behind him.

Jack exhaled. "Okay…" Jack fixed his baseball cap. "Carter, you ready to go? I'm sure Daniel was ready about an hour ago. And we all know that Teal'c is always ready…"

Sam smiled. "Yes, sir." She answered. She followed him out of the house. It didn't surprise her that Daniel was already up; talking to someone they had yet to meet. "Daniel." She acknowledged. "Where's Teal'c?"

Teal'c appeared from the side of the house. "I am here Major Carter," Teal'c said. "I was assisting-"

"That's great, you guys ready to check in with Hammond, then go to this… whatever place we're going to." Jack said looking at Daniel.

"It's a museum, Jack," Daniel said standing up and walking next to him, he looked as if he hadn't slept that night, and knowing him, he probably hadn't.

"Forget coffee this morning?" Jack as Daniel rubbed his eyes.

"That's really funny, Jack."

"I thought so…" he said. "Anyways, we off to-"

"Jack, I was thinking, can you and Sam go check in? So Teal'c and I can get a head start on translating the tablets Resaca was telling me about." Daniel said so quickly that no one could understand.

"Daniel, slow down and enunciate." Jack ordered. Daniel sighed and slowly repeated what he had said. "Well… um… no." he began to walk down the dirt path towards the Stargate.

"But Jack!" Daniel said quickly following right behind him. "This would save time, who knows? We might be able to leave a couple of hours earlier, and-"

"Fine Daniel, we get to leave two hours earlier, got it?" he said holding up two fingers. Daniel smiled excitedly; he had just gotten his way, why shouldn't he be excited? "Come on Carter…"

Sam smiled. "Yes, sir." And they both made their way to the Stargate…


The journey back to the Stargate didn't seem as long as it did the first time. It was about three miles away from the village. It was a nice day to walk too, the sun wasn't very hot, and the clouds covered half of the sky. There was a slight breeze, but over all anyone could call it a perfect day.

They made it to the gate an hour later and checked in with General Hammond. Like they always did. Everything was going as planned. They would be off of this planet in three days. They began to walk back towards the village, that's when it hit her. Sam began to grow tired, and she didn't know why. She looked up at Colonel O'Neill, he seemed fine. It wasn't that much of a walk… she shouldn't be tired.

She began to sweat; she wiped her forehead a couple of times. She was growing very hot, too hot to be wearing a jacket. So she unzipped it and pulled it off of her body. Jack turned around looked a little curious. "It's getting a little hot, sir," Sam explained. Jack simply nodded. Sam wrapped the jacket around her waste and continued to follow Jack back to the village.

Once arriving at the village, Sam felt worse then she had before. Her legs were so tired, but she wasn't a person to complain. But she was beginning to wonder what was wrong with her. Maybe the Colonel felt the same way but he wasn't mentioning it either. Maybe it was something in the food… what was she thinking? She was fine, just a bit tired.

She began to follow Jack towards the museum. Not long after she had convinced herself she was fine, she began to feel a little nauseous. But being Sam, she ignored it. She followed Jack into the fifteen-story building. It looked like it had come out of a storybook; it was so beautiful. She looked up at the paintings on top of the ceilings and smiled. They were so pretty.

"There he is." Jack said referring to Daniel. He began to walk over with Sam following right behind. "So, Danny boy, what have you found out that will end up saving out world from something terrible?" he smirked at his sentence.

Daniel rolled his eyes. "Well, Jack, I haven't found anything like that out, but I have found out something that is interesting, you-"

"Interesting to me, or interesting to you?" Jack interrupted.

Daniel looked down at the tablet in his hand. "To me, I don't think you would understand, so I suppose there is no time in explaining." He put the tablet down and began to study another artifact that seemed to be something like a golden owl.

Jack sighed and turned to the man standing next to Daniel. "Do you have a gift shop around here somewhere?" he asked amusing himself.

The man smiled. "As a matter of fact we do. It's on the tenth floor, I could show you after I finish helping Dr. Jackson with the translation."

Jack was stunned. They had a gift shop? Of course they did! Why shouldn't they? This museum was better then most of the museum them they had on earth. "No, I think we can find it… Carter?"

Sam smiled, amused. "Yes, sir." She said as she began to follow him, stopped, hurried back to Daniel and shoved her jacket in his backpack, and then hurried after Jack who was already in the elevator. She managed to make it in before the doors closed.

Sam looked around the elevator, it was about three times bigger then most standard sized elevators they had on earth. "Roomy in here, isn't it sir?" she asked.

Jack seemed to be trying to figure out the odd symbols that were supposed to be numbers. He took a guess and just pounced one. "Yeah, nice." He said stepping back and leaning against the wall. "Nice and cozy too isn't it?"

Sam smiled. "Yes, sir."

"Carter, you gotta try it out, come on." He took her hand and pulled her against the wall. "Now don't tell me that doesn't feel better then concrete."

"No sir, it's nice." She took a couple of steps away from the wall and looked at the numbers. The elevator was going ever so slowly. She probably could have walked up the stairs faster then this elevator.

The two of them stood in almost comfortable silence, waiting for the elevator to reach its destination and the doors to open. As they neared the floor Jack had randomly picked, they heard a loud screeching noise and a bang before the car was plunged into darkness and they stopped between levels.

There was a moment of silence before Jack said. "Carter… what just happened?" he turned where she thought she was standing, and slowly tried to concentrate on her dark figure.

"I uhh- I think the elevator just stopped… sir." She said looking around.

"I know that," Jack said. "But why did the elevator stop?"

"I don't know, sir," She answered, automatically thinking of an answer. "It could have been the power went out, or something else. I don't know, sir." She said. She was beginning to feel a little dizzy, but she tried to convince herself that it was just her eyes trying to get used to the darkness.

"That's real helpful." Jack said, feeling along the elevator walls.

"Sorry, sir, but without more information I don't know why. Hopefully it's something simple and we'll be back on our way shortly…" she said. Her palms began sweat, her finger tips felt like she was on fire, but her body was beginning to get really cold. Maybe something happened to the heating system when the elevator stopped.

"It's okay, Carter." Jack said, he felt the floor buttons and began to push them all. "Damn it!" he leaned his head back. "Isn't there a phone in this darn elevator?"

Sam tried to remember if she had seen one, but she couldn't focus her thoughts on it. Questions kept running through her head. "Is it just me or is it getting cold, sir?" she decided to ask.

Jack turned to her. "No, I don't think so…"

Sam nodded slowly. "Okay." Sweat ran down from her head, but inside she was freezing. She held onto the wall of the elevator for support as her legs began to feel weaker. Her breathing became labored.

"Carter?" Jack asked, his voice sounding concerned. "Are you okay?" his eyes were finally adjusted to the darkness; he noticed her leaning against the wall.

"I'm… fine… sir." She said between deep breaths. It took a lot of energy to talk, let alone breathe. "Just feel… a little…-" she didn't have time to finish her sentence, her knees could no longer carry her weight, she then collapsed and she fell to the floor.


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