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Ch 13: Another Chance

A few days later…

Daniel sat in his office with a cup of coffee in one hand and a book in the other. He had been up all night, trying to translate some text from a tablet SG-6 found on their latest mission. He brought the coffee to his lips, his eyes still glued on his book, just then someone decided to shout, "Hey! Danny-boy!"

Daniel jumped slightly in surprise, causing the coffee to jump out of the cup and onto his legs. "AHH!" He screamed in pain. Quickly reaching over, he grabbed a box of Kleenex and began to wipe up the steamy mess. "Jack," He mumbled, obviously irritated. "What?"

Jack grimaced. "Sorry," he said simply, "Have you seen Carter lately?"

Daniel threw away the ruined-coffee-stained Kleenexes and looked up. "Yeah, she was here a while ago, She needed boxes, Siler was with her, helping her."

Jack frowned, "Why does she need boxes?" he asked curiously.

"No idea," said Daniel as he turned his attention back on his book. "She just asked if I had any. Why, you need her?"

"No," Jack responded quickly. "Just wondered. Thanks, oh, and don't go spilling any more coffee on yourself!" he warned before departing the room.

Daniel made a face and turned back to his work.


Sam groaned as she shoved the last of the books from the bookcase into the big and now very heavy box. She taped the box shut and carried it over to the corner of her lab, where the rest of the boxes were. "I don't have room for all this." She muttered to herself as she glanced around the almost empty room. Sadness and regret washed over her. She was going to miss this place; she had spent some of the best years in this facility.

"Stop it Sam," she warned herself. "This is for the best, you have to get on with your life." She let out another sigh. Was she doing the right thing? Was she making a horrible mistake? She reached for another box just as the phone rang. "Great," she muttered, abandoning the box she picked up the phone. "This is Carter."

"Sam?" the voice on the other line asked. "It's me. Mom told me last night… about you transferring…"

Sam closed her eyes; she didn't want to start this conversation. "Cassie, I'm right in the middle of packing, can I call you back later?"

"No," replied the stubborn girl. "You can't get out of this. I want to know why you're transferring. Mom wouldn't tell me, but she did say it was personal. And I'm taking it has something to do with Jack, doesn't it?"

Sam was instantly alarmed. "Cass, you're not going to say a word about this to him. Is that clear?"

"YOU HAVEN'T TOLD HIM?" Cassie shouted. "Sam!"

"No, as a matter of fact, I haven't told him. I've been sorta preoccupied lately." Sam said, she could tell this could turn into a very long conversation.

There was a slight pause. "So, whatever happened… it was really serious, wasn't it?"

Sam sighed. "Cassie… it's- it was a difficult decision, if that makes you feel better. I've been thinking about doing it for a while. So it's not like I'm picking up my bags and running away from him."

"You are so running away! Sam, you're running away from Jack."


"Sam, I called you to try and talk you out of this… I'm not going to be able to do that, am I?"

"No." Sam said with a sigh. "The paperwork's already been sent… I'm getting ready to leave."

"Where exactly are you transferring to?"

"Area 51- it's in Nevada."

"Sam!" Cassie complained. "That's just too far from here. You belong here."

"Not anymore, I don't."

"I'm going to miss you."

"Me too."

"And Sam? I'm glad you're okay. I would've visited you at the SGC, but mom didn't have the nerve to tell me until a day before you woke up. I was at the airport when mom told me you made it. Sam, I had never felt to happy in my whole entire life."

"Thanks Cassie." Sam smiled. "And Cass, this can't get to Colonel O'Neill, okay?"

"Sam, you have to tell him. He has a right to know!"

"I will, he'll know soon enough." Sam said; she was definitely not going to be the one to tell her CO that she was leaving.

"Okay, good. And Sam? Could you stop by the house before you leave?" Cassie asked.

"Yeah, I'll be sure to do that."

"Okay, bye Sam."

"Bye kiddo," She hung up the phone with a sigh.

"That was Cassie I take it?" Janet's voice asked from the doorway. Sam spun around.

"Yeah, she called to try and talk me out of it."

Janet nodded, walking closer. "I thought she would try too. Not that I blame her…"

"But you haven't tried… why is that?" Sam asked, curious.

"Well, I don't want you to leave anymore then Cassie or you do. But I understand why you're doing it. And I respect that. Not that I agree with it," she added.

Sam nodded. "Thanks. You shouldn't have told her… I would have told her."

"Yeah, but when would you have? She just back for spring break. I thought she deserved to know that her aunt is leaving the SGC. She has to leave back for college the day before you leave.

Sam nodded. "Yeah, I'll stop by…"

"So, anyways, I came here to see if you needed any help with your packing… but I see you pretty much have it here."

"Yeah, I pretty much got it, thanks," Sam said as she picked up the box she had abandoned earlier.

"What about your house? How are you over there?"

"It's going good. I almost finished it all last night." Sam said as she turned to her friend. "Thank you Janet, for everything. If there's anything you ever need me to do, just let me know."

Janet smiled. "Thank you…" she turned to leave and then stopped, "Sam?" she asked, "why don't we go grab some lunch?"

Sam was about to say 'no' when it hit her, this may be the last time she could have lunch with Janet. Who knows? She might not ever get another chance. "Sure, why not?"


Sam sat contentedly at the commissary table, her tuna salad sandwich in her hand, but she hadn't taken one single bite out of it yet. She just looked around the room, at all the familiar faces, feeling guilty. She was leaving. She would no longer be one of the 'super heroes' she had been before. With a sigh, she dropped her sandwich onto her plate.

"Daniel!" she calledt, noticing him in the short line for food.

Daniel turned to her voice; spotting Sam with Janet, he nodded and waved their way. She seemed okay, she looked better then she had the last couple of days. He grabbed his tray of food and made his way over to them. "Hey," he said as he sat down. "How are you?"

"Fine," Sam replied. "I'm glad you're here, actually, I didn't want to have to search the whole SGC to find you."

"What do you need?" He asked, shoving a forkful of food into his mouth.

Janet held her breath. Sam was about to tell Daniel everything, wasn't she?

Sam grinned. "I remember, when I was in my deep sleep phase, someone promised me, if I woke up, they'd eat a whole bowl of blue jello… I just wonder who that was…"

Daniel's eyes widened in surprise. "How'd you-… Jack told you, didn't he? I knew I should have erased that mans memory!"

Sam laughed for the first time in weeks, causing Daniel and Janet to grin- it was nice to see their friend as her normal self. "Actually, he didn't. Teal'c told me."

Daniel began to swear under his breath about making Teal'c pay, as he got to get a goblet of blue jello. Sam turned to Janet, with one of the biggest grins she had ever put on before. "I'm going to miss it here…"

"Well, you know Sam, you could always stay." Janet said. "I think you could find a way around your feelings."

Sam shook her head. She had made up her mind; there was no way she was backing out now. "No, I know this is the right thing to do."

Janet nodded. "Okay then, if you're sure. I just think- Daniel!"

"Hey," he mumbled, staring hard at the blue jello he held in his hands. "Are you sure I have to eat ALL of it Sam?"

"Hey, I'm not the one who made the promise."

Daniel groaned and sat down. "It's huge! What did you do? Ask the cooks to make them extra big today, or something?"

"Come on, Daniel, its not that bad. Just try some. I know you'll like it. It's way better then red jello any day!"

"Well, we all know that's not true," A familiar voice said from behind them. They all turned to see Jack standing there, holding a goblet of red jello.

"Hi Jack, wanna join us? You're just in time to see me eat this… what would you call it anyways? It's definitely not food… it's more like some blue doo-doo or something."

Jack glanced down at Sam, who wouldn't look at him; her face was about two inches away from the table. "No, not this time. I think I'll eat in my office. Thanks," he said before he walked away.

Daniel raised an eyebrow as he watched the connection between Sam and Jack. "Are you sure?" he called after him.


"Okay…" Daniel said, picking up a spoonful of jello, he squeezed his eyes shut and quickly shoved it into his mouth. There was a period of silence before Daniel began to make gagging and barfing sounds.

"Oh, grow up Daniel. It's not bad at all. You like it, don't you?"

Daniel gave her a sour face. He turned to face Sam. "Are you kidding me?" he asked. "Sam! No one in his or her right mind would eat this stuff…" he quickly realized what he said. "I mean, no one in their right mind wouldn't eat this stuff, and we all know, I'm not in my right mind, am I? Heh…"

Sam rolled her eyes. "Whatever." She muttered. "I gotta go, Janet, make sure he eats all of it."

Janet nodded. "Yeah, sure, this is just way too fun to pass up."

Sam smiled. "See you guys later, and have fun Daniel." She added before she exited the room.

Daniel looked up at Janet, as if debating whether to do something or not. He quickly dug his spoon into the blue jello and began to shove it into his mouth in a record time.

Janet raised an eyebrow. "Is it… safe?"

Daniel grinned. "You bet, got your spoon?"

Janet held one up. "Yep, now, let me have a taste."


The nest two days passed quickly by for Sam- she had spent most of her free time she had left with Teal'c, Daniel and Janet. She avoided Colonel O'Neill as much as she could. Daniel could since something was up, but he couldn't figure was what exactly, but he knew soon enough, he would know.


Sam stood in her completely empty lab, with a single box in her hands. With a sigh she turned to leave, bumping into someone on her way. "Oh, sorry." She winced, moving quickly back, and revealing a young looking man with a box in his hands.

The man smiled. "Oh, you must be Major Carter. I've heard so much about you. You're the real hero out there. I have some pretty big shoes to fill." He quickly put down the box and held out his hand.

Sam, surprised, smiled back; she balanced her box on her hip with one hand and shook his with the other. "Thanks… and you are?"

"Oh! Sorry- Lieutenant Riddick, ma'am."

"Hello, so you're my replacement." She said, surprised they had replaced her so quickly; she wasn't even gone yet.

"Yeah, you could say that, I guess. I've been over every single mission report you've ever written, and I have to say, wow. What a life you must live."

"Well, it's your life too now. Good luck." She said as she turned and left the room. Did Jack replace her already? That would mean he knew she was leaving. But he hadn't tried to stop her. Maybe she really was making the best decision. She took her time reaching the elevator. As she walked in, she began to feel like she had made the biggest mistake in her whole life. But she was not going to back out of it now…


The next morning…

Jack made his way to the briefing room as slowly as he could. He was not in the mood to hear Daniel go on, and on about something that he didn't give a damn about. He peeked into the room before going in. He noticed Daniel already there, setting up. He rolled his eyes and walked in. To his surprise, Carter wasn't there. She was normally the early one. He looked over at Teal'c, who didn't seem to be bothered with it.

Maybe she had to go and get something, Jack told himself. He shrugged it off and sat down. Doing so, his chair made a loud squeak, causing everyone in the room to turned to him. "Sorry." He muttered.

General Hammond nodded to him. "Daniel Jackson, are you ready to begin?"

Daniel turned to him. "Um, a member of our team hasn't arrived yet, sir."

General Hammond looked up at him, sadness in his eyes. "Yes, I understand that, but I also gave him permission to take the day off, so he could get his things in order. Please continue."

Jack raised an eyebrow. He? His? What was General Hammond talking about? "Sir?" he asked.

The door opened. "Hey! Sorry I'm late. Had a little accident in the lab. Anyways, I'm here now." Lt. Riddick said; a big smile plastered across his face.

Jack quickly glanced at General Hammond, Daniel and Teal'c, only General Hammond didn't look somewhat surprised. "What the hell is going on here? Is Carter sick or something?" he asked.

"Major Carter is no longer with us, Colonel. She transferred to Area 51." General Hammond said, in a way Jack knew he had practiced a few times.

"What?" Jack shouted. Carter left? No, she wouldn't! Would she? Why would she go? Not anything he did, was it? "When?" He had been ignoring her lately; maybe she was already gone...

"She left for Nevada this morning. I'm sure right now she's getting ready to board her plane."

Jack jumped up quicker then he had in his whole entire life, he flew down the hallways, informed Siler that they needed faster elevators, flew across the parking lot and into his car in record time. He fumbled with his keys nervously. There was no way in hell he'd lose Carter again. Not after what both of them had been through together. He stepped on the gas and off he went as fast as he could.

Was Carter really leaving because of him? But that would be insane! She deserved someone better then himself. "Don't you go anywhere, Carter," He muttered quietly to himself. "You can't run away from everything." Just then his cell phone rang and he quickly answered it. "Carter? Is that you?"

"Jack! No, this is Cassie, I just had to tell you, Sam told me not to, but you deserve to know. She's leaving Jack! Since you're so damn stupid to see how much you two are meant for each other!"

"Cassie, I already know. I'm on my way to the airport as we speak. Thanks, kid."

"How did you-"

Jack hung up the phone and dialed Sam's number. She probably wouldn't answer him... After a dozen rings, he gave up and threw the phone to the ground. It was worth a shot, wasn't it?

His cell phone rang once again; he reached down for it, doing his best to watch the road. After the fourth ring he finally had it in his hands. "Carter?" he asked, still somewhat out of breath.

"No, Jack, this is Daniel. I tried Sam's cell phone, she wasn't answering. Where are you?" Daniel's voice sounded panicked and worried.

"On my way to the airport as we speak. I'm not letting her go this time." Jack responded as he swerved to miss a cat in the road. "Damn cats!"


"Never mind, gotta go." He said before hanging up and pushing the phone into his pockets. Ten minutes away… he could do it. Ten minutes away… "Come on, come on, come on!" he shouted to a red light. He glanced around, only seeing one car he ran the light.

Jack had never been so scared of losing someone in his life. He needed her. He needed Sam. How would he do without her? It was his fault she was leaving. He had been an idiot. Who would let a woman like that just walk away from them? But he didn't deserve her. She deserved more… He pushed those thoughts out of his head, only concentrating on the road.

Minutes passed. He could feel himself losing all the little hope he had left. If anything, he just needed to say goodbye. He might have lost his last chance with her. All that pain he put her through. He wouldn't blame her if she never wanted to see him again. He spotted the airport a block away from him. "YES!"

He quickly pulled up in front of the airport; he went to unbuckle himself when he noticed he hadn't buckled in the first place. He didn't even turn off the car; he just jumped out and hurried towards the entrance.

"Hey!" someone shouted. "You can't park here!"

Jack ignored him, so what if they towed it, that wasn't what was important right now. Sam was.


Again, Jack ignored him. He rushed into the building, looking around at the packed airport, he remembered, he didn't know what plane she was on. How did he ever expect to find her? He stood there, surrounded by thousands of people, feeling like the worlds biggest idiot. His cell phone rang. With a groan, he answered it. "What!"

"Colonel O'Neill? This is General Hammond, I thought you would like to know the airplane she's leaving on…"

Jack smiled gratefully. "Yesm sir. That would really help, right now."

The General chuckled and rattled off a number and an airline.

"Thank you, sir!" Jack said, on his way to the ticket line.

"And Jack? Good luck with it." The General added before hanging up.

Once more, Jack shoved the cell phone into his pocket. He stared at the long line in front of him. There was no way he could wait that long. "Excuse me," he said as he began pushing his way through the line. "Excuse me."

"Hey!" A woman shouted. "You can't cut! I've been waiting here for-" She shut up as Jack turned around.

"Excuse me, ma'am, I'm sorry but I'm trying to stop the love of my life from leaving," his voice was filled with urgency. "Please!"

The lady's eyes filled with tears. "I understand. I lost my Bill a long time ago … PEOPLE!" she shouted, "Move aside! Let this man past! He's tryin' to save his only love!"

The people in line turned to the woman, confused, but they slowly moved to the side to let Jack past them. Jack stood there, frozen, slightly in shock. He shrugged and walked through the line, ignoring all the odd stares he received.

Jack placed his hands on the counter. "I need a ticket for flight 820."

The lady began to type into her computer at top speed. "Sorry, sir," she said looking, "we're booked. And the plane is boarding as we speak."

Jack's eyes widened in worry. "What gate?"

"Excuse me, sir?"

"What's the damn gate number?"

The lady hesitated, frightened. "Six, sir- gate six."

That was it; Jack took of running, faster then ever. He quickly passed gates, one… two… three… four… five… it was the next gate! His heart pounded as though it had never before. He felt as if was running in slow emotion. As soon as he spotted the plane he felt like his heart would jump out of him. He noticed the doors shutting…

"NO!" He shouted loudly. "STOP THE PLANE!" he began to run after the plane like a maniac. "Stop the plane!" Jack couldn't let her leave, he wouldn't. They just had to stop…


Sam leaned her head back against the seat. Her eyes filled with tears of regret and sadness. Did he even know she was gone? Did he even care? She wiped a tear away as the plane's engines fired up. She sat up straight. She was a Major, a tough girl, she shouldn't be crying over a choice she made. She wished she could have seen her father once more…

"Stop it, Sam," She muttered to herself. She glanced at the teenaged girl sitting next to her, the girl seemed engrossed with something outside.

"Hey…" the girl began a moment later. "There's a crazy man out there, chasin' the plane… Oh! Look! Some security guards are after him or somethin'!"

The girl's outburst caused everyone to turn to his or her windows. Sam leaned closer to the window with a sigh. Who was this crazy… "Oh my god." She muttered. Colonel O'Neill? What the heck was he doing here? Was he really trying to stop her from leaving? She felt the plane begin to move, she began to panic, he looked so desperate, and she immediately felt bad. She turned to a flight attendant. "Excuse me, we need to stop the plane."

The young flight attendant shook her head. "There's nothing to worry about, ma'am," she said reassuringly, "I'm sure that man's just mad he was late for the plane. We can't stop the plane after we-"

Sam said the first thing that popped into her head. "There's a bomb on this plane."

The lady froze. "Ma'am, I assure you, there's no-"

Sam unbuckled her seat buckle and stood up. "Miss! You don't understand. There is a bomb on this plane! You have to stop the plane, right now!"

"A bomb?" The girl next to her began trembling, "Oh God! And I told mom we'd crash on an Island, but...A BOMB?" The panic quickly spread throughout the plane.

The flight attendant glanced at Sam cautiously; she began to back up slowly, not talking her eyes off of her. "Everyone please remain calm," she said before disappearing around a corner.

Sam quickly headed towards the door; she waited for what seemed like hours before it stopped completely. She pulled out her badge, showed it to the young man by the door, and he opened it quickly. Sam knew they would most likely want to question her, and she couldn't let that happen. The stairs were placed and she hurried down them. She spotted Jack still running towards her, with five guards chasing after him.

"COLONEL!" She shouted, as she began to run towards him. She had never felt so happy and relived in her whole life. He did care about her.

Jack spotted Sam coming towards him, the wind blowing her beautiful hair everywhere. He smiled. "Carter!" they were now closing in, not more then a few feet from each other… Jack pulled her into a tight hug, she smiled back at him though her shiny tears, he leaned closer and kissed her, like he had never done before. No virus, no time-loops, and no hallucinations… this one was for real.

Sam was the one to break the kiss, she looked around them, the security guards weren't far away and they had their guns aimed at them. The passengers on the plane began to unload, and a curious small crowd grew near them. She turned back to Jack. "What are you doing here?"

Jack pushed her hair behind her ears. "I can't let you go, Sam, I can't do that anymore. I need you. I need you more then anything else in this world. And if it's only our jobs that are keeping us apart, then screw them. It's not worth it. You deserve to love someone, and to have someone love you in return. Sam…" he got down on his knees, pulling out a small stack of papers he handed them to her. "Samantha Anne Carter, will you do me the best honor any guy could have," he took a deep breath, "by marrying me."

Sam stood there, on the verge of tears. It might not have been the most romantic way of proposing to a woman, but it was just perfect for her. She glanced down at the papers, it was all written in his handwriting. He was going to retire. She looked at the date; he had signed it a week ago. More tears slid down her face. "Yes, yes of course, I'll marry you. There's nothing in this world, or any world for that matter that I want more." She threw her hands around him once more.

Jack squeezed her tightly. "Oh god!" he whispered, "I thought I missed my chance… and that just tore me apart…" his grip on her tightened, "I love you Samantha."

Sam stared into his eyes. "I love you," she touched his face, "I love you."

Jack's smile grew bigger then it ever had. He turned to the now large crowd gathering near them. He swept Sam off her feet and began to spin her around. "She said yes! We're getting married!"

The crowd went wild. "You got a good one!" "Congratulations!"

The teenager Sam was sitting next to on the plane walked over to them, a huge smile plastered across her face. "This is so amazing! You used that whole bomb story to… and you! You chased the plane just to… oh my god!" she squealed, "That is what I call 'love'. Congratulations to the both of you!" she gave them each a hug before disappearing into the cheering crowd.

They turned to each other; they stared into each other's eyes, before pulling themselves into another kiss…

The End!


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