Title: The Watching
Challenge: Open Google search and type in "character's name is". Pick a phrase or a whole sentence that comes up and use that in your drabble ... or just use it as an inspiration or the title.
My Google Phrase: MacLeod is not much of a one for conspiracy theories.

The Watching

He sees them everywhere now. There's a man leaning against a tree across the street. In a bookstore, he catches a woman staring at him. She smiles, but he isn't sure. He meets the eyes of a stranger and sees recognition. He doesn't sleep much any more. Memories of Darius haunt him. He doesn't feel safe, even on holy ground. That woman in the front pew; the priest taking his confession …. He can't see their wrists; it's enough to drive him back to the street. Tessa's late. He's alone in the shop. But still, he can feel them watching.