Ok. My very first story. My friends have given me the thumbs up, but...i'll let you guys judge for me. Plz be honest and give me input on how to make it better.

Disclaimer:I am still trying, but do not yet own the Teen Titans... but I'll still keep trying, even if Cartoon Network won't accept my emails...and that restraining order won't last forever! MY DAY WILL COME! Ok, on with the story. :)

It started out as a normal day for the Teen Titans. They had played video games, trained, ate pizza, and were now locked in battle with the H.I.V.E 5. Cyborg was blasting away at Mammoth. Raven was battleing with Kyd Wykkyd. Starfire's eyes were illuminated with starbolts as she matched Seemore blow for blow. Beast Boy(now a T-rex) thrashed desperately at the many Billys around him, and Robin, against his friends requests, was pitted against both Jinx and Gizmo, and wasn't doing so well. Just then, a yellow and red streak flashed across the streat and stopped beside a panting Robin.

"Need some help?"

Jinx glared at the speedster before raising her right hand and throwing a pink wave at him. He dodged it easily by running around and behind her. He turned and smiled that cocky(but cute!) smile of his that all the girls fell for.

"Come on, Jinxy! I thought we were friends?" Kid Flash stated sarcastically.

The bad luck witch rolled her eyes and was about to hex him again, when Robin threw a disc at her from his utility belt, knocking her backwards. She stood up slowly and brushed herself off. Then she growled and turned to Gizmo.


Gizmo gave her a questioning look.

"Which one?"

"Bird Boy!"

That spiked a nerve in Robin and he jumped towards Gizmo. Just as he was flying towards him, the midget genious threw a silver orb at him that exploded with a flash of light. Robin fell to the hard, cold street with a loud crash, unconscious from the blow.

"Robin!" yelled a very worried Starfire.

The H.I.V.E 5 ran away, but Jinx stopped and looked back. Kid Flash met her eye and stared at her questioningly. For a moment, he thought he saw a look of envy in her eye as she saw Starfire lean over and help Robin. He scrunched his brow in curiosity, but then she just smirked and ran off. He joined the others who were standing over a battered looking Robin.

"So what did that silver, orby thingy do anyway?"

Beast Boy scratched his right elf ear thoughtfully.

"I'm not sure."

Cyborg was scanning Robin with some sort of blue ray while Raven probed his mind. Starfire was knelt down beside him with his head in her lap, tears filled her emerald green eyes.

"Don't worry, Star. We'll fix this" Cyborg assurd her.

No sooner had he said it did the boy wonder's eyes flutter open. He sat up and put his hand to his head. He winced in pain.


Starfire flung her arms around his muscled figure. At that, he turned aroun and stared at her, wide eyed.

"Robin? Are you alright?"

She looked at him nervously.

"Ya, but...who are you?"