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Back at Titans Tower-

Outside the hospital ward of the tower, Starfire was slung across two chairs, asleep. She had been up all night worrying about Robin, until her friends had convinced her to get some sleep.

"Being weak from a lack of energy won't help Robin in any way, Starfire." her telepathic friend had explained.

"Ya, Star, and don't worry. I've got his monitors linked to my system. If anything happens, I'll know."

She had finally agreed, but refused to go any farther then outside the door. Robin still had no idea where he was or what had happened.

Just the, Cyborg came out of the hospital ward looking frustrated and tired. The metal door made a whoosing sound as it shut behind him, pulling Starfire out of her light slumber.


She jumped up in front of him.

"Tell me he is doing 'the joking'."

The metal man shook his head.

"I wish he was, Star. That weapon of theirs gave him selective amnesia. And it just so happens they programmed it for him to forget the Titans. He doesn't remember any of us, but he keeps asking for Barbara."

That was when he realized he had said too much.


She was screaming now which drew the other two Titans into the hall.

"You know; Barbara. His old teammate; Batgirl. They used to..."

Raven cut him off.

"Maybe he should tell her?"

Beast Boy spoke up.

"Rae, come on. He doesn't even remember her. You really think he'd tell her that, when he dosn't even know her?"

Starfire didn't wait to hear the rest. The alien princess was already inside the hospital ward. She walked over to Robin's bedside. He was sitting up watching television and didn't notice the girl come in. She reached over and touched his arm lightly. He jerked, surprised by her touch and the fact that someone was there.

"Do you not remember me at all?"

"No...although... you do look a little familiar, like I used to know you a long time ago."

She was uddenly filled with hope, and she smiled.

"So, where am I anyway? The last thing I remember is talking to Barbara before I woke up in the middle of that street, surrounded by strange people. Now I'm here."

She shuddered at the mention of the other girl.

"You are in the Titans Tower. This is where we live."

The boy wonder raised an eyebrow.


"Yes. You are a member of a team of crime fighters called The Teen Titans. Actually, you are our leader."

He shook his head.

"Then why don't I remember any of it?"

"We were doing battle with the H.I.V.E 5, you were attacked with some sort of weapon that made you forget about your life as a titan...and your friends."

He stared down at the blanket, thinking about what the orange-haired girl had said. A thought occured to him and his head snapped up.

"How do I know this isn't a trick!"

A dissapointed look spread across her face. How could she prove this to him. An idea came to her and she quickly flew out of the room. She returned with three items: a videotape, a photo album, and a green and black journal with a red 'R' in the center of it. He looked at her quizically. She layed the photo album across the bed on his lap. As he reached for it, his hand brushed against hers lightly. She shivered at his touch. When he saw her reaction, he blushed. When he opened the album before him, he saw that the inside cover had the name Starfire written in it in purple ink with green glitter outlining it. He smiled.

"So your name is Starfire?"

"Yes. That is the english translation. My Tamaranean name is Koriand'r."

She explained everything to him; where Tamaran was, and how they had met. They both blushed when she told him that she had kissed him, both out of gratitude and a need to learn the english language. She showed him various photos of them both and their friends. He stopped at a group photo of them all and examined it. They were in the living room. A dark girl wearing a hood was sitting on the couch, reading a leather bound black book. A scrawny green boy with elf ears sat beside her, his arm around her shoulder, smiling a huge, very annoying, grin. Behind him was a half metal, african-american man. He was using his human hand to ruffle the green teen's hair. On the other side of the hooded girl, Starfire sat(actually floated) on the back of the couch, with a gentle smile on her face. Then he saw himself. He was standing to the side of the couch with his arm around Starfire's waist, leaning on the couch. They all looked so happy, but Starfire looked the happiest.

"She looks happy, the hooded one. But its almost like she doesn't want anyone to know that she's happy."

He chuckled.

"She evenm looks like she's blushing."

"But you do believe me, do you not?"

She was desperate for her friend to remember her. He smiled at her.

"So what's on the tape?"

She beamed at him before putting the video into the VCR located beneath the television.