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A/N:The conclusion to the on-going conversation between our hanyou and our houshi begun in 'Hot Pink' and 'In The Pink'. Thanks to Butteryasha for his input!

Written for the 500-words or less 'Pink' Quickie Challenge, February 2008, on InuErotica.

Warnings: Yep, it's definitely NWS due to language.

Pink Slip


Oi… the coast is clear, houshi; it's my ass that'll be in a sling if Kagome knew I was talkin' about this, so relax.

As I was sayin', our first time kinda sucked for Kagome. She was still tryin' to get her head around the fact that I was inside her when I came so fucking hard I saw stars. It was fuckingincredible… well, for me, but she didn't get anything out of it except for some aches and stains. I wanted to do something about it right then, but she got all quiet, so I let her up.

She was acting kinda weird, not looking at me and twisting her hands like she does when she's upset. Her panties were a lost cause, and she kept tuggin' down her skirt, so I wrapped my fire-rat around her. I sure as hell didn't expect her to start cryin'. Fuck, she looked so lost and scared that it took me a while to clue in that she thought I was gonna ditch her now that I'd had her.

Fuck… as if one taste of her was ever gonna be enough.

I held on tight and made it absolutely fucking clear that I was hers. In fact, I kept kissing her even when I heard the runt sneak up; the little brat tried to cause a 'sit' because she was still cryin', but he backed off real quick when she told him she was happy.

Keh. Little bushy-assed twerp… anyways, I started plottin' how to get her alone again while I carried both of them towards the inn. When you took off to 'exorcise' that teahouse and the slayer followed, I tossed the runt out of the room and locked the door.

Kagome was tucked up all cozy in the futon, but I had us both naked in seconds. Her skin was flushed pink from her bath and got even pinker when I touched her… fuck, I couldn't believe how soft and warm she was. She smelled so fucking good, but she tasted even better.

I licked her everywhere and… eh? Fuck… use your imagination, houshi.

Anyways, Kagome was a little tense and I figured that she was probably sore from earlier, so I kept touching and licking her until she stopped caring and started moanin' pretty loud. When she whispered my name in this sexy, husky voice I decided right then that I was gonna make her scream for me even if my tongue fell off from tryin'. She went over the edge so fast and hard that she brought the innkeeper runnin' with her racket; good thing for him that the lock held.

If there's a better feeling in the world than havin' your girl naked and willing in your arms, I don't know what it is… until you idiots interrupted us and we had to jump back into our clothes.

Keh. I really like pink, houshi, but only when Kagome's wearin' it.

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