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Cloud looked around the room, trying to find something to use to his defense against these two men. Aha! Right when he needed it...the buster blade. He ran to the display case on the far edge of his room and grabbed the hilt, lugging it off and flipping it around, facing it toward the two intruders,

"Get out, now!" He yelled, his eyes squinted in anger. He readied his stance and put both hands on the handle, trying to keep the blade steady. It was very light for a sword of it's size, but nerves were starting to get to him. He kept his voice calm all the same, "I said now!"

Solstice walked forward with a evil smirk on his face, his long black trench coat (like the ones in Advent Children) dragging on the wooden floor. He raised his hand and twirled it around, letting Sephiroth know that he wanted him to follow. He smirked widely and continued to pursue his little blonde, "Cloud, please, don't point that at me,"

"LEAVE!" Cloud yelled, taking a step forward and spinning around, bringing his sword with him to slash at Solstice. He slashed at him, but the man jumped. Cloud stumbled a little at the force, then steaded himself. He looked around and then up. Solstice was smirking, clinging to the ceiling.

Cloud grunted and swung his sword up in vein, trying to, if anything, hit Solstice. But the man was just too fast for his own good, and Cloud grunted. He clicked something on his sword and it came apart into two.

(AN: He has the sword from Advent Children, hope that's okay...hehe)

He Jumped around and slashed again at Solstice, making the man jump back in a feudal attempt to dodge both attacks by both swords.

Cloud, taking this time to his own use, crossed his arms and jumped through the window at a run. He ran out to under the tree, feeling the wind mixed with dull pink petals brush against his cheeks. He heard a sound and jumped forward, rolling and jumping up again, dodging to the side. He saw that Solstice had materialized a sword, and it was a great one. He also saw that Sephiroth was on Solstice's side, holding his long sword as well. (AN: I still can't believe how Freaking long that sword is)

Cloud ran forward at them, clashing his blade with theirs. He pushed, but they were stronger than him be themselves, let alone together. He jumped and slashed at them, having them attack back, keeping him up in the air with the momentum.


Leon sprinted across the lawn, having just been informed by an exhausted Sora that Cloud was being attacked by Solstice. He didn't know what to do, but he knew that Cloud could take care of himself. But that didn't keep him from being worried out of his wits.

He ran up to the long white fence keeping him from the back yard. He heard a cry of agony coming from the backyard, and he jumped the fence, hearing a enraged cry. He heard more clashes of what sounded like metal on metal and then finally came into view of what was going on.

Cloud was standing there, a sword in his left hand and a sword in the right. There was a blade impaled in the grass, close to the tree, and some of the flowers were cut in half and damaged. He looked around and saw that Solstice was standing there, his blade clutched in his grasp. He looked angry, and Leon soon found out why. He saw...Sephiroth, standing a few meters away, clutching his stomach. He was bleeding freely and his face was deathly pale. Cloud must have struck him.

Cloud wasn't lying when he said that he knew how to use the Buster sword.

"I'll kill you," Solstice said, all thoughts of ever 'wanting' Cloud erased from his mind. He was actually growling at Cloud, and he lunged forward, making Cloud bring up his weapon in defense.

Leon knew he should do something, something to help Cloud. But he couldn't move. His feet felt like they were glued to the grass. He just watched as the worn-out Cloud continued to battle against this angry mad-man. And he...he felt like he could do nothing about it.

He was shocked out of his thoughts when he saw Solstice knock one of the swords out of Cloud's hands and lunge at him again. He was going to kill Cloud! Leon knew it!

Before Leon knew what was happening, his feet were moving and he was running forward. He was running faster than he ever had in his life and he jumped in front of Cloud, using his body as a shield.


Leon opened his eyes and saw that Cloud had reached around him from the back and blocked Solstice's attack...with the sword in the other hand. Gees, Sometimes Leon did things on instinct.

"Take this, hurry!" Cloud said as he was pushing against Solstice. He handed Leon the sword that was impaled in the ground (Them having been near it) and he nodded.

Leon, without another thought, thrust the blade forward and up, hearing a terrible ripping sound and a crunch. He heard an antagonized scream and he let the blade go.

Solstice stumbled back, trying to pull the blade impaled through his stomach out. He gasped in pain and looked over at his brother, who was slowly starting to disintegrate into bright lights, floating upwards. Solstice's eyes widened and he tried to gasp out words, then he looked back toward the two men who had killed him and his brother, and he scowled, "C...loud."

He was cut off as his body started to filter and change into light, his antagonized cry was blown into the wind as he floated into the clouds, the sword dropping at the grass.

Leon was stunned for a moment, then turned around to look at his boyfriend, "Cloud! Are you alri-!"

He was cut off when Cloud nearly tackled him to the ground in a giant embrace, "You stupid! What were you thinking, jumping in front of me like that? You could have gotten yourself killed!"

"I'd be more than willing to suffer for the happiness of the ones I love," He said, using the exact words of Cloud. Cloud laughed a little, but then his shoulders started to shake.

"You're so stupid! What would I have done if you died? I would have been so sad and you would have been gone. Then Riku would have to go to a foster home and then Sora would be sad and then that would make me sad. Then no one would be happy. And then all your friends would be sad and then the Axel guy and the Roxas guy would break up and then they'd be sad. Then everyone around them would be sad. Then the parents would be sad and then they would break up and then they'd be sad. And then everyone in the community around them would be sad and then more and more people would be sad! That would then make me and Sora more and more sad!" He sniffled and continued to bury his face in Leon's chest.

"Everyone would be sad if I was gone?" Leon asked, looking down at Cloud while rubbing his back. He chuckled a little.

"Yes!" Cloud exclaimed, looking up at Leon with tears running down his face. He'd never cried before this, truly. He'd never cried before, and his eyes kind of burned in pain from that. He rubbed his eyes, but no matter what he did, he couldn't stop from crying.

"Why are you nervous? I only thought that you rambled when you were nervous," Leon said, rubbing Cloud's shoulders.

Cloud sighed and tears continued to fall, like his eyes needed the release, "I'm so nervous that You were going to get hurt, or you will get hurt. There's still Ansem out there, and he'll no doubt come after me after killing his brothers. And then theirs those three goons of Sephiroth's that will come after me. Then there's Solstice's people and organization. And I was so scared that you were hurt, or you would abandon me for having so many people after me,"

"I'll never leave you Cloud," Leon said, smiling warmly and cupping his loves face in his palms, "and I don't plan on ever leaving you. And...we can leave again, because I know they'll know we're here. And I don't mind moving around, as long as I'm with you. As long as you don't mind, and I'll do anything,"

Cloud smiled and put his face in Leon's chest and his shoulders shook again and again while he made weird sobbing sounds, "'ll really come with me?"

"Of course, I'd have it no other way. Plus, I'll get to see the sights," He said, wrapping his arms around Cloud's shoulders, resting his cheek on Cloud's hair, taking in the sent.

"We just finished unpacking," Cloud laughed, then sighed, "This time we'll pack light, not stopping in a place for more than two months, right?"

"Right, whatever you say," Leon said, then noticed that Cloud was yet to stop crying.

"Cloud, please, I hate to see you cry this much," He pushed Cloud back a bit and wiped a bit of the moisture off the man's cheeks.

Cloud laughed a little and tried to wipe it off as well, "I can't seem to stop crying,"

"That's alright," Leon said, feeling tears prick the back of his eyes too, "But pretty soon I'll start crying,"

"Stop being so sappy," Cloud laughed, pulling out of Leon's arms and turning toward his fence, walking toward Leon's home, "I'm going to go see if Sora and Riku are alright,"

"I'll come with you," Leon said, following the blonde.

He'd follow that guy to the ends of the earth.



Hope you guys liked it, and it was a REALLY sappy ending. Well, I'm thinking of putting up a sequel. Tell me if you want me to put one up.