Digimon A.D. (After Digiworld)

Episode 1- History Repeats Itself

Written by: Steeldramon21

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon, otherwise I would have burned the epilogue to Episode 50 a long time ago. Burn, baby, burn!

Plot: I did some slight revisions to the story but the plot is the same. Anyway, this begins about four years after Episode 50 and unfortunately includes the epilogue. It also introduces six of the DigiDestined children as the new DigiDestined. Enjoy this first of many adventures. The intro is the same one for Season 3 except that it's replaced with the adult and children DigiDestined and their Digimon in their various forms.

Characters (and relations to the adult DigiDestined)

Tamachi "Peter" Kamiya (11)- Taichi Kamiya
Matthew Ishida (10)- Yamato and Sora Ishida (It's TEMPORARY! I despise Sorato!)
Serena Ishida (10)- Yamato and Sora Ishida
Sakura Izumi (11)- Koushiro and Mimi Izumi
Mia Ichijouchi (12)- Ken and Yolei Ichijouchi (With this couple, I can go either way.)
Ryo Takahashi (11)- Takeru Takaishi

Prologue (Peter's POV) Well, a lot has changed since the DigiDestined defeated the Digiworld's evils twenty-five years ago. Both worlds are at peace and everyone knows about the Digimon now. Taichi Kamiya became a soccer coach for Odaiba Middle School. Sora Takenouchi became a florist in her mother's shop. Yamato Ishida became the first man to explore Mars, even though he was only supposed to go to the Moon. Koushiro Izumi developed informational software about the Digiworld. Mimi Tachikawa stars in a cooking show on cable. She's no
Martha Stewart, though. Joe Kido became the Digiworld's first doctor. Takeru Takaishi became a famous writer and even wrote about the original DigiDestined's adventures in the Digiworld. Hikari Kamiya became a kindergarden teacher. Daisuke Motimiya opened a successful noodle cart. Ken Ichijouchi and Miyako Inoue are married with Ken on the police force and Miyako... well... doesn't. Iori Hida became a lawyer. He handles wrongful accusation cases. All of them are married with children. I'm one of them. Who am I, you ask? My name is Tamachi Kamiya, but everyone calls me Peter. Yes, I'm Taichi's son. Let me introduce my friends. There's Sakura Izumi, Koushiro and Mimi's daughter. She's pretty cool, for a girl. There's Matthew and Serena Ishida, Sora and Yamato's kids. They seem okay but for some reason their family is having problems. I'll explain later. Matthew's the self-imposed "cool one" and Serena's the type of person who stays to herself. Sakura is her best friend. Then there's Mia Ichijouchi, the resident genius. She's Ken and Miyako Ichijouchi's daughter. She's all right too. She's the type who analyzes a problem over and over before solving it. Finally, there's Ryo Takaishi, Takeru's son. He's nice enough and a lot stronger than most people think. We're what some people used to call DigiDestined. Our adventure started when our parents sent us to summer camp one day. My cousin, Kate, was out of the country so she wasn't there. Anyway...

Chapter 1

"Ah. This is the life." Peter thought to himself as he sat in a nearby tree. Some said that he looked like a younger version of his father with his silver goggles, blue T-shirt, khaki pants, and messed-up brown hair. To him, it was a compliment. "No parents, no rules. Just me and the sun."

"Hey, don't forget about me." Koromon, his partner Digimon, said as he hopped onto his chest.

"Of course I wouldn't forget about you, Koromon."

"Hey Peter." Sakura called up to her friend. She was more or less like Sora at that age with her caring nature as well as her crimson-red hair that she kept under a baseball cap. She was also a bit of a tomboy and always wore jeans instead of skirts along with a set of red gloves. "You thinking about joining the rest of us down here on Earth?"

"I'll be down in a second." Peter got up and jumped down with Koromon in his arms. Sakura was holding a Tanemon. Out of all the children at the camp, Peter and Sakura were the closest. "So, what's up?"

"Well, Mia thinks that she discovered a DigiPort near here. We're going to check it out. Wanna go?"

"Sure. I mean, there's nothing to do here." The two children set off in the direction of the other children. Matthew and Serena Ishida were playing a card game with Yokomon and Tsunomon. They were determined to stay together even though their mother and father probably weren't. (I'll explain later.) Matthew was wearing his traditional green shirt with black pants and Serena was wearing a pink shirt with red jeans.

Ryo Takaishi was talking to his Digimon, Tokomon. He was a very quiet person but had a strong sense of dignity. He also wore a dress shirt and slacks to reflect his persona. Mia was checking something on her computer with Minomon. She was a kind person but hardly socialized with anyone except for her Digimon. She always wore a set of blue overalls and a hat to cover her long black hair.

"So, where's this DigiPort that I heard about?" Peter asked.

"It's right in front of us, Peter." Mia said without looking up from her laptop. "It should open up momentarily."

"I apologize for Mia." Minomon said. "She's not that social sometimes."

"It's okay." Sakura said to the pinecone-looking Digimon. "I understand."

"Cool. We're going to the Digital World." Matthew said, finally looking up from his card game. "I heard about it from my dad."

"He said that they had a lot of adventures there when they were our age." Serena said as she picked up her Yokomon.

"I hope that nothing goes wrong while we're there." Ryo said.

"Don't worry. If anything happens, I'll protect you." Tokomon reassured him.

"Okay, everyone. The gate's open." Mia said as she closed her laptop and picked up Minomon.

"Then let's go. DigiPort open!" Peter said as he held his digivice up to the sky. Suddenly, a tidal wave of water rushed over the children and swept them into the Digiworld, like their parents had been twenty-five years before.

Chapter 2

When Peter came to, he found himself in a jungle-like setting. There were trees everywhere. He sat up and realized that he was alone. Except for Koromon that was beside him.

"I was wondering when you would wake up, Peter." Koromon said to his partner. Peter got up and adjusted his goggles.

"Koromon, is this the Digiworld?"

"Yeah. But I don't see the others."

"Neither do I." Just then, a familiar figure emerged from the bushes.

"Hi guys. Where were you?" Peter turned towards the voice. It was Sakura.

"Sakura. Well, we were just..."

"Taking a nap?" Sakura said as Tanemon hopped out beside her and gave Koromon a curious look. Peter blushed slightly at the remark.

"Never mind. Where are the others?" Just then, they heard roaring in the distance.

"I know that sound." Tanemon said.

"What's that?" Sakura asked. Suddenly, a fireball shot from behind a wall of trees. It revealed a giant Digimon that the children hoped that they would never see.

"It's Tyrannomon!" Peter said.

Digimon Analyzer: Tyrannomon is a Champion Digimon whose "Blaze Blast" attack blows his enemies away.

"We've gotta get out of here!" Sakura said. With that, the children picked up their Digimon and ran off in the opposite direction. They bumped into Ryo, Matthew, Serena, and Mia on the way.

"Hey Peter." Ryo said. "What's the problem?"

"A huge Digimon by the name of Tyrannomon." Just then, the dinosaur Digimon appeared over the horizon. The children continued to run until they came to a cliff.

"It looks like the end of the road." Sakura said.

"That does it." Peter said. "No more running."

"Are you crazy?" Matthew said with an irritated tone in his voice.

"We can't stand up to an Champion Digimon." Serena said.

"If there's anything my dad taught me is never to give up." Peter took out his digivice and pointed it at Koromon. It was exactly the same as the ones that the original DigiDestined carried except for being different colors and having slots on one side. Peter's was orange, Sakura's was red, Matthew's was blue, Serena's was green, Mia's was purple, and Ryo's was yellow. The others also pointed their digivices towards their Digimon and they began to digivolve.

"Koromon, digivolve to... Isomon!"

"Tanemon, digivolve to... Tarimon!"

"Tsunomon, digivolve to... Badgermon!"

"Yokomon, digivolve to... Nubiomon!"

"Tokomon, digivolve to... Prairiemon!"

"Minomon, digivolve to... Beemon!"

"How come you didn't digivolve into the Digimon our parents have?" Matthew said.

"Later. Right now, we need to take care of this reject from the Stone Age." Badgermon told his partner.

Digimon Analyzer: Isomon is the Rookie form of Koromon. (He looks like a cross between Guilmon and Agumon. He's an orange color and is Agumon's size.) He uses his "Plasma Ball" attacks to knock out his opponents.

Digimon Analyzer: Tarimon is the Rookie form of Tanemon. (She looks like a rabbit with Gatomon's body and white fur.) Her "Sonic Kick" attack makes her the fastest Digimon on two feet.

Digimon Analyzer: Badgermon is the Rookie form of Tsunomon. (He's a blue and green version of Gabumon.) He uses his "Claw Slash" to wipe out his enemies.

Digimon Analyzer: Nubiomon is the Rookie form of Yokomon. (She is a Biyomon with black feathers.) Her "Spiral Laser" burns her opponents to a crisp.

Digimon Analyzer: Prairiemon is the Rookie form of Tokomon. (He's Patamon digivolved with the DigiEgg of Kindness.) His "Ground Zero" attack buries his enemies. (I'm not sure if that's his real attack or not.)

Digimon Analyzer: Beemon is the Rookie form of Minomon. (She is a gold, winged version of Wormmon.) Her "Burning Stinger" attack makes your skin crawl.

"All right, Digimon." Isomon said. "Let's do it. Plasma Ball!" He spit out a ball of high-energy plasma to Tyrannomon.

"Sonic Kick!" Tarimon shouted as she kicked him in on of his ribs.

"Claw Slash!" Badgermon shouted as he used his claws to slice at his legs.

"Spiral Laser!" Nubiomon shouted as she released a spiral of red energy at Tyrannomon.

"Ground Zero!" Prairiemon shouted as he burrowed around Tyrannomon, bringing him to his knees.

"Burning Stinger!" Beemon shouted as she launched a barrage of stingers at Tyrannomon. All of these attacks managed to only anger him.

"He's not even phased." Matthew said.

"Now what do we do?" Sakura said.

Just then, Tyrannomon got to his feet and was VERY angry. He growled at the children.

"This is not good." Mia said.

"Blaze Blast!" The massive Digimon said as he launched several fireballs towards the children.

"Watch out!" Peter said. It was too late. The cliff that they were standing on collapsed from the attack.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The children and Digimon screamed as they plummeted downward.

Epilogue (Peter's POV) Well, just when our Digimon and us start our adventure in the Digiworld, we already have problems. Will we survive to see each other again? Who knows? Find out next time on "Digimon: Digital Monsters."

To be continued...

So, how was it? I need reviews. This is intended to be the first episode in a long-running series based directly on "Digimon: Digital Monsters." Also, in future episodes, I'll explain why Matthew and Serena's parents, Sora and Matt, are having problems. I'll also include the other children of the DigiDestined later on. See ya!