Digimon: A.D. (After Digiworld)

Episode 10: The Spirits of Courage and Love

Written by: Steeldramon21

Disclaimer: I never owned Digimon. Don't bother to sue.

Plot: In this episode, the DigiDestined (only the children this time) fight DemonMyotismon. Also, two of the Digimon go to the Mega level for the first time.


Peter and Isomon
Sakura and Tarimon
Matthew and Badgermon
Serena and Nubiomon
Mia and Beemon
Ryo and Prairiemon
Kate and Ringmon


Tai and Agumon
Sora and Biyomon
Izzy and Tentomon
Mimi and Palmon
Ken and Wormmon
Yolei and Hawkmon
T.K and Patamon
Kari and Gatomon

Prologue: (Sakura's POV) MagnaDevimon appeared and demanded our surrender. So Peter sent us to find our parents so we can fight him together. I was worried because he'd never be able to stop him alone. Anyway, we got there and MagnaDevimon de-digivolved our parents' Digimon. Then Cleomon, Kate's Digimon, digivolved into DarkAngewomon and kicked MagnaDevimon's butt! But it wasn't over, because then this evil Digimon named DemonMyotismon came right out of the sky.

Chapter 1

"Plasma Cannon!" MetalExomon shouted as he launched his attack at DemonMyotismon. They hit him with a huge explosion.

"That's it! Do it, MetalExomon!" Peter shouted. When the smoke cleared, DemonMyotismon was still there.

"He doesn't even have a scratch on him." Matthew said.

"Now it's my turn. Crimson Nightmare!" DemonMyotismon shouted as he fired several dark energy lasers at all of the DigiDestined, knocking them to the ground. When Peter got up, he was still determined to stop this guy.

"I won't let you win." Peter said. "MetalExomon, try everything that you've got!"

"Cyber Blade!" MetalExomon said as he tried to slice through DemonMyotismon with the blades on his arms. The demon Digimon only held up his hands and blasted MetalExomon with a beam of negative energy. The dragon Digimon fell to the ground hard but still got up.

"Foolish child. You cannot defeat me with these games." DemonMyotismon said.

"Help is on the way." Salenedramon said as she led the other Digimon to the battle. "Winds of Change!" She whirled around and generated a huge thunderbolt. It hit DemonMyotismon but he only absorbed it.

"Don't give up, Salenedramon!" Sakura shouted.

"Sonic Howl!" Cougarmon shouted as he fired a blue bolt of energy from the guns on his back. They only scratched DemonMyotismon's armor.

"Watch out, Cougarmon!" Matthew shouted.

"Techno Beam!" TechnoBeemon shouted as she fired her laser. DemonMyotismon blocked it with his arms.

"Be careful, TechnoBeemon!" Mia said.

"Wing Whip!" Leeramon shouted as she unleashed her laser. DemonMyotismon's armor absorbed it.

"Go, Leeramon!" Serena shouted.

"Hand Of Vengeance!" MetalAngemon said as he shot a laser of positive energy from his wrist. It barely charred DemonMyotismon's armor. He reeled and growled with disgust.

"All right, MetalAngemon!" Ryo said.

"Angels. Of all the Digimon in the Digital World, it had to be angels." DemonMyotismon growled. In his previous form of Myotismon, he was destroyed by an angel Digimon. He was NOT about to go through that again.

"Strange." Izzy said as he whipped out his old pineapple laptop. After all of this time, he still carried it with him. He opened it and began analyzing DemonMyotismon. "Hmmm. According to this, he drains the Digimon of their abilities and uses it against them. Cougarmon, TechnoBeemon, and Leeramon won't last much longer."

"But what about the others, Izzy?" Tai asked. "Shouldn't they be getting weaker too?"

Izzy looked at Peter and Sakura, who were cheering their Digimon on. "For some reason, MetalExomon and Salenedramon are still able to fight. This makes no sense."

"Watch out!" Tai said as he pushed Sora, Matthew and Serena out of the way of Cougarmon, who had fallen to the ground. Cougarmon then de-digivolved into Tsunomon from being so weak.

"Oh man! You're In-Training!" Matthew said as he picked up his Digimon.

"I'm so sorry, Matthew. I tried." Tsunomon said weakly. Meanwhile, Leeramon had also been struck down and returned to her form of Yokomon.

"We did what we could, Serena." Yokomon said as Serena picked her up. Finally, TechnoBeemon slammed into the ground and de-digivolved into Minomon.

"Are you okay, Minomon?" Mia said as she picked up her Digimon.

"I've been better." The pinecone-looking Digimon replied.

"This is a mess." Serena said. "Now how do we stop him?"

"Wait a second." Mia said to the others. "The prophecy said that a miracle will happen if the angels of Life and Peace shoot arrows to the spirits of Courage and Love."

"So, if MetalAngemon and DarkAngewomon are the angels, then who has the spirits of Courage and Love?" Matthew said.

"Well, Tai and Sora have the crests of Courage and Love." Yolei added.

"I don't think that it's them." Ken said. "If the prophecy meant the crests, it would have said so. That goes for the DigiEggs as well."

"True, so that rules out Davis and Yolei as well." Tai said. Then it dawned on him. "The only people who could have the spirits of Courage and Love are..."

WHAM! Just then, MetalExomon was thrown into the side of a building, bringing down a lot of debris. Salenedramon wasn't far behind as she slammed into a building. They returned to their forms of Isomon and Tarimon.

"Look out!" Peter said as he pushed her out of the way of falling debris. She landed on the ground with Peter on top of her.

"I was right. Peter and Sakura are the ones in the prophecy!" Tai said. Everyone looked at him.

"What are you talking about, Tai?" Sora said with a skeptical look on her face. "They don't have the crests of Courage and Love."

"But they DO have Nobility and Compassion, different versions of our old crests." Tai said. Peter, who had overheard his father, turned towards Ryo and Kate.

"Ryo! Kate! You have to get them to shoot at us!" Peter said to his cousin.

"Are you serious, Peter?" Kate said. "What if they get hurt?"

"We'll be fine." Sakura said. "Besides, the prophecy said that a miracle would happen, so we don't have a choice."

"I guess so." Ryo said. He and Kate then both turned to their Digimon. "MetalAngemon, you and MagnaAngewomon have to shoot your arrows at Peter and Sakura."

"Does that make any sense to you?" MetalAngemon said as he formed an arrow of energy.

"No, but it looks like we don't have a choice." MagnaAngewomon said as she formed one of her own. The angel Digimon both shot their arrows at Peter and Sakura. Both children's crests began to glow brightly with an orange and red light. Both arrows went into the children's digivices, causing the energy to overload and explode outward.


"Isomon, warp digivolve to... Steeldramon!"

"Tarimon, warp digivolve to... Kyhedramon!"

Chapter 2

"I don't believe it." Peter said, impressed by the two Mega Digimon. "They digivolved to the Mega level."

"I guess that's the miracle that the prophecy talked about." Sakura said, also amazed at the transformation.

Digimon Analyzer: That's Steeldramon, Isomon's Mega form. (He's a Vaccine variation of Dukemon except is an orange and silver color and has MagnaAngemon's energy sword on his wrist. He also has a shield in one hand with the crest of Bravery on it as well as a large red cloak.) He uses an attack called "Thunder Sword", turning the energy around him into a sword of solid light!

Digimon Analyzer: Kyhedramon is Tarimon's Mega form. (She is a variation of Sakuyamon with gold body armor and arm guards. She also has platinum hair.) She uses her "Quantum Blaster", transforming her opponent's energy into a powerful bolt of lightning!

"Why do I have the feeling that history is repeating itself?" Tai said.

"I don't know, but right now they're the only hope against DemonMyotismon." Sora said as he held his hand reassuringly. They were proud of the fact that their children were carrying on the legacy of being DigiDestined. The new Mega Digimon prepared to face the demon. He was angry as he glared at them, malice in his yellow eyes.

"I must admit, I underestimated you children." DemonMyotismon said. " Yet, you shall not prevail against me."

"Wanna bet?" Peter said, refusing to show any fear.

"I am curious as to why your Digimon are still able to fight. Under the power of my Crimson Nightmare attack, they should have been de-energized."

"True, but you forgot about one thing." Sakura said.

"Really? And that would be what?"

"You're dealing with the DigiDestined!" Peter and Sakura said. Their Digimon flew up to fight DemonMyotismon. Steeldramon punched him straight in the jaw while Kyhedramon kicked him in the ribs, knocking him into the side of a building.

"All right!" Sakura said.

DemonMyotismon got up and growled in rage. He had dealt with Mega Digimon before and the result was unpleasant.

"Crimson Nightmare!" he said as he launched his attack. Steeldramon used the shield on his back to block it.

"You wanna fight dirty? I'll give you dirty." Steeldramon said as he replaced his shield. His hands began to glow as he flew into the sky. "Steel Punch!" He roared as he hit DemonMyotismon with his claws and slammed him backwards. He growled in anger.

"My turn. Quantum Blaster!" Kyhedramon shouted as her wrists glowed with energy. She crossed her wrists together and released a bolt of lightning at DemonMyotismon. It forced him to the ground. When he got up, he was ANGRY.

"Dual Shock!" MetalAngemon and MagnaAngewomon shouted as they used their dual attack. Two bolts of red energy flew from DemonMyotismon's eyes and slammed into the two digital angels, forcing them back to Tokomon and Nyaramon. As Ryo and Kate caught their Digimon, DemonMyotismon growled at the children.

"Do you honestly think that you can defeat me?" DemonMyotismon said as he began to glow with red energy.

"I know we can," Peter said, "because no matter what, we won't give in to people like you!" Suddenly, everyone's digivices started going off. They released several points of light that stripped the demon Digimon of his powers. DemonMyotismon actually showed fear on his face.

"No, you cannot deny me of my destiny!" He howled.

"Now it's time to end this." Steeldramon said.

"I agree." Kyhedramon said. "His evil has poisoned the world long enough."

"Steel Sword!" Steeldramon shouted as his entire body glowed. He formed a sword of light on his wrist and slammed it into DemonMyotismon.

"Quantum Blaster!" Kyhedramon shouted as she released a shockwave of energy from her body towards the demon Digimon. DemonMyotismon was engulfed by the energy of the attacks and slowly began to disintegrate. By the time that the energy faded, he was gone and the sky had returned to normal. Steeldramon and Kyhedramon had returned to their In-Training forms of Koromon and Tanemon.

Chapter 3

"That was incredible, guys!" Peter said as he picked up his Digimon.

"Thanks, Peter." Koromon said.

"I'm impressed, Tanemon." Sakura said to her Digimon.

"It was nothing." Tanemon said to her partner.

"Kids, I'm proud of you." Tai said as he and the other adult DigiDestined ran up to their children. "You definitely lived up to being DigiDestined."

"It looks like you don't need us older guys anymore." Ken said.

"I wouldn't say that." Ryo said. "If it weren't for you guys, we wouldn't have been able to finish the job."

"In that case, it's time to celebrate." Kari said. "Let's have a big party."

"Great! I'll make the refreshments!" Mimi said. Everyone groaned at that statement. Tai, however, was looking into the sky and thinking to himself. Sora came over to him and put her arms around him.

"What's wrong, Tai?" Sora asked him.

"Someday our kids will be called on again to save the Digital World." Tai said. "That day will be the biggest one of their lives. When that day comes, we won't be there to help them."

"I know. I'm worried too. But you know what, Tai?"


"They'll make it the same way that we did. Together." Sora said. The two eldest DigiDestined then did something that could be described as pure chemistry or as a realized love. They kissed like children, innocently at first but slowly building in intensity. When they finally broke apart, they heard multiple whistles and clapping. Tai and Sora both blushed when they realized where they were coming from.

"All right, Dad!" Peter said.

"Does this mean we have to be HIS brother now?" Matthew said.

"And what would be so terrible about that?" Peter said as he eyed Matthew. Everyone laughed at the remark.

"Let's go home, guys." Ken said. With that, all of the DigiDestined and Digimon walked off into the sunrise, perhaps onward to a new adventure...

Is this the end of the DigiDestined's adventures? Not by a long shot! Stay tuned for Season 5 of "Digimon: Digital Monsters"!