Optimusprimus001 (Subi): Well, I think people are going to throw huge fits because I ended the last story without getting Starscream back home...

Shiori: Dang right we are.

Subi: (sigh) Will I ever get peace again?

Shiori: Nope. Not since you "fixed" Optimus.

Subi: Well, I dont know about you, but I prefer my Autobot leader to be 70 m. tall, thank you.

Optimus Prime: I hated being 7 feet tall... And if you try that again... (shakes his fist at Shiori) Even if you are my sister...

Shiori: oo; Understood, sir...

1. A New Place and Time

Eight years... Shiori thought, sitting on a bench in Iacon City's park, watching Leo and Snarl playing with the smaller transformers. It only seems like yesterday, when I met those two, and Leo saved my daugther... And they still haven't changed a bit...

"OOOOOUUUUUuuuu!" Snarl howled, chasing a ball that one of them threw. Nearby, Leo had found a ball that jingled when it got hit, and was henceforth amusing his cat-like mind by batting it around to some of the kids who kicked it back to him or to each other. Shiori watched one of the kids in particular. A thin, blue, silver, and red seeker, slightly taller than the others, was playing with the silver wolf that came with Snarl every now and then. Giggling, the seeker tossed a light-purple ball, and watched as the silver wolf raced after it and brought it back to one the other girls. Laughter rang out each time the silver wolf chose someone who hadn't thrown it yet, and the chosen bot would look embarrassed and throw the ball for the wolf.

Shiori smiled as she watched, glad that her daughter was having fun. It had been rough for the first few years, to raise her daughter on her own. But somewhere along the way, someone would offer a hand- sometimes from an unexpected place, and Shiori did them a favor by not telling anyone who had offered the hidden help. She doubted anyone would believe her if she told them that Megatron himself kept an eye out for Alexis. His reward was big enough to be called "Uncle Megatron!" whenever he came near the front yard of their house and being tackle-hugged by the thin, blue/silver/red seeker that was playing in the park now. Optimus's greeting wasn't much different on Alexis's part, though the Autobot leader was still tall enough (and willing enough) to sweep the seeker off her feet and carry her back into the house with much laughter on both sides.

Shiori glanced at the clock-tower that was near the center of the park. Finding it was almost dinnertime, she stood up and called to her daughter.

"Alexis! It's time to eat!"

"Aww... Coming Mom!" she called back, and throwing the ball one last time, ran back to meet Shiori at the edge of the park. "Can we eat at Hot Shot's, Mom? Canwecanwecanwe?" she asked.


"Pleeeeease, Mom?" Alexis pressed. Shiori sighed. "I suppose..."


"But mind your manners!" Shiori quickly scolded, not wanting her daughter to get out of hand in the resturaunt.

"Yes, Mom." Alexis smiled at her mother. "I always am."

"Mmm hmm..." Shiori said, knowing otherwise, but letting it drop because she knew Hot Shot was already planning on them being there...

"Heyyyy, if it isn't our special birthday-girl!" Hot Shot grinned at the small seeker. "Anything special for you, princess?" he asked teasingly. Alexis giggled.

"Usual!" she piped happily before adding, "And an extra cookie for my birthday!" She pouted suddenly. "You do have a cookie, don't you? Not like last time..." she gave him a look. Hot Shot laughed.

"You're never going to forgive me for that, are you?"

"Maybe..." Alexis said slowly. Hot Shot faked a dissappointed sigh, "Then how about I make it up?"

"Oooo... How are you going to do that?"

"By giving you a present!" Hot Shot grinned, and put a box in front of her. "I'll be back with your food in a minute, gals..." He ran over to the next customer and asked what he could get for them. In the meantime, Alexis ripped into the box.

"Wow!" she gasped, finding a gold, sparkling necklace in it. She stared at it. "He got this for me?"

"Looks like it, Alexis," Shiori smiled. "Do you want me to help you put it on?"

"Yes please!" Alexis said, and held out the necklace to her mom. Shiori took it and gently clasped it around her daughter's neck. A moment later, Hot shot was there with their food.

"Do you like it, Alexis?"

"It's wonderful! If you weren't on the other side of the counter, I'd hug you, Hot Shot!" She declared. He laughed.

"Tell you what, I'll come by later and you can hug me then."

"Alright!" Alexis said happily. Shiori smiled at Hot Shot.

"Thank you, Hot Shot. That was kind of you."

"Hey, she's getting too big for just cookies, Y'know..."

"True, but-"

"Look, Shiori. Don't worry about it. It's her birthday," He said flatly, letting her know he didn't want to be payed back for it. He then ran back into the depths of the kitchen to get the next order.

"Stubborn as always," Shiori sighed, before picking up her glass and taking a sip out of it...

"I'm eight years old! I'm eight years old!" Alexis was singing happily as she bounded toward the door to get the mail from the mailbox that was at the gate to the yard. She skipped out the door and stopped to talk to her neighbor for a moment.

"I'm eight years old!" she told Crosswise proudly.

"Eight human years, or eight Cybertronian years?" He asked her.

"Cybertronian, silly! You know I'm older than eight human years!" she said, too happy to be spoiled by a rhetorical question. Crosswise laughed as she skipped back to the mailbox. Halfway there, she saw three someones she recognized very well...

"UNCLE OPTIMUS! UNCLE MEGATRON! AUNT BLAZESTORM!" Alexis shouted, and dashed out the gate and down the sidewalk to them. Shiori was at the door a moment later. Megatron hesitated, with an embarrassed look on his face while his bondmate covered her mouth with her hand to hide her amusement. Optimus laughed, and knelt down to catch Alexis in a hug.

"If it isn't an escaped little seeker..." He chuckled, picking her up.

"Wheee!" she cried, putting both of her hands into the air. "Run me back home, Uncle Optimus!"

"Sorry, Alexis. I'll be lucky if I can carry you there..." he sighed, wincing as some sparks danced across his right side.

"Then put me down before Mom yells at you..."

"Alright... Pushy little thing, aren't you?" He asked her teasingly as he set her down again.

"Pushy! I'll give you 'pushy' when you get better!" she scolded, before her excitment overtook her again. "I'm eight years old!" she chirped, and then hugged Megatron. Blazestorm laughed.

"..." Megatron looked down at her before letting out a sigh. He then leaned over and picked her up. "If he won't carry you back, I guess I will..."

"Wheee!" she cheered, and then snuggled close to his chest, making his face flush with embarrasment again. Optimus stood up and walked with them back to Shiori's and Alexis' house. A few hours later, Optimus left by himself and headed towards the spaceport...

Subi: WHOO!... And to think this is only the first chapter and I'm already siked about this...

Shiori: Definite problem, yep.

Subi: Who was asking you?

Shiori: Abolutely, positively Nobody!

Subi: Really? Now that makes one think...

Shiori: Oh shut it.

Optimus Prime: (humming a song to himself in an attempt to ignore their arguing) ...

Shiori: (snickers) Optimus is humming!

Optimus Prime: AM NOT!

Shiori: Are too... Don't deny.

Optimus Prime: I'll 'deny' if I want to. And I am. Now quit arguing with me.

Shoiri: Fine, You win... (mutters) ... this one, anyways...