18. The New Seer

Hot Shot stared after Shiori as she left the room. I still don't have a clue as to why she wanted to go over that now... He thought in confusion.

"Primus..." Hot Shot breathed, putting his face in his hands as he sat in one of the chairs nearby. "That had to be the weirdest conversation I've had with anyone yet..." He muttered. He glanced up as he felt a hand on his shoulder, and found himself looking at Red Alert.

"What are you muttering about now, Hot Shot?"

"Does all of Optimus's bloodline generation come up with the strangest times to have the strangest conversations?" He asked. Red Alert laughed, "I wouldn't know. I don't think I ever met his youngest sister."

"He had a younger sister than Shiori?"

"Yep. I think her name was Cheryl."

"Okay then... I wonder if she was anything like Shiori and Optimus..."

"Shiori and Cheryl's 'brother' that they knew technically died before the war even broke out, Hot Shot," Red Alert said quietly. "His spark was just so hell-bent on warning everyone that it jumped into Optimus' body at the same time Primus put Silvershadow in it. That's why he was called 'Optronix' for part of the beginning of the war."

"I never knew that..."

"Few do. Now what was that about odd questions at odd times?"

"Something Shiori was talking to me about..." Hot Shot answered reluctantly.

"About what?"

"Forget it," Hot Shot sighed. "I'll figure it out eventually..." ... ...

Shiori walked down the snow-covered sidewalk next to the park, listening to the laughs and shouts of sparklings playing in the snow. She paused briefly when she saw Leo bounding this way and that, spraying up snow with each leap as he playfully chased several transformers of various sizes around. Shiori smiled, and then realized she didn't see Snarl or the grey-silver wolf anywhere. Where are those two? She wondered as she continued on. She heard the sound of a large transformer bounding across the snow towards her, but thought nothing of it until the mech caught her in a hug- and they both fell into the snow.

"What in the universe-?.!" Shiori began, then realized the other mech was laughing. She grinned as she recognized his deep chuckling, and pulled herself up to look at her 'attacker'. Sure enough, her optics met with the glimmering gold ones that were reflected back at her, full of amusement. Giggling somewhat herself, she got up and helped her brother stand.

"So what was the tackle-hug for?" She joked.

"What's wrong with greeting a sister with a hug?" He countered, still chuckling. Shiori laughed.

"I guess there's nothing wrong with that. What are you up to now?" She asked. His optics dimmed suddenly.

"I need you to give this to Alexis," Optimus said quietly, holding something out in his hand. "Tell her to hide it well and give it to no one else except you, Starscream, or me." Shiori saw the gold shard glittering at her from his hand. She took it carefully, and immediately felt the spark inside the shard. Shiori looked back up at him up sharply. "You're giving her a sword?" She breathed.

"I am doing what Primus and Cheryl asked of me." He paused. "Primus doesn't want Alexis to know what it is until later; he'll show her what it is when she's ready." Shiori hesitated a moment before nodding.

"Alright then," Optimus said, and gave his sister a quick nuzzle with his nose ridge- his version of a kiss with his mask on- before dashing through the snow back to Sixshot, who was looking over at them in confusion. Shiori laughed as she watched him go, and then realized she'd never seen Optimus that happy since the day they figured out they were siblings. I guess the Earth saying "Snow unleashes the child in everyone" is really true, She thought as she continued on her way home.. ... ...

Shiori sat next to Starscream, sleeping, on the couch. She gently slid under his arm and leaned against him, putting her head on his chest and looking down at the gold shard still in her hand. She recognized the shard from the necklace her younger sister used to wear around her neck next to the locket that held a picture of Orion, Shiori, and Cheryl together. She lifted her other hand and gently fingered the thin, silver chain that her locket- with the same picture- was on around her neck. She found the locket, and clasped it in her hand.

She'd always wondered what happened after she left the Generation Dimensions- If Cheryl had taken leadership; If the city had simply fallen to the constant Decepticon assaults; Or if both happened, had Cheryl died with the city or fled. Whatever had happened, one thing was now clear to Shiori: I'm the only full Pax left of my generation... Her optics flickered as she felt something wet hit her hand, and realized she was crying. She tried to fight the tears, but found she couldn't. She pressed herself closer to Starscream for a sense of comfort, and felt him stir slightly, putting his arm around her shaking shoulders in a loose hug. Presently, Shiori slid off-line; crying herself to sleep in Starscream's embrace, not realizing that Starscream was hugging her for his own comfort from his most recent vision as well.

Starscream looked down at Shiori's tear-stricken face, feeling her still trembling in his arms. His optics flashed at the familiarity of the look between the present and his vision...

-... The bright star surrounded by at least six planets was dimming; and a huge, dark form seemed to be emerging from its dying light... It's shadow blocked much of the star's light, if not revealing it's form was bigger. Part of the dark shadow's shape was long, spikelike 'wings' that curled out from the form's back, coming down to it's lower leg. The overall shape was transformer like, only bigger than the planets around it itself. The thing that really set Starscream's spark cold was it's head; with the star's light behind it, everything about the Transformer's frame was black, but it's horned head blocked enough light to let the shadow's red optics blaze in its own fire-like gaze... Starscream immediately recognized who it was as it turned towards the nearest planet in the Alpha system. Starscream let out a mental scream of protest: "Leave Plains planet alone!" But the Transformer paid no attention to Starscream's unheard scream; Drawing its huge hand back and tearing into the grassy planet without mercy. Starscream felt the spark of Alpha-Que, the only Quessenticon he knew, flash its last plea to protect the planets before vanishing into the darkened light of the Matrix... ... ...

The Chaos Bringer was near Cybertron now, and Starscream was fighting a black, dark red, and dark green transformer on Cybertron's surface near the ruins of Autobot City on the southern half of Primus's surface. Slash after slash brought bright flashes of light, and Starscream found himself jumping into his 'ghost-mode' to avoid fatal swings and launch fierce attacks into the back of his challenger. The mech twisted away to avoid Starscream's right blade, only to have the seeker bring both of his blades back the other way.

"No!" Noizemaze shouted, and leapt into the way of Starscream's fatal swing, knocking the other mech to the ground. Starscream's blades flashed through Noizemaze with ease, slashing the Unicronian's sparkbox open, killing him instantly. Almost instinctively, Starscream kicked himself away from Noizemaze's frame, landing roughly on the ground, feeling the half-dormant Unicron spark pulsing in him. Noizemaze's frame exploded in the sky where Starscream and the other Unicronian were fighting... Come... The dark spark inside Starscream called; He stood and faced the Chaos Bringer..

"Starscream!" Someone called, and his Primus-originated spark flinched. He turned slightly, but the other half of him screamed at him to return. He turned back to face Unicron.

Star Convoy!" Another voice shouted, and the dark spark in him suddenly shattered. Shiori... Starscream thought, and turned all the way around to face her- only to be forced back a step by Shiori throwing her frame into his arms in relieved tears... ... ...-

Starscream reached out and brushed away some of the last tears on his bondmate's face. "Forever," He whispered. Starscream twisted his frame slightly to gather Shiori in his arms and carried her into their room. I'll never leave you like I did before, Shiori... It tore at me to know what I'd done; It will not happen again. He promised silently as he walked down the hallway... ... ...

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