The room was white and all lit up. That white that you could only find at hospitals. The room was pretty much empty. A large window, that showcased the outside world. A side table next to the bed covered in white linens, and in the bed was her. White porcelain skin, pale lips, dark hair.

He walked into the room and sat down on the chair that always seemed to be facing her, as if it was expecting him from the start. And it should since he's been doing this everyday for the last three months.

Placing the flowers near the side table, he ran a pale hand through his flaming red hair. He looked down at her, his beautiful amethyst eyes conveyed everything that words could not. Leaning closer to her still form he began to talk. His voice was low, so that only she could hear him, if you were in the room with them, you would think it was just a slight breeze that was passing through the room. As quietly as he walked in, he walked out. No trace of him left in the room, and it will be the same tomorrow.

"Hmm, it's raining." He told himself. "Aya always liked the rain, I always hated it." Opening the umbrella, he walked out into the pouring rain. "The rain is so depressing."

He thought to himself.

He stood there on the empty side walk as he waiting to cross the street.


His ears quickly picked up the sound in between the rain and passing cars.

"Meow." He heard again.

He looked around, but did not see what was making the sound. Backing up a couple of feet and in between two houses and there he saw a brown cardboard box.


He walked over to the box and opening it, he saw soaked little black kitten, a white spot over his right eye, and his paw where white as well. The little kitten looked like he had not eaten and began to purr when he reached down and pet the cat. Ready to walk away, he stooped as a flash came back to him.


"Aya, get back here! Your going to get sick!" A little boy with red hair yelled. While holding on to the dark purple umbrella that match his eyes.

"Aww, come on Ran, it's just rain." Aya spun around in the rain, her yellow dress spinning with her. Her hair still in a ponytail, the yellow bow that held it together soaked and slipping off.

They walked in between the houses hurrying to get home, well Ran was anyway. Aya just skipped in the rain.

"Aya," Ran yelled as she got ahead of him. "C'mon, get back under the umbrella!" He yelled again. "Moms gonna get mad."

"No she wont." Aya said turning with a bright smile. "You know she can't stay mad at me. She continued to skip ahead, missing the small smile that spread across Ran's lips.

Stopping for a minute Ran looked up at the gray sky. "The rain's so depressing."

"Ran hurry come quick!" He heard Aya's voice from around the corner.

Running around the corner, he noticed Aya kneeling in front of a cardboard box.

"Aya, what's wrong?" He asked moving toward her.

"Look." She said.

Standing in front of the box, he saw a small white kitten.

"Aww, it's shivering." Aya said picking it up.

"Put it down Aya, you don't know where it's been." Ran ordered.

"Yes I have, it's been in the rain. He's wet and cold." Aya said looking at Ran defiantly.

"Aya, we have to get home, put it back and let's go." Ran ordered again.

"But Ran, it's just a baby. It'll die if we leave it out here." She looked up at her brother with big sad eyes.

"Aya, we can't take it home, you know we can't have pets. Besides, fathers allergic." He reasoned with her.

"But what if it was me?" She asked.

"We wouldn't leave you out in the rain, Aya." he sighed.

"That's probably what the kitten thought too, until his mother abandoned him." Aya stated pouting. "Please."

"No" was all Ran said.

"Please." She begged again this time her eyes watering.

Breathing in a deep sigh he nodded.

"Yeah, thank you Ran" she said wrapping her arms around Ran. The yellow bow in her hair finally slipping and falling to the ground.

"I'm only doing it cause if you stay out any longer, you'll get sick." Ran stated rolling his eyes.

"Did you hear that kitty, your coming home with us." The small cat snuggled closer to Aya.

"C'mon, lets go." Ran said bending down and picking up the yellow ribbon.

"Yeah, I can't wait for him to meet mom and dad." She said smiling happily.

"I'll talk to dad." Ran said, looking down at the kitten. "So did you think of a name yet?" He asked his sister, as he tied the yellow bow around the kitten's neck.

"No, not yet but we'll think of something." She said as her and Ran walked the rest of the way home, in the rain. But this time Aya managed to stay under the umbrella the whole way home.

"End flashback"

Picking up the small black and white kitten, he continued to walk home. "She would kill me if I left him there." He stated to himself.

Looking down at the small cat, that had stopped shaking his last thought were... "The rain is definitely depressing"