I Dare You

Chapter 1: Spin a Bottle

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"What a pathetic dare! Can't you make anything better than that?" Kaiba sarcastically remarked.

"Shut up, Kaiba! I know what I'm doing!" Joey countered.

"JOEY!" Yugi reminded him.

"Why can't you just admit that you can't do the dare because you're scared of girls!" Joey declared.


"Oh, yeah? Then prove it!" Joey challenged Kaiba.

"Fine!" Kaiba stood up and exited the door. 'When I'm done with this, I'm going back to whack your ugly face with that spinning bottle.'

'Darn it…I shouldn't have agreed with Mokuba on this…' Kaiba thought angrily to himself.


"What are they doing HERE!" Kaiba demanded as he saw Yugi Motou, Joey Wheeler, Tristan Taylor and Tea Gardner enter the reception hall.

"Well, brother, since it's your birthday, I decided you should all have a little get-together. I mean, you really deserve a time-out from your business work." Mokuba explained thoughtfully.

"That's really nice of you, Mokuba." Kaiba looked down on his brother who was smiling sweetly. 'IS THIS WHAT I DESERVE? Great break if you ask me.'

"But I think this isn't really necessary." Kaiba tried to convince his brother.

"But, brother…" Mokuba tagged on Seto's business suit while he put on his cute puppy-eyes.

"Oh, okay." Kaiba gave in. 'Why did my brother have to be so uber-cute?'

"On only one condition." Kaiba gave a serious look.

"And what would that be?" Mokuba asked.

"They must be behaved. I repeat, behaved and not act like wild pigs. Understood?"

"Yup!" Mokuba hugged his big brother and ran off to meet Yugi and his friends.


"Kaiba! Your office is sooooooooooooo enormous!" Joey's voice echoed in the colossal office.

'Grrr… So much for my peace and quiet.'

"Ooooooooooohhhhhh…What does this button do?" Joey almost pushed the red button if Kaiba hadn't stopped him in the nick of time.

"Wow! A gigantic gold trophy!" Tristan touched the large trophy placed in Kaiba's cabinet.

"Don't touch that!" Kaiba warned.

Too late.

The massive "Most Advanced Technology" gold trophy shook in its place, wobbling and trembling—until it flew off the cabinet shelf and crashed on the marble floor.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Kaiba shouted at the top of his lungs.


"Out, out, OUT!" Kaiba barked as he dragged the four out of the room. Two of which were guilty and at fault of ruining Kaiba's day, and two of which were completely innocent and had nothing to do with what happened.

Once again, the four were staying at the reception hall.

Then Mokuba entered Seto's office.

"Brother! Please give them another chance! Come on!" Mokuba pleaded as he went down on his knees.

"No, they're not going ba—" Kaiba was interrupted by his brother.

"Please! I'm begging you!" Mokuba was already on the verge of tears. Seto couldn't stand his brother cry in front of him.

"Fine, I'm giving them one more chance. And if they make the slightest mistake, I'll throw them off this building in an instant." Kaiba wanted to make himself clear this time. Who knows what those four could do—especially Wheeler and Taylor—probably activate a missile to cause an explosion.

Right after their conversation, the door burst open revealing the fearsome four.

"Kaiba, we're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk!" Joey announced.

"You don't need to tell me. I can see, moron." Kaiba disgustedly answered.

"Great! Now let's see…" Joey tapped his finger on his forehead, "What to do…"

"Well, since Kaiba's a very rich businessman, I guess he hasn't tried yet the game of Truth and Dare…" Tristan contemplated, "Don't you think we should show him what it is?"

"Perfect idea, Tristan!" Joey slapped him on the back.

"Don't tell me this is one of your destructive games, Wheeler." Kaiba eyed him.

"No, it's not." Joey replied, "And this time, this is going to be a man-game…NO GIRLS ALLOWED!"

Tea's eyebrow arched up, "Fine, I'm going outside with Mokuba."

"Wait, Tea—" Yugi tried to follow Tea but Joey quickly took a tight grip of his arm, "No, Yugi, you're staying with us. You're a man, aren't you?"

"I guess." Yugi nonchalantly answered.

"Great! Now for the weapon of mass destruction!" Joey merrily shouted. Kaiba stared at him suspiciously.

"What? Do you think I'm hiding a bomb or something?" Joey asked as he held up an empty water bottle.

"No." Kaiba quietly stated.

"Oh, come on. I bet you thought it was some kind of volatile device. I know you were, weren't you?" Joey went on.

"Shut up, Wheeler and start the game."

The three guys (except Kaiba) sat on the floor in an Indian sit. "Aren't you going to sit, too?" Tristan asked.

"I'm wearing a white suit, idiot."

"Ooooohhh…Is Seto Kaiba afraid of a little speck of dirt?" Joey teased.

"Fine, I'll sit." Kaiba sternly replied as he followed suit.

"Let the games begin!" Joey proclaimed as he turned the bottle. It spun round and round and round…(I guess you get the idea)

"So let me explain the rules—" Joey was disturbed by Kaiba's cold voice.

"I'd rather not listen to you." Kaiba retorted.

"Okay. Yugi, you do the explaining." Joey said.

"Well, first you spin a bottle within a group. When the bottle stops, the person whom the bottle mouth is pointing to gets to be the it. Then the remaining people would ask you, 'Truth or Dare?' . In that case, you have to choose what option you want. If you pick Truth we'll ask you something personal, and you have to answer our question. If you pick Dare, though, we'll decide on something difficult for you to accomplish. If you have done either of those, you get to be the one to spin the bottle and ask the next it, 'Truth or Dare'.You have the privilege of giving him the question if he chooses Truth or give the Dare if he chooses the latter. That's it." By the time he finished, Yugi was panting for air.

"That's a mouthful…" Joey gasped in shock.

"Wah, is it over?" Tristan just woke up.

"That's it? Piece of cake." Kaiba smirked.

The water bottle kept twirling and whirling.
















Then the bottle stopped spinning. It pointed to—Kaiba.

"Revenge is sweet!" Joey jumped cheerfully.

"TRUTH OR DARE?" The three guys asked Kaiba.


"Oh, this is just perfect!" Joey grinned evilly, "I shall give the perfect dare!"

"Enough with the talking and give me the dare already!" Kaiba hollered impatiently.

"You asked for it!"


"You—you Seto Kaiba shall go out there to find Tea Gardner and keep her in a one-minute lip-lock!"

"WHAT?" Yugi and Tristan sweatdropped.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Joey laughed maniacally at his own crazy idea.

End of Flashback

'Now, where to find that girl...' Kaiba thought deeply, 'She said she would be with Mokuba…'

'We'll be watching you!' Joey's horrific voice replayed in Kaiba's head, "Darn that Wheeler!"

Kaiba immediately approached the information desk to ask where his brother was. He wanted to finish this thing as soon as possible. To get over this stupidity. And to do that, he should do what that foolish Wheeler was making him do.

And as effective as his company was, he quickly got where Mokuba was and hurried off. But not far away from where he was standing—was a bunch of guys lurking on his every move.

Kaiba pushed the numbers on the elevator and proceeded. As he finally arrived to his destination, he walked all the way to Mokuba's room—Kaiba had that room made especially for his brother since Mokuba always visited him in his office—and oftentimes fell asleep while waiting for Seto to finish work.

He finally reached the room. He breathed hard and twisted the doorknob.

There he saw Tea and Mokuba playing video games.

"You can't beat my Blue Eyes with that!" Mokuba declared.

"Oh, yeah? Let's see about that!" Tea shouted back.

They didn't feel his presence. Partly because the room was very big so his deep, low voice would be impossible to hear, and partly because they were intensely glued to the video game.

"-Ahem- Gardner." Kaiba called out.

'Remember, no telling the dare!' Joey's voiced popped again somewhere at the back of Kaiba's head, "Yeah, right. Wheeler." Kaiba muttered under his breath.

"Uhh…Yeah, Kaiba?" Tea finally took notice of the stiff Seto Kaiba standing at the door.

Mokuba decided to stop the game for awhile to see what was going on. He slipped from behind the wall and had a perfect glimpse of the events.

"Gardner…" Kaiba repeated.


"Guys! Faster! You won't want to miss this!" Joey called out to his slumping friends.

"It's…your…fault…Joey…We…sho-should've…used…the…el…elevator…" Tristan's words were hard to make up as he gasped for air.

"Don't…blame…him…Tris-Tristan." Yugi tried to calm Tristan down but he was out of air as well.

"Yeah, Yugi's right! We still reached this floor using the stairs right? Now, come quick and look at this!" Joey pointed at the slightly open door and peeked.

Inside the room…

Tea was now feeling uncomfortable as she glanced down on her shoulders—seeing Kaiba's tight grasp on them.

"Ka-Kaiba?" Tea nervously asked.

Kaiba didn't answer as his hands slowly made their way to Tea's cheeks. Then Tea saw Kaiba's face getting closer. She was starting to blush madly.

Then it happened.

Kaiba caught Tea's lips in a kiss. That same moment their lips touched, Tea's senses became numb. She wanted to push him away from her but somehow, her body couldn't move. It was paralyzed. She could smell his fragrant scent—it was electrifying. And it added to the sweet sensation she was feeling right now. At first, she wanted to hesitate, but her heart was thumping wildly that it wanted more. Then she returned his kiss with a passionate one of her own. How she wanted this moment to last forever.

She didn't know why, though.

"Wow…I didn't know Kaiba was such a good kisser." Joey amusingly whispered.

"Yeah, and they consumed more than the minute you gave, too." Tristan added.

"zOMG, I shouldn't be seeing this. I'm too young!" Mokuba blushed profusely.

Then it was Kaiba who first parted their lips. As he gently let go of her, Tea slowly opened her eyes to see pools of blue eyes gazing at her own.

'I have lost my first kiss to…'


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