Hello and welcome to Bookish Delights!

This was going to be an Author's Note on Party Favors one-shot but what the heckā€¦ I might as well make a small notice for before the first one-shot here. Wears a cloak and grabs a microphone

Now, because I do write a lot of Cedric/Hermione one-shots, I've decided to start keeping them under Bookish Delights: A Collection of C/Hr One-Shots. This will contain all of the one-shots that are under 1000 words! If my C/Hr one-shot has more than 1000 words OR there's a possibility of a sequel then it won't be found here.

ALL of the one-shots here will be stand-alone and won't flow, so don't expect it to be a multi-chapter fic.

As for the one-shots I already have posted, I won't rearrange them to be in here. It's from this fic on that they will be found here.

Does that make sense? If not, then feel free to ask me questions : )

I can't believe I actually put the pairing on the summary faints

Enough babbling! Time for the fics!