Harry smiled as Hemione entered the Burrow with Victor Krum by her side.

" Harry " cried Hermione and she hugged him. " You know Victor of course."

" Krum " muttered Harry and he held out his hand.

" Ah Potter. " Good to see you my friend."

Harry smiled faintly and turned towards Ron who had gone a deep shade of pink and seemed incapable of speaking. Ginny on the other hand bowed and curtsied as he came in. It was Harry's fifth year in Hogwarts and he was hoping to run into Cho Chang from school. Ginny stared logingly at Harry hoping to catch his eye , but all seemed lost.

Harry had never noticed how pretty Ron's sister had become over the years. She was no longer that little girl that had appeared at the train station almost five years ago.

" Harry " said Mrs Weasley. " Are you coming into Diagon Alley with us? We can pick up your school stuff there."

" Sure Mrs Weasley."

Harry sat down beside Ginny at the table and smiled.

" Are you still dating Ginny?"

She looked at him in amazement and smiled.

" What a question to ask me Harry."

" Well are you?"

" No I finished with someone last year , they wern't who I thought they were after all."

" Thats a pity " said Harry who for some reason didn't feel sorry at all even though he should.

" What about you Harry? Who's catching your fancy? Cho Chang perhaps."

" How did you know that? " asked Harry.

" Oh please " said Ginny. " Who doesnt know? She must be really nice to get your attention." Ginny kicked herself in embarrasment. She couldn't believe she had just said that.

Harry laughed. " Nah she's alright."

Ginny blushed. " I better go get ready. See you later Harry."

" Yeah " he replied. He looked at her running upstairs. Her hair was beautiful like red dancing flames and her voice was so soft and smooth like a cool running water on a hot summers day. It had that type of effect on you. He shook his head quickly. " Why are thinking this Harry " he said. " She's not interested and you like Cho remember. Plus she probably is seeing someone but it is too embarrased to tell you." Harry sighed and tried to clear his head. It had to be the heat getting to him.

Ron smiled at him and clicked his tongue. " It's hot in here."

" Yeah " said Harry. " Do you want to get some air?"

" I wasn't talking about the heat." Ron nodded towards Ginny who was coming down the stairs in a cute red skirt and matching top.

" Do I detect an air of love " said Ron towards Harry.

" What are you talking about " said Harry.

" You and Ginny."

Harry laughed. " Ron she's younger than me. She's your sister."

" Cho is older than you , she's her fathers daughter."

" Dont be stupid Ron. Now come on lets go."