Harry rushed over to Hermione.

" Did I just see Malfoy and his mother leave Madame Malkins?"

" You did " replied Hermione.

" What did he say to you?"

" More than enough " replied Hermione. " Harry please not in present company."

" Who? Victor. Sure he hates Malfoy too."

Hermione scowled. " Did it occur to you Harry. That maybe we could spend one day without giving out about Draco Malfoy and do something resourceful and interesting."

Harry sighed. " Yeah whatever."

" I think it's rather exciting pondering on the evil doings of the Malfoy family."

Harry turned around to see Ginny standing there.

Hermione laughed. " Dont be so childish Ginny."

" I'm not being childish. I'm just being interesting." She smiled at Harry who laughed.

Hermione appeared to be hurt by the comment and declined to answer.

" Ah...dont take it like that Hermione. Ginny only means well."

" Sure " said Ginny.

" Herminee " said Victor. " Vare are vee going now?"

" The Leaky Cauldron " replied Ginny. " Mum wants everyone to meet there , if that's okay " added Ginny with a twinkle in her eye.

" It is " replied Victor smiling. He grinned at Ginny who blushed. Harry felt his hands tighten and his wish to strangle Krum increased.

Ginny joined Hermione over at a window and Krum turned to Harry.

" Harry. Zis Ginny is she dating anyvone?"

Harry's throat tightened. " No , I dont think so."

" Oh...thank you..."

" Why Victor?"

" Vell she is a very beautiful girl and so interesting."

" She's fourteen Victor."

" Harry I am an International seeker. I can have who I vant."

" What about Hermione?"

" You misunderstood me Harry. Ven did I say I vanted to date this Ginny?"

" It's a little obvious."

" I think I am making you jealous Harry. You have feelings for zis Ginny."

" No."

Krum laughed. " Just as Weasley denies his feelings for Heminee , you do so with Ginny. It is no wonder you boys have zo much difficutly with girls. I think I like this Ginny very much. She is different."

Ginny ran over to Victor and pulled him over to the window. " Look Victor , you're picture is on this broom leaflet."

Victor smiled and took Ginny by the hand. " Thank you Ginny " he replied and he grinned at Harry.