Guten Abend, Mein Liebling.

Disclaimer: Not mine, all right?

"Alex?" Bobby stood in front of Alex's door. He knew she was on the other side of it, willing him away. "Alex, please open the door." Thinking for a second, an idea came to him. "Mein Liebling, bitte, offen die Tur," Bobby said to Alex in a singsong voice. He could hear her sigh on the other side.

Alex opened the door. "What?" She glared at him. "What do you want?"

Bobby looked at her, everything he wanted to say to her, but couldn't…shouldn't… "I just wanted to tell you something." He smiled at her.

"Well, what is it then?" She stood there, looking up at him. Her arms were crossed and she was not amused.

Bobby cleared his throat. "Sie sin das einzige, das ich je lieben werde." He reached out and touched her cheek lightly.

Alex closed her eyes when he touched her. Footsteps came up behind her.

"Baby, you all right?" Alex's boyfriend Joshua appeared in the doorway beside her. She turned to him for a moment.

"Yeah, it's Bobby. I'll be back in a second." Alex turned back to Bobby. Joshua peered at him for a moment, a flicker of rage flitting across his face before he walked away. "I don't speak German, you know that." She looked at him, bewildered he would come to her door at such a late hour just to say something in a language she'd never spoken before.

"Ich wurde auf Sie ewig warten." Bobby leaned in and kissed Alex on the forehead before walking away.

Alex stood in the doorway for a minute, then turned and went back to bed.

A/N – I just watched "Art" for the millionth time and decided to go on a German tangent. What Bobby asks Alex: "My darling, open the door". What Bobby can't say to Alex in English: "You are the only one I will ever love", followed by "I'd wait for you forever."