Twisted Metal: Cartoon Network


Disclaimer: I don't own Cartoon Network, nor profit in any way from any of its ideas.


My name is Calypso. For years I have been working on my beloved Twisted Metal contest. Granting the desires of others and watching from above as my competitors compete throughout the globe. It has been a magnificent several years that have kept me quite content. But for some reason or other, something was missing.

I couldn't place it. It was as though I had overlooked a crucial element in my competition; something in the back of my mind was asking for something else, something more, something different this year.

I turned on the TV to console me, and that's when it hit me…

Cartoon Network! A world full of characters with desires and foolish hopes that they'd resort to anything to accomplish, a world full of worthy competitors…

It was a magnificent idea. With my powers I could invade their universe and began to squall all of the worthy contestants I'll need to make this years battle a very entertainingly satisfactory one indeed. Just imagine the outcome when you pit children and adults, heroes and villains, best friends against each other…the results, I can assure you will be quite a spectacular bloodbath (laughs). Let's find out who tonight's desperate contestants are gonna be…

Good luck driver…and welcome…to TWISTED METAL!

Editors Note:

For the chapters to come on the characters, I will be doing the beginnings and middle most likely in TMB fashion. As for the endings, all will be stylized like TM2. Enjoy the story.