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AU, Female!Naruto (Naru), Alive!Minato and Alive!Kushina
She's arranged to a Hyuuga but she loves a certain Uchiha. What matters most? Is it the duty or the heart?

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Chapter Warning: Crudeness? Nothing serious, though.

Secrets and Sins


"I don't understand these things, father." A golden-haired beauty frowned at the folder in front of her. "These are the Academy's financial statements, right? As far as I can understand, we're having–" She traced one finger through one of the financial statements of the Academy. "–a probable loss? How is that even possible? The Academy's popular enough!" She gazed up at her father standing just across her own working table in confusion.

Minato Namikaze, one of the board directors of Konoha Academy and owner of Konoha Corporations, sighed. He opened the other folder in his hand and flipped to a certain page. "Here, look." He gave the folder to her only daughter and heiress who took it resignedly.

"I'm a bit too young for these." She read through the contents just as his father said, "I really don't want you to do this right away but you have to learn. The sooner, the better." She sighed and waved her hand dismissively. She straightened as she finished reading through the troublesome piece of paper. "I knew it, that Mizuki's a no good teacher. Damn, isn't the accounting department of the school the one responsible for these things?" She picked up a pencil from her table and encircled the total value of Mizuki's salary. "3.7 million just for this year? That's theft, and a big case at that!"

"I know, I know." Minato rubbed his hand on his face before flopping down at one of the chairs offered in front of the desk. "I almost fired everyone from that department but Sarutobi-sama managed to beat some sense in me." He chuckled wearily. "I can't believe that we've hired a person capable of such big manipulation. He managed to fool, no wait, he didn't fool them, per se, but bribe and threaten most of the employees. Thank god for Iruka and Mikoto. If Mikoto hadn't managed to change the financial statements just before it was passed to us, this would have continued even longer."

"I'm sorry about that, dad."

Minato's looked at his daughter in surprise. She rarely called him dad anymore ever since she turned sixteen. Now that she was nineteen, it was even rarer.

"Anyway, father, is that old man Danzo harassing you again? Just sic uncle Jiraiya on that man and the problem's solved!" She, then, suddenly looked thoughtful before muttering, "Or we could just prank that old man… A lifetime worth of pranks."

Minato laughed wholeheartedly at her daughter. "I would join you," here, he paused because he saw her eyes sparkle in excitement, "but I couldn't."

"Why?" She pouted exaggeratedly. Even at her age, his daughter could pull off such childish expressions. With a face of a model – high cheekbones, lush pink lips, and a round face – coupled with blue eyes and golden hair that was much like his, she was a sight for sore eyes. And because of that, he grumbled mentally, he had to threaten one too many admirers behind her back.

"Well, you know," he grinned conspiratorially, "keep up appearances and all that." He winked and she laughed delightedly at him. He was too cool for his own good.

"As much I want to see my precious people happy, don't you two have anything better to do?"

Minato gulped before looking at the doorway. He knew that voice.

"Whatever makes you think we aren't doing anything productive, mother?" She held up the folder that she and her father had been previously talking about.

"With those grins on your faces? I don't believe you, not one bit." Kushina smirked at the flabbergasted expression on her daughter and husband's face. "Now, Minato, come help me prepare dinner. And Naru? Put Kyuubi in a cage and fix your room now. It's chaos in there." When no one moved, she cracked her knuckles and reiterated, "Now."

There was flurry of activity and then Naru was suddenly alone in her study room, standing up while holding a yipping fox in her arms, surprised. Her mother's sharp voice and her father's whines echoing outside, she clutched at her pet fox, Kyuubi, a little tighter before breaking to a dazzling smile.

She really loved her family very much.

"He said he'd be here in," an irate Naru checked her watch for nth time, "fifteen minutes. It's been fifteen minutes and an hour but he's not here yet!"

"And you think your complaints can bring him here sooner?" A striking dark-haired young man glanced at her.

"Well, no. But it makes me feel a little bit better so shut up and let me rage in peace." Naru stomped on an unsuspecting dry leaf and the soft crackling noise it had made soothed her anger a very, very tiny bit.

"Already missing his penis, are y–" A double whack on his head stopped his sentence.

"SAI!" It was courtesy, of course, by his two female friends, Naru, who was pursuing Entrepreneurship, and Sakura, who was on the field of Medicine. No sense of humor at all.

"You are too crude around girls, Sai." Another attempt hit by Sakura which he thankfully managed to dodge, "that's why you don't have any girlfriend."

Sai smiled magnanimously at the girl's direction. "And I suppose you have a boyfriend? Last, I checked, you don't have one. Your looks alone are just too crude to–"

Sakura let out a loud war cry before hitting the smiling male again.

Naru, for all that has happened, was giggling quite loudly at the side and unnoticed by the source of her amusement. The ruckus between her two friends escalated to Sai being forced to run around with Sakura hot on his heels yelling obscenities and things about castration. Her giggles turned to a full blown laugh that made her bend over and clutch at her stomach. She tried to walk towards a bench, still laughing, before she could start rolling on the ground in mirth. She sat and then stood up as quickly as she had sat down.

Apparently, she sat on someone's lap.

This caused her to choke back her laugh and bow towards the stranger in apology. "I'm, uh, sorry. Really sorry. I didn't really see you there and I–"

"It's fine."

She glanced through her lashes, still bowing, to properly see the stranger. Surprised, she found herself staring to a rather handsome face with silver eyes; too silver that it's almost white with hints of lavender. She straightened up and smiled abashedly. "Sorry. I really just didn't see you there."

"I already told you that it was fine. I don't need my self saying it again."

Naru narrowed her eyes in scrutiny at the man with a ten-foot pole up in his ass (really, she thought it can only apply to Sasuke but it appears that there are others too).

"Whatever, jerk. By the way, I'm Naru Na-Uzumaki and the next time we bump at each other, I'm so totally going to snob you."

"I do not want to associate with a person who says her name to strangers so casually either. Now that we agree on something," the guy stood up and walked away, his long brown hair swaying at his every step. He left Naru dumbstruck behind.

"Who was that?"

The sharp voice she knew too well made her blink a couple of times. She turned around and saw Sasuke just a few steps away, Sai and Sakura still chasing each other behind him. "Well, idiot? Who were you talking to a while ago?"

Her face lit up and she ran towards her best boy friend, completely forgetting her ire and embarrassment.

"You stupid bastard. You're late!"