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Night had befallen the Village Hidden in the Leaf and the citizens of the village were up and about, ready to start celebrating once more.

Parties and celebrations had been a nightly ritual ever since the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the King of the Youma, had been defeated four days ago. Finally, the feared monster no longer ravaged their country. The villagers could now breathe easier, knowing that it wasn't roaming free.

Of course, the consequences of the victory would seep into them sooner or later. Many lives had been destroyed and lost during the mostly one-sided battle but the villagers ignored that fact for the time being. Now was a time for celebrating. They would seen realize that victory didn't mean that the dead were brought back to life.

A tall man with long black hair surveyed the bright lights and the smiling faces with a sneer. Their behavior was disgusting. Beside him, a young girl with purple hair looked around in confusion at the villagers.

They had lost so much and yet they were rejoicing?

The man started walking towards the local orphanage and the girl quickly followed her mentor.

Amidst the festivities, the two went unnoticed.

A few hand seals later and the occupants of the orphanage, not being skilled shinobi, were soon fast asleep and oblivious to the things happening under their own roof.

The two shinobi separated and looked through the rooms of the building, in search of something. It didn't take too long for the girl to find what, or rather who, they were looking for. It was, after all, the only baby with its own room.

The young kunoichi looked down curiously at the sleeping baby in the crib. For someone who contained such a powerful being, you'd think there would be ANBU guards surrounding the gaki left and right.

Then again, a fierce battle had just occurred and the shinobi forces of the Leaf had suffered plenty of casualties. The newly reinstated Hokage probably didn't have any shinobi to spare, busy as he was with the restoration of Konoha to its former glory. That and the villagers had yet to express any hostile intentions to the vessel of the demon. The Third probably thought everyone would live in perfect harmony.

She snorted at the thought. If she'd learned anything about the villagers of Konoha, it was that they were hardly forgiving. Their fangs would be bared as soon as the euphoria of victory faded and they found out the number of casualties.

An affectionate hand on her head snapped her out of her thoughts and she turned her eyes to her mentor. He gave her a look of approval for finding the vessel so quickly before he turned his on eyes to the occupant of the crib, the container of the strongest bijuu there ever was, as well as the son of the now deceased Yondaime.

A smirk appeared on the man's pale face as various images of the future appeared on his head, all of them depicting the fulfillment of his goals. Oh, what fun he would have!

"Anko-chan, get me another baby from the next room," spoke the man, elegance only those born of nobility had in his voice.

If she found the order odd, Mitarashi Anko did not show it. Almost immediately, she moved to follow her mentor's orders and quickly left the room.

The man leaned over the crib and looked at the baby carefully. Naruto, was it? Such an ugly name for someone with so much potential. He would have been tempted to change it to something more suitable had he not wanted to see the looks of horror on Sandaime's and the villagers' faces when they realized just who it was that was raining death and destruction on their village.

An amused chuckle escaped the man's mouth, causing the quiet baby to stir but not wake.

Anko soon reentered the room, delicately carrying a child who looked to be only a year older than the container. As her mentor picked the vessel up, she laid the replacement in its place, already knowing what was going to happen. Anko's hands were once again occupied when the older shinobi handed her the sleeping vessel.

"Hold your new otouto for a moment, Anko-chan," he said before turning back to the crib.

"Hai, Orochimaru-sama," was the young genin's reply. As Orochimaru did the seals for a Henge, Anko stared at the bundle in her arms, one thought prominent in her mind. My otouto…Then…that means Orochimaru-sama will be my father… A rush of joy went through Anko at the thought. In the girl's eyes, he had already been her father ever since he'd taken her under his wing but still she felt happiness at the thought that she could call him father.

Smoke erupted from the crib as soon as the Snake Sannin finished the jutsu. The baby that was in the crib now looked exactly like the baby in Anko's arms. Same tuft of blonde hair and same black markings on the stomache. The purple-haired girl admired her mentor's work for a moment. If she didn't know any better, she would say that the Yondaime had managed to separate Kyuubi into two entities and had sealed those entities into twins.

The Henge Orochimaru had done was different from the normal one. Only upper chuunins, genjutsu specialists and above would be able to detect it. But it would be enough not to arouse the suspicions of the caretakers of the orphanage, giving time for Orochimaru and Anko to escape with the Kyuubi container.

The sannin and the genin quickly left the orphanage and headed towards the gates of Konoha. Once there, Anko stopped briefly and looked back at the village, the buildings and the people.

"Take a good long look, Anko-chan," said the sannin as he strapped the baby to his back to make for easier and faster movement. "You likely won't see it for at least ten years."

Although she would not be missing the hypocritical villagers one bit, she couldn't help but feel a slight tinge of regret as she got ready to leave it. Konoha had been the only home she'd known. Then again, she was sure she'd be comfortable wherever Orochimaru decided to settle them.

"I'm ready, Orochimaru-sama," murmured the genin as she tore her gaze away from the village.

Orochimaru nodded and with a burst of speed, the two had left Konoha.

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