Death Tear Us Apart.

Disclamer: Master say I own BeyBlade, song and poetry but he wrong. He always wrong. MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Hi everyboby! Strage oneshot that popped into my head at around twelve last night. Set after Kai's battle with Broklen(Is that how it's spelled?). Death fic, you work it out.

There's such a sad love deep in your eyes,

a kind of pale dew,

She sat there cradling him like a baby, screaming "He can't die, not like this.". They loved each other dearly, and now she would lose him to a madman he had just battled and won.

Open and closed within your eyes,

I'll place the moon within your eyes.

Why? He hadn't done anything to deserve this, but here he was lying in her arms, broken and lifeless.

Theres such a fooled heart beating so fast,

in search of new dreams,

"Why? Why dear god, how could you take him from me? He's just a boy! Theres too much for him live for. It can't be his end, it just can't be. Not now. Please."

A love that will last within your heart,

I'll place the moon within your heart.

"Hilary" came a hoarse whisper. Hilary looked into he lover's lilac eyes, they were blank. "Yes Kai?" she was on the verge of breaking into a fit of tears.

As the pain sweeps through,

makes no sence for you,

"Don't cry for me, my time is over." "What are you talking about Kai?" "This is my destiny. I can't escape it, I hope you understand that I must die." "No Kai you can't leave me!"

Every thrill it counts wasn't to much fun at all,

but I'll be ther for you, as the world falls down.

We're falling in love.

"Hush now my baby. Be still now don't cry. Sleep as your rocked by the stream. Sleep and remember my last lullaby. So I'll be with you when you dream.". At that moment he became still and lifeless. Hilary stared at her dead lover and cried with all her heart and soul.

I'll paint your morning in gold. I'll spend your valentine's evenings, though were strangers to love, we're choosing a path, between the stars. I'll leave my love between the stars.

By the time the rest of the team found them it was to late. All they saw was Hilary cradling a lifeless Kai in her arms. There was shock and sadness in the corridor. How could this happen. Ray sent Max to get Mr Dickenson and the medics. Ray made his way over to Hilary. He gently removed her arms from around Kai's body. "Come on lets get you home." "No! I don't want to leave him. Not again. Please just leave me be."

As the pain sweeps through, makes no sence for you. Every thrill it counts wasn't to much fun at all, but I'll be ther for you, as the world falls down.

We've fallen in love.

At the funeral, many of the other teams had come to pay their respect. These include The White Tigers and The Demolition Boys. Tala came up to Hilary. "I know how much you cared for him and he you. I'll give you a suggestion. Move on. It would be what he would have wanted."

We've fallen in love.

"Okay Tala, thank you for being his friend. He always talked about you, and how you never get the girls," she managed a watery smile. "Did he now. I'll drag him from heaven by his ear and beat him to a pulp!" At that Hilary laughed and Tala smiled in satisfaction.

You've fallen in love

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