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He looked at the LCD screen of the digital camera (digicam) and was satisfied with the random shot he took: a couple of kids running towards the ice cream booth. "Picture of kids, check, next is…" he took out a piece of paper and began to walk around the area, reading his next candid shot assignment. "A picture of young adults." He glanced around, his onyx eyes turned from left to right, looking for people who'll go well with his shot.

Uchiha Sasuke, a man in the age of twenty-four, once had a relationship, yet due to unknown circumstances and a few suspicious reasons why, his girl broke up with him. Right now, he's single yet unavailable. His friends had given him a little push to move on, yet he hasn't actually accepted the fact that he and his girl are through.

Takes a random shot of an old couple and smiles slightly.

He was forced by his friends to attend blind dates they set up for him, yet it only resulted to the girls' hearts being broken, if not, aching, for he only accepts them as friends or acquaintances, nothing more, nothing less. His heart still belongs to his ex, and nothing can change that. He swore to God, and to her, including himself, that he would love no one but her, until the one meant for him were to come.

Sees teenagers talking and having fun and takes a candid shot of them.

To sum it all up, he's single, a pro at taking pictures, candid shots or not, and still loves his ex, wherever she is now or whatever she is doing. "One more shot." He thought, seeing one of his friends, Ten-Ten, talking to someone. Shrugging and in the mood for a little joke, knowing how much Ten-Ten hates getting her picture taken without her knowing, he positioned the camera and took a good shot of her and the girl she's talking too.

Finally done with the task his boss had given him, he checked all the pictures and stopped at Ten-Ten's. He narrowed his eyes and zoomed on the girl his friend was talking to, only to have his eyes wide and mind run wild. "N-No way..!" he raised his head and searched for where the bun-head girl was. His eyes stopped and stayed glued on his friend's companion, eyes dilating as he saw her face, her hair, and most of all, her all too familiar smile. "S-Sak..?"

Hearing her name, nickname, which was used only by one boy she knew very well, her eyes averted towards where the voice came from and she was startled and opened her mouth, her voice shaky as she had called out the name she hasn't said for ten years: "S-Suke..?"

Chapter 1: I missed you

Blinking, Ten-Ten looked at her then to where she was looking at. She panicked and laughed nervously, flinging her arms around like a chicken that lost its head. "S-Sasuke! What a pleasant surprise! I didn't know you were assigned here!" she grinned sheepishly. "Oh shit! This is not good! Code red! Code red! Uh… what's code red again?"

Sasuke shook his head and turned to Ten-Ten. "I'm just filling in for Kiba. He's got a fever and Kakashi assigned me to take over. I was the only one available." He explained and kept his digicam back inside its case, securing it on his black belt around his dark blue denim pants. He took out the list once more and re-checked everything to see if he missed any shots. "Well, my work here is done, better get these pics uploaded and sent." He said, crumpling the paper and tossing it to a nearby bin without looking, causing Sak to stare at him in awe.

"Oh, too bad." Ten-Ten murmured and grinned, making Sasuke cock a brow at her. She approached the raven haired adult and clasped her hands together in front of her chest. "I'll upload them for you!"

"No thanks." He said, pocketing his hands, earning a slight smile from the other girl. Ten-Ten glared at him and hissed softly so only they could hear. "Uchiha, your girl, I mean, ex is here, I'm giving you a chance to talk to her and hopefully make up with her! I know as much as you do that you want to talk to her so badly since you really, really miss her! Well pal, here's your chance, don't screw it!" and without him knowing, she sneakily took his camera and hid it behind her back, her glare not fading until she straightened herself up and smiled at the other girl. "Well Sakura, I'll leave you two now, I still need to meet up with Neji." She grinned and waved at them, running as far away from the Uchiha as possible. Knowing him, he'll figure out she had "borrowed" his camera without his knowing.

Starring at where Ten-Ten once was, Sasuke took out his right hand from his pocket and felt around for his cam. Not feeling it, he looked down, seeing his waist with no digicam, not even the case. "Damn, stupid, annoying, crazy, weapon-addicted girl!" he muttered under his breath, earning a giggle from his ex.

"Ten-Ten hasn't changed one bit, huh Sasuke?"

"Aa." He said, eyes half-closed and head lowered. "'Sasuke' huh?" he shrugged the thought of and looked at her, observing how much she has changed, only to find a few minor modifications. She still had her long pink hair; her ears had silver dangling earrings, a small blue gem at the end of each. He assumed she either wore a baby pink tube top or spaghetti-strapped shirt inside and over it was a white windbreaker. Her right wrist was adorned with a silver bracelet. She had a long black skirt, reaching just below her knees, denim type. Instead of what other girls usually wear, she had a pair of white, pink and light grey sneakers and white socks, reaching above her ankles. What caught his eye though was that she still had on the necklace that he bought for her, the same one he had on, except his lace was a bit longer.

"Um, is something wrong?" she asked, looking at him.

Sasuke snapped from his thoughts and shook his head, looking away. At this, she took the time to observe him, to see his physical changes. "His style of clothing hasn't changed a bit." She giggled inwardly. True though, when he was still a teenager, he either had a plain shirt on, or a button-up one, or both, like what he was wearing today. A black one, the buttons undone, inside was a white shirt with a black neckline. His hair didn't change, his eyes were still the same onyx ones she knew, yet something was a bit different about them. He still wore jeans and rubber shoes. On his right wrist were some sports accessories. There were two ballers, one black and one blue. His left had a black and blue digital watch.

"Still love the colors black and blue?" she asked, smiling.

"Yeah," he said and looked up at the sky. "What now?" he asked himself, having no idea what to say or what to do, that is, until he heard an all-too familiar voice. "Dobe…" he thought, glancing at where his best friend was, running towards them but instead of calling out to him, he was yelling Sakura's name.

"I've been looking all over for you!" Naruto yelled, finally reaching them and panting, catching his breath. He was already engaged to Hinata and would be married after two more months. Much to everyone's relief, Hinata's father, Hyuuga Hiashi, has accepted the obnoxious blonde despite his flaws and even agreed to them living under one roof.

"Why, what's up?" Sakura asked, blinking.

"Well, you see-" he stopped and turned to Sasuke. "Oh, hey Sasuke."

A bonk on the head was what he got. "Dense…" he muttered and sighed. He heard his ex laugh, and it made him, for the first time in ten years, blush as she heard the way her voice sounded when she giggled. Naruto noticed this and forgot about the lump on his head. Instead, he smiled at his best friend and turned back to Sakura.

"Bad news Sakura," he said. "When Hinata and I said you could stay, we really meant it, but then, she has to baby sit her 3 little cousins and I need to help her. Plus, there isn't enough room or any extra space for you, but if you want, I can help find a place for-"

"No, it's okay Naruto." She said, giving him one of her reassuring smiles. "I can just search for a hotel and stay there." Sasuke turned to her. "Why? Aren't you with your parents?"

She shook her head. "I came here by myself, and I wish not to stay in my dad's old mansion. No one would be there but me, and it's really scary there at night when you're all alone." She grinned sheepishly. "What about Ino?" asked Sasuke but she only shook her head. "She has her relatives staying over."


"Nope, her grandparents are staying over."


"In the Hyuuga mansion? No way, that's embarrassing."

"How about Shikamaru?"

"I don't think so, Ino might jump to conclusions."

Naruto butted in. "How about Sasuke's place? It's a great idea, I mean, he's living alone in his apartment and all, his room is big enough and-"

"You're living alone?"

Sasuke gave a nod. "I told my parents I can live on my own, that way, they'll have more time for themselves. And Itachi is already a successful doctor, he's the one taking care of them for the time being. I divide my pay for myself and for them."

"Suke," she thought, smiling. "Like before, you're still caring towards others."

Naruto nodded and patted Sasuke's back. "That's my best friend!" he grinned. "So Sasuke, you don't mind if she stays right?"


"Great! I'll bring her bags later at your place!" he checked his watch and smiled once more. "Well, I have to go! I still need to meet up with Hinata so we can pick up her cousins!" and he left, bidding them goodbye.

The two watched as their hyperactive friend ran off, disappearing in the crowd. Sakura looked at him and shifted nervously. "I can just look for a hotel you know, I mean, if I invade your privacy so much, I can-"



"It's too dangerous to stay in a hotel on your own nowadays." He said, gesturing her for a walk. "You see, things aren't the way they were before, people change, and most for the bad. The country's economy has been greatly affected because of corrupt officials, thankfully, our military defenses, as well as the prime minister, are still on the right track, so the economy hasn't really fallen."

"But unlike them," she said, looking down, glancing at him. "You haven't changed that much, you're still the same Sasuke that I know."

He stopped and so did she. He turned his head to her, a look that she wasn't quite familiar with. "I'm not who I used to be Sakura." And he continued walking out of the park, followed closely by his ex, the two heading for his apartment.

He pushed the door open, waiting for her to enter his abode as he closed it, locking the door and setting his house keys on the center table of the living room. He proceeded walking to the kitchen, telling her to sit down or to feel free to look around and make herself at home. He pretended not to hear but his ears clearly picked up what she had said: "I always feel at home as long as you're there."

His place was already like a house. The living room was fairly big and there was a flat screen TV there, a DVD player, movies neatly piled up on one side and some sound systems for music. She continued looking around, memorizing every detail of his home. The carpet was blue, the walls and ceilings were white. The windows were the sliding type and they were frosted, to prevent other people from snooping. The door was made of wood, the doorknob a silver color.

Walking around some more, she looked at the few picture frames hanged on the wall and a few more that were displayed at the side table of the couch. One was of him and his brother, next to it was a family portrait. The third one was a picture of him and his German shepherd dog which he named Haru since it was given to him at the season of spring.

She averted her eyes to the two framed pictures on the side table. One was their group picture when they were in second year high school, and the other one was of him and her. They were both in their high school uniforms, his school jacket left unbuttoned and tie hanging loosely around his neck. Her hair was in a half-pony tail style. She smiled at their positions: he was seated on the grass, one leg raised closed to his chest, the other on the ground. A hand above the leg he had bent and the other grasping her shoulder. She was behind him, standing yet bending forward to hug him from behind, her chin resting on top of his spiky and messy raven hair and a smile on their faces; their silver tag necklaces glowing slightly from the flash of the camera.

"You still have this picture…" she thought and walked over to the kitchen, just in time to see him take out a can of cola and toss it to her which she caught with ease, giving a "thanks" to him as he closed the fridge's door and opened his own canned soda. "How have you been doing lately?" he asked as he took a seat across from her, gesturing her to settle down as well.

"Well, I finished studying to be a pro at baking, and… well…" she looked down, blushing slightly. "My mom helped me find a manager for modeling." Sasuke stopped halfway from drinking his beverage before taking a sip once more and not saying anything for a few moments. "What made your mom do that?" he asked. She scratched her cheek with her index finger and looked up at him with a small smile. "I told her before I wanted to become one, and she… remembered you all of a sudden."

"Hn." He said, avoiding her gaze. "What about you, how's your job been?" she asked, finding her soda interesting to look at. "First, Kakashi, a close friend of my dad, gave me a job for it, and the studio I work in was pleased with my shots, be it random or not. I've been to many places and met a lot of top models. Guys, girls, or even homosexuals." He shuddered a bit and she laughed. "Well, ever since then, it's been one job after another until I made it to the top and… Kakashi sort of discovered my high school years in basketball and recommended me to a talent scout."

"Then what?"

"The guy called me yesterday, offering me a part to become a regular basketball player after watching the tapes Itachi sent Kakashi." He took another sip from his drink and looked up at the ceiling. "I declined it."

"But why?" she asked. "Isn't it one of your goals to become a regular player?"

"Yeah, but I'm fine with my job now, and…" he stopped and stood up, earning a questioning look from the girl he was with as he walked towards the living room, rummaging through his music CDs. He took one out and handed it to her as she turned it over, browsing at the songs. "Hey, aren't these the songs you and the others played back in high school?"

He nodded. "Then that means… you guys are..?"

"We're in a band. Though we're not that famous, it's just a past time for us and a side job. Neji even resorted to opening his own café." He stopped and remembered something. "Which reminds me, he's asking me if I know anyone who would be interested to work as a chef or baker there, you want the job?" he asked.

She returned him the CD and nodded, a bright smile on her face. "I'd be glad to." She finished the remaining liquid in her drink as Sasuke took the empty can, tossing it to the trash bin along with his. "The gang are working part-time there as well, myself included."

"Really? What do you guys do?"

"Naruto and Kiba are the waiters, Ten-Ten and Ino behind the counter. They're in charge of handing the cakes to the waiters for them to serve. Neji is the manager, Shikamaru his secretary and assistant, Shino and Chouji are responsible for the finances and ingredients, Hinata is in the baking part and I handle other main dishes. At times, we play there at night for live music performance."

The two got out of the kitchen as he led her upstairs. "You have got to let me have a taste of your cooking someday." She teased. He smirked at her. "Only if you let me try out your culinary skills," and he opened his room door. She stepped inside only to fall back when a dog jumped on her and began licking her face. "Haru, haha, cut it out!" she laughed. Sasuke pulled Haru by the collar and helped her up. She smiled at the dog, patting its head as it looked up at them with onyx orbs.

"I guess he missed you." Sasuke said and let her inside his room. "As what Naruto had said, it's good for two." She obsered the place, letting the details sink in to her head. The carpet was blue and so were the walls and ceilings, raging from dark to baby blue. His bed sheets were white, a few shades of blue again, his computer the colors of his two favorite shades with a hint of silver.

Just like the windows downstairs, the ones in his room were also sliding types. The air conditioner was connected to the ceiling. With this, he turned it on using a remote control. There was a shelf inside the room as well, with a lot of books in different categories, minus romance probably. His closet was nearby and there was a built-in bathroom as well. Near his bed was his white and blue electric guitar on a stand, the chord that was connected to the amplifier neatly in a circular pattern on the floor to prevent anyone from tripping.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself." He commented, eyes closed and hands in his pockets as he leaned on the doorframe. Sakura smiled and turned to him. "Well, it suits you, and it really feels comfy here." He straightened up a bit and nodded. "Well, you can get some rest, I still need to call Ten-Ten and ask her to send me the pictures, which she hopefully and should have uploaded, and to return my camera."

"Okay, but where am I going to sl-" she was cut off when he pointed at his bed and he began to rummage through his closet, tossing her a white shirt and black shorts. "While your clothes aren't here yet, just get change into those. You can use the showers, feel free to sleep or do whatever you want." He said and left the room. "I'll be downstairs, call me if you want or need anything." And he closed the door after his dog followed him outside.

Sakura stared at the door for a while and smiled, looking down at the clothes he lent her. "Sasuke…" she murmured, hugging his shirt near her body, taking a whiff of his vanilla scent. "You still smell nice." And she slowly plopped on his bed, lying on her back and holding his clothes nearer, clutching them like she would to her pillow. "I missed you…"

He was leaning against his room door, hearing her say his name and sigh dreamily. His mind was running wild earlier when they were in the same room, when he saw her smile once more. He was so tempted to pull her into his arms and take her back in his life, but he feared that she doesn't feel the same way as he does any longer, or was unsure if she was still single or already in a relationship with another. It somehow pained him as his hand raised and gripped on the shirt he had on that was near his heart. His eyes were shut tight and his head was lowered as he let out the tears he had held back for so long, for ten long years.

Haru looked at him with innocent eyes as his master cried a few more, sliding down on the floor. The dog walked over to him and licked his face in a comforting gesture, all the while whimpering a bit as if it understood the Uchiha's feelings. Sasuke only placed a hand over the dog but kept his head lowered, silent tears flowing down onto the carpet.

Tossing and turning on the bed, Sakura got up and sighed, seeing the time on the alarm clock on his bedside table. It was 5:38AM in the morning and she couldn't get back to sleep after waking up at around 4AM.

When she got out of bed, she immediately took the blue blanket after feeling the cold air of the air conditioner brush pass her bare legs. The shorts he lent her were loose and baggy, much like the white shirt as well. Wrapping the blue blanket around her, she took the remote control and turned off the air conditioner, headed out of the room and down the stairs.

She only noticed now that the whole house was cool after seeing an air vent on the way to the living room. It was probably for heating purposes as well, and that only led her to think: "How much money did he spend for all this?" Judging from the way everything looked, it was cleaned daily either by a hired maid or he himself tidied up every chance he got. Plus, the kitchen was really neat and every utensil was sparkly clean. Other than that, the whole cooking place was what any chef or baker, like her, would ever dream of having and wanting a place for baking or cooking.

Her ears picked up a grunt coming from the couch and she walked over to it, smiling when she saw her ex on the couch, lying on his back, one leg on the arm rest, the other on the floor. He had his shoes off and was wearing a pair of white socks. He still had the same clothes he had on yesterday and a few paperwork on the center table of the sofa with an empty coffee mug. A few pens were scattered as well and some printed out pictures were set aside. He had been working.

Sakura eyed him some more, one arm over his stomach and the other one was hanging over the couch, calloused fingers nearly touching the floor. He still wore the necklace she had bought for him as she absent-mindedly clutched her own. The black polo he had on was slightly exposing his white shirt and she giggled when her eyes roamed over his sleeping face. "Still cute." She thought and removed the blanket that wrapped her body, placing it over his sleeping form.

Hesitating a bit, she lowered her head and planted a light kiss on his forehead, brushing away a few of his raven bangs lightly. Her feet brought her to the wooden table as she bent down slightly, fixing the scattered pens and papers, stacking them neatly. She took the mug and headed towards the kitchen, taking a glass container of coffee from a certain cupboard and brewing it with hot water. After all these years, she still has a sixth sense when it comes to guessing where a certain item was in the Uchiha household.

"I think I'll make him some breakfast before he wakes up." She thought, smiling to herself and glancing a bit at the sleeping Uchiha.

To be continued…

Next on Snapshot: Chapter 2: Reliving Memories

Her cheeks flushed as she steadied her gaze on his eyes that were fixated on her cut. "Hmm… you should be careful." He said and pulled her finger into his mouth, sucking on the blood to prevent infection. She only stared at him with wide eyes as he pulled her finger out of his mouth and brought it near the kitchen sink, turning on the water and washing off the remaining blood. Nearby, he took a first aid kit from a cupboard and took out a band aid, wrapping it neatly and carefully around the cut.

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