Chapter Nine

Day 8

Wednesday, April 26

2 PM

The figure takes two steps into the room. "Why is it so dark in here?"

Alex, thank you god.

The light goes on. "Oh good you're awake."

He is perspiring and he is very pale, she takes some tissues from the box on the table and wipes his face, "Are you ok? Is there something I can get for you?"

"I'm ok; it's just a little warm in here."

"Are the lights bothering your eyes? You're squinting; do you want me to turn off the lights?"

"No, keep them on."

"Do you feel any better?"

"A little." He pauses. "The nurse told me that Nicole's down the hall."

"Not any more."

He opens his eyes wide and his heart starts to race. "What do you mean? Not anymore."

Alex notices that her 6 foot 4 partner, who always carries himself with confidence, looks just like he has seen a ghost. She walks around the room. "After we had breakfast I came back here to see you if you were awake, while Logan, Barek and the Captain made arrangement for her to spend the night at the Boonsville Jail. They are at the jail with her now; we're planning on taking her back to the city tomorrow."

"Are you going back with them?"

"No, I'm going to stay here until you're ready to go home."

"You don't have to stay."

"I know, but I want to, after everything that's happened, you think I'm going to leave you here alone."

"Thanks, I appreciate it."

The door opens again and the trio walks in. They all have smiles on their faces. Deakins says, "Hey you're awake, how do you feel?"

"Not bad, thanks guys for everything."

Mike walks over to Bobby, "No problem."

Deakins walks closer to the bed. "Bobby you should have seen Nicole this morning, all the shit we have on her and she struts her stuff like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth."

"She always looks like that, it's amazing, sweet on the outside………………evil on the inside."

The atmosphere in the room suddenly gets solemn. "He needs his rest guys."

The Captain pats him on his shoulder. "We'll see you tomorrow before we leave."

Mike extends his hand, "Have a good night Bobby. See you tomorrow."

Carolyn leans down and gives him a peck on his cheek. "I hope you feel better real soon."

"We're going back to the motel, are you coming Alex?"

"I'll catch up with you guys later."

Alex starts to walk around the room not really looking at him, "During the time you were gone the Captain put me on a case with a Detective Lawrence Bollar, ever heard of him?


"Me either, anyway, I needed to keep occupied, but Jesus Christ, out of all the detectives in Major Case he partnered me with one of the most boring people god ever created. I will bet you that he has not noticed that I'm not there, talk about unsociable. I thought you were bad when we first partnered together." He smiles. "This guy is worse, can you believe it?"

"Is that supposed to be a compliment, cause it sounds like a shot?"

She smiles. "All he ever talks about is the case, that's it, never even asks if I have any thoughts, so let him finish up by himself, I think he likes it better that way."

"Are you nervous about something?

"No, why?"

"You're babbling."

"I am not."

"Yeah you are."

Bobby probably knows this woman better than he probably knows any other person on the planet and he is sure that she has something on her mind. He knows that she has say something.

"I'm not babbling." She stops walking around the room and sits down on the bed. She takes his hand in hers. "It's just that, I missed you, I never thought I could miss anyone so much and I was so afraid that I wasn't going to see you again." Tears start to well up. "I tried so hard to stay focused on everything, you know, the act like a cop crap, but every time you called you just sounded weaker and sicker each time, I thought that she may have poisoned you and by the time I found you it would be too late."

He puts his hand on the back of her neck and pulls her close to him. She lays her head down on his chest and he runs his fingers through her hair. "If any man has someone like you for a friend he has to be one of the luckiest guys in the world." He holds her tighter, "I never realized it before, am I that much of an ass?"

"No, Bobby you're just a guy." He smiles as he kisses the top of her head.

She lifts up her head and sits in the chair next to the bed, not letting go of his hand. "The doctor says you need to get all the rest you can, I'll stay here until you fall asleep."

The End? No


The Aftermath

On Friday, Bobby leaves the hospital. Alex drives him home and stays with him until she is satisfied that he is settled. She visits him every night, usually between 6 and 7 PM, and they eat dinner. She makes his doctor's appointments, and to make sure he keeps them, she drives him. Bobby appreciates the attention and Alex seems to enjoy being the boss.

His mood is pleasant and he is recovering quickly, as if nothing had happened to him almost three weeks ago.

While he is recuperating, Carver issues arrest warrants for Nicole in the abduction of Gwen Chapel and the murder of Bernard Fremont (AKA) Thierry Gerrvais. With these extra charges Nicole is denied bail, and it will keep her behind bars for as long as possible, the other two accomplices involved in the kidnapping have yet to be apprehended.

Alex, Logan and Barek have since been trying to find the whereabouts of the other two men, they keep hitting brick walls.

The grand jury does not indict Nicole for Gwen's abduction.

Carver offers Mickey a deal, give up the other two men and he will receive a 10-year sentence with the possibility of parole after three years. Mickey takes the deal.

They finally get a lead on the whereabouts of Stanley Victor Coffield, 41 and Joshua Peter Hanson, 22, not being very bright men, they stick together after Mickey and Nicole are arrested, thinking there is safety in numbers. They are arrested at the Longview Bar in the Bronx; they lawyer up as soon as they arrive at the station.

Carver offers a deal to Stan and Josh if they are willing to testify against Nicole. They agree with a plea of a 25-year sentence with the possibility of parole after 10 years.

Bobby is given the ok to return to work the following Monday.

He gets up early for his first day back, he also feels nervous, not sure why. He showers and heads out the door, the same route he took over three weeks ago. He stops off at the same coffee shop. Margie is delighted to see him.

"It's great to see you Bobby."

"Thanks Margie, you look like you've got a tan."

"Yes, George and I took a trip to Florida last week, the kids insisted on it. They gave it to us as an anniversary gift and we had a wonderful time."

"It shows. Will it be a once a year event now?"

"I hope so. Do you want a coffee for Alex?"

"Of course, thank you."

She hands him the coffee.

"Thanks Margie, see you tomorrow."

"Bye Bobby, have a good day."

Man, I have walked into this building a million times, why does it feel so weird. He exits the elevator and goes right to his desk. He puts Alex's coffee on her desk and sits down. Five minutes go by and Alex comes in, she smiles at the sight of her partner back at his desk and the cup of coffee.

"Thanks Bobby, I missed Margie's coffee."

Throughout the day, people have been greeting him with handshakes and pats on the back. He does not do much the first week just Alex's, Logan and Barek's paperwork, pertaining to Nicole's case.

Deakins informs him that the grand jury does not indict Nicole for Bernard Fremont (AKA) Thierry Gerrvais murder.

Early Sunday morning Alex and Bobby receive the case that will change their relationship forever.

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