Title: Insanity
kawaii-kirei "KK" / shikanashikk
T or PG-13 for implied s-ai and... insanity?
implied SasuNaru / NaruSasu

Disclaimer: Naruto and all of it's characters does not and never will belong to me.

Author's Notes: Another drabble. There's this list that I have saved in my folder, about themes and stuff. I would have entered the real thing, but it was only for art, so I simply saved it for inspiration purposes. X3 And yeah... I saw the word "Insanity" and... this is the finished product. I kinda like this actually. It made me go all emotional when I was writing it. .. Posted this in LiveJournal as well, along with another drabble, but I'll probably won't post the other one here. And I hope you didn't think that this was gonna be a dark fic. X3 Please review!


Sasuke had gone insane.

Everyone knew it. At first, there were simply minor signs that they learned to ignore, but that ended in the boy going up into more larger scales, like laughing insanely one second then crying like a lost child the other. Then, people started distancing themselves from him, nobody dared to come near him, and adults warned their children to keep away. There came a time that the Uchiha tried to burn down the village, and that resulted in the Hokage isolating him in his own house. Tsunade didn't assign any shinobis to guard him, there were no ANBUs dispatched, and so, people wondered how come he never came out or lost control.

It was easy. Tsunade didn't need ninjas, and ANBUs were of no use. Not when she had Naruto.

And so, it had become Naruto's daily routine to come to the Uchiha's house everyday, make sure he was properly fed and well taken care of. It lasted until Naruto himself decided to simply ditch the shaggy apartment, and live in the other boy's house. He gave him breakfast, lunch and dinner, and sometimes bathes Sasuke himself. He tells him news of the outside world, what happened to the village, how the others were doing.

It sounded cheery. You know, how smoothly Naruto was able to take care of him. How easy Sasuke followed his every word, how easy the other boy simply calmed down whenever he was there.

But it wasn't. It wasn't cheery at all.

There were times that Naruto had to punch the other so painfully that it broke his own heart, just so that Sasuke would stop screaming of death and fire. There were times that he had to beat the boy unconscious so that he would be able to bathe him, so that he would be able to clothe him. Then, whenever Sasuke lost control, Naruto would willingly offer himself up as a target, not to stop his killing spree, but just so that he would stop crying.

Four painful months passed, and Naruto stopped punching him, stopped beating him unconscious, because Sasuke himself had already behaved. Even though there were still moments that Sasuke would sink in hysteria, the blonde had stopped acting as a target. He simply held the boy in his arms, rocking softly and whispering soothing words until both of them fell asleep.

Life went on.

Even with all the hard work, all the stress, Naruto knew that everything he had endured was all worth it.

"Naruto?" Sasuke had started one day, his face buried in Naruto's shirt like a child.


"Am I insane?"

Naruto had paused. Then he smiled, shook his head and simply hugged the boy closer to him. "No... The world is."

- owari -