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Summary: A Titan is attacked by a mysterious figure. Will the rest follow? Is that Titan really dead?

A cold October night, the kind telling you, "winter is coming! Run away!" The sun was setting in a beautiful orange glow across the horizon. It happened to be the night before Halloween, and Raven's birthday.

"I told you I don't want a surprise party Starfire," Raven said as they flew together up to the tower.

"There is no surprise friend," Starfire claimed, "we are just returning from a day of shopping at my expense."

"I'm not that stupid Starfire," Raven said as they landed on the roof top.

"Raven…" a voice whispered

"Who was that?" Raven asked whipping around.

"What are you talking about?" Starfire asked. "There is not any one here but us."

Raven blinked a few times, took a deep breath and headed to the roof top door way that Starfire was in the middle of entering. Raven followed her down the stairs and to the elevator.

"Let us watch the movie I purchased today," Starfire suggested.

Raven sighed. She might as well go along with it; Starfire wouldn't give up until she got to yell, "Surprise!" Raven rolled her eyes as they approached the "empty" main room. The lights were off—which didn't occur much at this time of day. Raven entered


Raven pretended to be shocked but didn't put much effort into it. They all held their presents in front of them towards Raven. Raven took them and opened Robin's present, a book. She opened Cyborg's gift, a book. She opened Starfire's gift—which she claimed she bought when she "went to the bathroom"—another book.

Am I this predictable? Raven thought glumly.

She opened Beastboy's gift and pulled out—

"Terror at the depths?" Raven asked. Okay well Beastboy's not a good measuring stick.

"It was the greatest film of last year," Beastboy said.

"Raven…" same voice as before.

Raven chose to ignore it this time. Robin picked up the pizzas on the counter and carried them over to the coffee table in front of the couch. Beastboy put the movie in the DVD player and Starfire put her arm around Robin's shoulder.

"This will not be as scary as the movie that made Raven flip out, yes?" Starfire asked.

"Trust me Star," Beastboy said, "this movie isn't even half as scary as that one."

Now that the movie was finished and they were all full of pizza, it was time to get fuller with cake. They had got her a chocolate cake with dark chocolate icing. After that was done they decided to call it a night.

"Raven…" the voice came once again when as she walked down the hall way to her room.

Raven lay down on her bed, over the covers.

"Raven… up on the roof… come to me…"

Raven closed her eyes and rolled over.

"Don't hide Raven…"

Raven got under the covers and put a pillow over her ears.

"Raven," the voice said, now seeming to be straight beside her.

Raven's head jerked sharply to the side to see who had said that. There was no one. The room was empty. Sweat was on Raven's forehead now. She turned and looked out the window at the moonlight. Rave shook her head, took a deep breath, and wiped away the sweat. She got out of bed, closed the blinds of the only window, which seemed to take up the whole height of the wall. Then she took off her top, trying to cool down. She plopped her self back down on her bed.

"Raven!" the voice seemed to demand.

This last one made Raven sit straight up in shock. She scrambled out of bed. She left the room with out her top on wanting to find out what the source of the voice was. If she couldn't actually find it on the roof—which she was almost a hundred percent confident she would—then she would come back and get her top, call the other titans for help.

She walked up the stair case and opened the door, the cool night air rushing in to greet her. As she walked out she saw a figure in a cloak not dissimilar to her own. This other person was taller then herself by only an inch or two.

"I'm glad you came Raven," said a cold voice from the figure.

The figure turned around and pulled the cloak from around her head. Her hair was black and her skin was as pale as possible. As the brown eyes stared back into Raven's, her muscles tensed, she couldn't move. The girl walked forward. From her face Raven guessed they were about the same age—Raven just having turned 15.

"My name is Feroce," she said. "It's French for fierce if you're wondering."

Feroce smiled revealing two fangs, in her top row of teeth between her molars and incisors, no eye teeth. She threw out bother arms the left one going behind Raven's head, playing with her hair, the right hand grabbing Raven's left breast. Raven saw that Feroce had a bountiful chest, curves right down to her hips, which were similar to her own. Her legs were long and thin. Feroce wore a leather top that stopped ten centimeters above her navel. Her pants, also leather, hung low around her hips and went all the way to her boots—also leather—which went half way up to her knees. Feroce wore blood red lip stick and had gold loop ear rings.

"You're wondering why you can't move don't you." Feroce said. "I may explain later if I feel like it."

Raven's body became limp as all the muscles relaxed. She still couldn't move though Feroce was positioning Raven so that she lay face up. Her legs spread open, her arms at her sides. Raven was looking straight up at the stars.

"You may talk now but you will not be able to call for help," Feroce said.

And she was right. As Raven opened her mouth she tried to scream but nothing came out. After a minute Raven stopped trying and addressed Feroce.

"What do you want from me?" Raven asked.

"I want what every born ruler wants," Feroce said, "you will be my first follower."

"And what makes you think I'd be helping you?"

"Let's see. Immortality, control of your powers, oh and this." Feroce lent over and took Raven's left nipple into her mouth.

Raven moaned.

Feroce continued to suck on her breast as her right hand slowly moved down Raven's bare abdomen. The hand went under the waist band of Raven's panties and played with her clitoris.

Feroce lifted her head. "You haven't experienced something like this have you?"

Feroce now kissed Raven, pushing her tongue through Raven's slack lips and the tongues danced. The pleasure Raven was feeling was building. Feroce broke the kiss and started to lick Raven's ear lobes.

Raven gasped at the pleasure. Feroce started to kiss down Raven's neck and her mouth was now over the collar bone. She sucked and kissed. Raven let out a long moan as the pleasure seemed ready to explode within her. Feroce started kissing back up to the left side of Raven's neck—her hand retracting from Raven's crotch. The pleasure was quickly subsiding and Raven was about to protest.

Fangs bit into her neck. She tried to scream but once again could not. She felt a pain identical to that of getting a blood test only a great deal larger. She would have struggled if she could. The pain from her neck spread across her whole body within seconds and her muscles tensed again. She felt herself pissing herself. She couldn't breathe, her neck muscles blocking the air flow. She felt a pain in her chest, her left arm went numb.

Oh my god I'm going to die, Raven thought in panic, I'm having a heart attack. Why can't I breathe! Some one come up and save me! Please!

And her vision became blurry and then dark. Then her vision failed her.

I can't see. Oh my god. Stop, please…

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