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Three months later.

Starfire's eyes were welled up with tears. Raven's casket was being lowered into the ground.

"Why?" was all that Starfire was able to manage.

"We don't know that she's actually dead Star," Robin said embracing Starfire. "She's just been missing for so long."

Robin was wearing a tuxedo as was Beastboy and Cyborg. Starfire was wearing a dress similar to her uniform but the midriff was covered, the hem of the dress went down to her feet and she wore long gloves. All black.

"But would friend Raven abandon us for so long with out contacting us?" Starfire asked.

"Raven is unpredictable sometimes," Beastboy said.

The coffin was filled with a life sized doll of Raven.
Robin gave the Eulogy. The crowd that had come to honor one-fifth of the crime fighting team which had kept their city safe for so long. One person remained. Around her shoulders and head lay a blood red cloak. One like that which Raven wore. The person looked to be the same size as Raven.

Starfire's tears stopped. The figure turned around but Starfire couldn't see the features of the figure because the face was covered in shadows. "Raven?"

The figure did not look up, but all the titans did. Beastboy rushed forward.

"Hello?" he asked. "Raven is that you?"

"Leave the person alone BB," Cyborg said.

Beastboy moved his right hand forward, reaching towards the hood of the cloak to pull it down. A leather gloved hand lashed out and slapped Beastboy's hand away.

"What the hell do you want?"

The voice wasn't Raven's. Starfire's heart sank again but this time she was able to stop herself from crying.

"Do not talk like that please," Starfire said.

"And who are you to stop me?" asked the figure—who, by voice, Starfire guessed was a girl.

"You seriously don't know who she is?" Beastboy asked waving his arms frantically above his head.

"No and I don't know who you are either." The girl said.

"We're the Teen Titans," Robin said.

"Isn't that an over done name for a group of friends. Or are you some kind of cult?"

"Where have you been for the past few years?" Cyborg asked.

"We defeated Slade," Beastboy said, arms still waving, "turned my girlfriend back from evil so she could kill Slade and save the city, we saved the world, Cyke over there killed Brother Blood!"

"Ring any bells?" Robin said.

"Not at all," The girl said.

"Then why are you at this funeral?" Starfire asked. "Did you meet Raven?"

"Not at all," the girl said. "Never even heard of her until three months ago."
"Do you know something about Raven's disappearance?" Robin asked.

"I heard about it," the girl said, "that's all."

"And why does Raven's disappearance concern you?" Starfire asked.

"I have a personal reason," the girl said.

"Do you know if she's alive," Robin asked.

"I know that she's dead," the girl said, "and that's what concerns me. The point is I came here to see if she would show up."

"But you just said she was dead," Robin said.

"Oh my god Raven's a zombie!" Beastboy said

"Not quite," the girl said. "Now that I know she had companions I would ask for you to provide me with shelter. I can help you with Raven."

"But you said she was dead!" Robin said.

"And I told you that she is and that's what concerns me."

The titans led this new comer to the tower.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Cyborg asked. "We've just met her, we haven't even seen her! She still needs to tell us her name."

"I know Cyborg," Robin replied, "but there's something she knows about this Raven situation that we don't, and I suspect we need to."

"I don't know man," Cyborg said.

"Don't be such a coward," Beastboy said.

The girl stood just out of the sun light and took off her cloak. She was wearing a tight shiny leather jacket, gloves, and long leather pants. She had high heeled leather boots. She had unusually pale skin and blood red lip stick. Her hair was died blood red as well and was a uniform shoulder length. She had a very thin figure and fairly small breasts, about the same size as Terra's were. Her age seemed to be about 17.

"My name is Ginger Hill," she said in with a light English accent. "I have a personal vendetta I've been pursuing since I was born. It involves my father and the father of another. I believe Raven's death may have something to do with my vendetta."

"And so… why are we needed?" Robin asked.

"You're not really I just thought you might like to know that if you help me I can bring your friend back to life."

Beastboy's jaw dropped to the floor. Starfire seemed to faint. As Robin helped Starfire up Ginger's breathe increased. Both Robin and Starfire were great looking. Her eyes were drawn to both asses, and Starfire's bountiful bosom. She shook her mind off this thought.

"But-you-she-dead…" Beastboy managed.

"Great sentence there buddy," Ginger said. "It'll be made clear soon. I'm pretty sure it will."

Over the next week Ginger had taken a better liking to Robin then to Starfire. She only liked to look at Starfire; she never actually had the wanting to touch her. Robin, on the other hand, Ginger had been flirting with. One time when they were alone in the hot tub Ginger had "accidentally" touched Robin's crotch with her foot and she just pretended to be nervous and smile. Robin blushed. Ginger gave a seductive shrug. Some how she was turned on. But at that moment she became hungry. She got out of the hot tub and rushed down the hall way. She went into the freezer and picked out a raw steak.

Starfire sat on the couch. She was looking over at Ginger who was sitting a bit too close to Robin for Starfire's taste.

Who is this woman coming in and steal my Robin? Starfire thought.

Starfire got up and considered going over to Robin and Ginger and smacking her one. Instead Starfire went the other way. She knew that Robin wouldn't appreciate her to barge in the middle of their conversation. Instead she went up to the swimming room.

"Really?" Ginger said.

"Yeah!" Robin replied. "And then Larry tried to fix my arm…"

Ginger rested her head on her fisted hand.

"Hey wanna go in the hot tub?" Ginger interrupted Robin.

Robin didn't seem at all angry. He smiled remembering what happened last time they were in the hot tub together. This though Ginger planned to take it the whole way. She wouldn't get hungry and if she did she'd ignore it. It would be dangerous but she would do it none the less.

They made their way to their rooms, Ginger had been given Raven's and she had moved one the of the many book cases to block the on window in the room. She got undressed and went to find one of the bathing suits which were already in here. She wasn't able to go out and buy one her self so she just used clothing that was already in this room. She stepped out of the door way, squinting her eyes in discomfort from the lights. She quickly dashed across the light that spilled into her path from the window. She gasped in pain as the light burned her. She got across with little damage which healed quickly.

She got up into the pool area and slid into the hot tub. Robin entered a few seconds later. The door to the sauna opened and Starfire walked out. She turned and when she saw Robin and Ginger in the hot tub together she stopped and her jaw dropped.

"Hey there Star," Robin said. "Wanna join us?"

Ginger was glad that Starfire walked off—though the fact that Starfire looked hurt made Ginger feel a little guilty. Robin smiled across the hot tub.

"Starfire's a little weird like that some times," he said.

Ginger nodded licking her lips.

"You know Robin I've been taking a liking to you," Ginger said. "Look across the bay at the beautiful nights sky line, isn't it romantic?" Ginger motioned out the window behind Robin.

Robin turned around. Before he knew it Ginger had lunged and had her arm around his shoulders. She kissed him on the cheek. Robin turned startled and this time she kissed him on the lips.

Robin managed to break the kiss. "Ginger this isn't exactly welcome."

"Shut up and kiss me again," Ginger said pulling Robin's face towards her own.

Their lips met. Ginger felt a sinking in her body. She broke the kiss and ran out and down the hallway. She ran into Raven's room and changed into her leather clothes at an incredible speed. She picked up a special katana she had made for this one reason.

Starfire walked down the hallway. The sun had just finished setting and she smiled looking at the skyline. It was so beautiful. She continued down the hallway and into her room. She slowly took off her boots sighing at the comfort of the cool air hugging her feet. Then she lay back on her bed, legs hanging off at the knee.

And she lay there contemplating many things. But the one thing that kept rising to the surface of her mind was the image of Robin and Ginger. She kept pushing it aside but it'd stroll right back in there with no warning.

Starfire tried to pull the covers over her but the covers wouldn't move.

No not the covers, Starfire thought.

"Can't move?"


A pair of lips met her own. As they retracted she saw a pair of blood red lips, and as the other retreated further Starfire saw Raven's features, paled. Raven stood up straight. She was wearing leather, a top that went down only to the bottom of her ribs, and to her wrists. She wore a mini skirt and didn't seem to be wearing shoes.

"Don't worry Star," Raven said. "I'll help you with your fear."

Starfire felt a hand reach up her skirt and pull down her underwear.

Ginger rushed to the source. Starfire's room. She palmed the door release button and the door slid open. She saw Starfire with a shadow hunched over her. The shadow's hand was up her skirt, pumping in and out. The arm then retracted and the shadow's head moved to Starfire's neck.

"No!" Ginger yelled out lunging into the room.

The shadow looked up and unfamiliar eyes looked back into hers.

"You're not Feroce," Ginger said tightening her grip on the katana drawing it.

"And you're interrupting," the other said.

The other walked around Starfire's bed and got into a fighting position. Ginger took one step forward, holding the sword in front of her in a traditional fighting stance. Then Ginger jumped forward holding the sword behind her, bringing it forward for a killing blow. It was deflected with transpartent blackness. Ginger smiled.

"Better then the last few ones I killed lately," Ginger said, "aren't you."

"You really don't know who I am do you?" the other said.

"Not at all," Ginger said.

"She's Raven," Starfire said who seemed to gain control of her body back.

Green orbs flared around her hands. She floated forwards towards Raven. Raven threw her hand out beside her and hit Starfire in the face before Starfire even saw the hand lifting. Starfire hit the floor unconscious Ginger saw every moment of it and tried to take control of the situation. Raven made a shield again. Raven now went on the offensive.

Raven went for an upper cut but Ginger lent back and was on all fours. She managed to get enough momentum to get standing up again. She lashed out with her sword again and Raven merely sucked in her gut to dodge it. Raven smiled.

"Feroce warned me about you," Raven said looking Ginger up and down. "I don't really see why."

Ginger snarled. "Why did Feroce send a lackey? Why doesn't she confront me herself!"

"She didn't even know you were here," Raven said.

Ginger swung the sword, Raven dodging by doing the splits and the blade passes just over Raven's head. Raven then swept a leg to try and trip Ginger who jumped over it and this time tried to bring the sword down onto Raven's head. Raven caught the blade with both hands on either side of it. Raven pushed the sword to the side and finally succeeded in laying the first punch. It landed directly in Ginger's gut. Ginger grunted in pain. She doubled over and stumbled back but quickly recovered.

Raven lunged forward for an attack and Ginger side stepped, brought the sword up beside her, and she managed to get a cut into Raven's upper arm.

Raven fell to the ground and grabbed her arm as blood slowly dripped out. Raven ran toward the window and jumped through. She flew off towards the city.

Ginger rushed to Starfire's side and picked her up. She felt for a pulse and checked to a bite on her neck. The pulse was fast—though Starfire was an alien so that might be normal—and there was no bite. She rushed her to the infirmary to check for any other damage.

"What the hell just happened?" Robin asked entering the infirmary.

"Yeah I guess I'll have to explain," Ginger said.

"I'm not Ginger Hill," Ginger said. "My last name is Van Helsing."

Beastboy gasped. "Oh my god Dracula's come to kill us all!"

"No," Ginger said, "but I am the daughter of the same Van Helsing. I'm on a vendetta against Dracula's daughter, Feroce, for something she did to me when I young."

"And how are you still alive? Wouldn't that have been hundreds of years ago?" Robin asked.

Ginger sighed, saddened. She turned her head and on the left and there were two red dots on her neck.

"The mark never leaves," Ginger said. "I need to kill Feroce. I will turn back to a human, and so will Raven."

"Then we must do this now!" Starfire said.

"We can't just go out and kill Feroce," Ginger said, "the only reason that Raven left was because I have a sword made with a silver blade. Silver is the only substance that can do really damage to a Vampire. Raven will have to clean that wound before it heals but she won't die."
"We're helping you for Raven's sake," Robin said, "I don't appreciate you lying to us like that."

Ginger nodded.

"I'm very sorry Mistress," Raven said kneeling before Feroce who sat on a throne naked.

"It's okay Raven my love," Feroce said, "your punishment will come at a later time. I'm a little angry with you though. Tell me what happened."

"I was doing just like you said," Raven said, "I was pleasing Starfire just before I tried to bite her, to make her as obedient to me as I am to you, Mistress. Then a girl in leather came in. She talked of you."

Feroce nodded. "I see. I need pleasing Raven. Use your tongue."

Feroce pondered as Raven's head went between her thighs and the tongue started licking.

So Ginger you've come back for youtr revenge, Feroce thought at the same time as moaning.

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