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One month after death

She woke up. At least that's what she was being told by her…

What's it called again? She tried to remember. Brain; that's it. It's killing me.

She held her head in pain—a pain that seemed to be pulsing. She opened her eyes saw she was in a dark room. She slowly looked upwards and saw a tiny crack of light. The light wasn't bright but even that seemed to set her brain ablaze. She gasped and doubled over gripping her head stronger.

"Hello Raven," said a female voice.

It took her a minute—as her brain was telling her—that the person was referring to her. Raven tried to respond but she noticed that her vocal cords weren't responding. All she managed was a whistle from her throat as the air was pushed through too fast.

"Don't worry baby," the other person said in a loving voice. Raven felt a hand being placed below her chip and her head being lifted. Raven saw two beautiful eyes staring back at her. "You'll be able to talk soon enough. Try to stand."

Raven pushed her self up with great effort. She struggled to keep her balance, the other girl helping Raven.

"Thanks," Raven said hoarsely.

"That's better," the other girl said with a smile. The voice now seemed familiar.

"What-where are we going?" Raven asked; her voice slightly stronger now.

Raven took a hesitant step forward. When that first step worked Raven took another, more confident now.

"You must be really tired," Feroce said—Raven was finally able to place the voice.

But who is Feroce? Raven thought.

"You need to eat something to get your strength up," Feroce continued. "You may be struggling to remember… well everything. You're whole body has just come back to life, no become undead. Your brain, however, has just started this process. That's why you have a severe headache, and why you can't remember things. I bet you've only now just remembered my name; you probably still haven't placed my name with any image of people you've seen though."

Raven nodded. Feroce led her down a dark hallway, lit with candles. They entered a room similar to that of the hall way. Feroce sat down on a large golden chair. She motioned for Raven to sit down on a smaller metal chair. As she sat down she had flashes of memories. The most recent were fear, then pleasure, and then great intense pleasure, then pain enveloping her body, fear mixed with pain and then no more.

"You!" Raven said remembering Feroce now. "You killed me."

"But you don't hate me?" Feroce asked as if she just wanted to make sure.

Raven thought about this. She was sure that since this person had made her undead that she should feel some contempt towards her. She couldn't. She felt undying love and loyalty towards Feroce.

"No," Raven said shaking her head. "I love you. I can not bring myself to disappoint you."

Feroce smiled and handed Raven a plate. Raven took it gratefully; her stomach rumbling. Raven picked up the fork and knife in the table before her. She placed the plate on the table and looked at it.

"It's not cooked," Raven said looking at the steak.

"You need the blood in the steak, not the steak itself," Feroce said pouring a red liquid from a wine bottle. She handed the glass to Raven and then poured herself a glass. Feroce took a sip and sighed. Raven looked at the wine and sniffed it. It was a little bad smelling but Raven was instantly drawn to taste it. It was good.

"Eat as well," Feroce said. "I wasn't seriously when I said the steak was of no use. You still need some of the nutrients that aren't found in the blood."

Raven cut off a small piece and chewed it.

"Now I shall start explaining," Feroce said sipping the wine again. "You've heard of the Dracula legend I'm sure. I was his daughter—I was a human. Shortly after he became a vampire, a few years, he turned me into a vampire. I went through all that you're going through now."

Raven had finished her steak.

"Will you do anything for me?" Feroce asked in a very serous tone.

Raven nodded finishing off her blood and licking her lips.

"Get up on table," Feroce said.

Raven looked at her oddly; she did as she was told anyway.

"Start to masturbate," Feroce commanded.

"I'm sorry mistress," Raven said, "I think I heard wrong."

"No you didn't," Feroce said. "I asked you to masturbate."

Raven hesitated as she placed her hand near her crotch.

"Do it now! You don't want to displease your mistress do you?"

Raven didn't hesitate at these words and stuck her fingers in her panties.

Feroce smiled as she watched Raven moan and squirm. By the end Raven had removed her panties. Raven gave one great scream and her hips shot up and she came, a torrent of juices spraying onto the table. Raven breathed slowly now.

"Lick it up," Feroce said, "I will not have my table dirty."

Raven changed positions so she was on her hand and knees and took a lap of her own juices. Raven finished and looked up. Feroce leaned in and kissed Raven, as she moved back Raven smiled.

Great, Feroce thought, smirking internally.

Over the next two months Feroce taught Raven. During the first month she took Raven out to the streets.

"You look like a good prostitute," Feroce said. "The illusion is complete. How do I look?"

"Slutty to the last mistress," Raven said.

"Thanks love," Feroce said taking her hand and walking out the door.

Raven and Feroce walked side by side down the city streets, guys whistling at them. The first guy approached them with five hundred dollars.

"Thank you," Feroce said. "Raven give him a BJ."

Raven got on her knees and unzipped his pants. She pulled out an already hard cock and accepted it in her mouth gratefully—she wanted to please her mistress.

"That's good," the man said with a groan.

"Are you close?" Feroce asked counting the money, leaning against the alley wall.

"Oh god yes!" the man said.

Feroce bit his neck just as he came into Raven's mouth. Raven watched as Feroce sucked the man's blood, draining his body. His body twitched, he lightly groaned. Raven looked on licking her lips. She was hungry. Feroce looked up smiling, her mouth dripping with blood.

"There's some more in there love," Feroce said.

"Thank you mistress," Raven said kneeling down and sticking her fangs into the man neck.

She drained the blood gracefully, letting no drop fall. When she finished she licked her lips rolling her eyes.

"Human blood is a delicacy," Feroce said kissing Raven. "Come we must put him in a safe place."

Raven picked him up and put him around her shoulders. She floated up in the air and waited for her mistress to lead her. They found a dumpster and put him in.

"We need another," Feroce said. "We must go back to the streets."

Raven and Feroce stood at a street corner not far from the dumpster. A man came up to them and Feroce shook her head.

"We're only doing girls," Feroce said.

The man stalked off and a few seconds later a girl came up to them and talked to Feroce. Feroce nodded and led the girl off into the alley way. Feroce nodded towards the girl and Raven understood. As Raven knelt down Feroce put a hand on her shoulder to stop her.

"When she's about to climax; you bite her neck," Feroce said.

Raven nodded and the woman was leaning on the wall. Raven walked up to the girl and place one hand down the woman's pants and kissed her neck. The other girl sighed.

Raven noticed how the crotch started to get wet and allowed stimulation to be easier. When the girl's breathe was fast and Raven had to support her she looked to Feroce as if to ask if this was the moment. Feroce nodded and Raven breathed sharply and sank her teeth into the girl's neck. She drained her of blood and then stood up.

"Good work," Feroce said. "I think we should go for one more." Feroce looked around and saw a twelve year old girl who was walking down the street by her self. "Her."

"But mistress she's just a little girl," Raven said.

"You do not wish to disappoint me do you love?" Feroce asked.

"I'm sure she's not here to find sex," Raven said.

"Rape," Feroce whispered.

Raven understood. She walked behind the young girl at a fast enough pace to watch up with the young girl. The girl tried to scream as Raven's hand came around her and covered her mouth. She girl struggled but Raven's strong grip prevented her from getting away.

Feroce relished the screams of terror as her virginity was aggressively ripped from her.


"When are you going to punish her?" a cold voice asked.

"I will do it later today master."

"Make sure you do Feroce, I will not have such insolence working under me."

Feroce sat naked on her throne. She was staring up at the large LCD screen infront of her. On the screen, staring back at her was a grotesque. It looked as if the skin of the face had been pulled too tight. The skin was dead white and gave the look of a skull. She knew under the black robe he wore that it look the same, that he seemed to be a skeleton.

"I will get right to it my master," Feroce said bowing her head and leaving it down.

"You may go," the man said, "but if you have not punished her by tomorrow… you know what is coming."

A chill led down Feroce's spine, the dread of mortality.

Raven cried out in extreme ecstasy.

"Please mistress let me climax!" Raven begged.

Feroce smiled. "This is your punishment for failing me."

The younger of the two girls who were turned into Vampires—who turned out to be named Marlene—was licking at Raven's pussy and had been for the past three hours. Feroce had commanded Raven to not come and so she wouldn't.

"Please mistress," Raven moaned.

"Marlene stop." Feroce commanded.

Marlene stopped and looked up at Feroce licking her lips. Feroce motioned for her to move away and Feroce her self walked up to Raven.

"Another half hour," Feroce said. "You will not come and you will learn your lesson."

"It is done master," Feroce said, in her chair again talking to the same figure.

"That is very good," Death said. "Now go and do the task I set out for you. Make the Teen Titans my slaves."

"Yes father."

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